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Hello, there is no demo but You could see screenshots and there is demonstrated how much simple is to use the tool.

You should ask CodeCanyon to relocate this script. Why the heck is it in the PHP /Calendars category? There’s actually a database category…

Jeff, You are right man. I have noticed that the category is not the most appropriate but I think that they take desicions concerning the category. I will send a request fot category change … :) Thanks a lot

Does it support JOIN ?

Thanks bro.

P.S. great looking product, looking forward to your response.

The idea of the tool comes from j2ee jpa api, but there are no facilities to manage object relations. You could just store slq queries in xml files under some name, execute this queries and produce php class instances instead of recordsets. You could use JOIN query like every other query.

Example: Let suppose that you have some join query and you would like to load its result in some class instances. You must create a php class with fields coresponding to the query resultset fields names.

select f1, f2, f3 …. from table1, table 2 where …

class MyExample { f1; f2; f3;


Store your query in MyExample.xml and give it some name. Register MyExample.xml in maps.xml. By using the entity manager you could execute the query and it will produce an arry of MyExample instances. So the you could execute whatever sql query you want. The good things : 1. the code is better structured, more object oriented 2. database access is under some level of isolation so you could migrate to other database by writting new entity manager and modify some slq but not the business logic of all the application

ahhh i know J2EE , this sounds like Hibernate… I’ll purchase it as soon as possible

Yes something like Hibernate but very simple one with the same idea. if you need such product in PHP and you want it, you are wellcome :)

seriously – does it handle object models from a GET method-(like a router so i can build a controller and use it as a makeshift orm?)

Hi, sorry for the lating answer. Yes, You could pass thee mapping ideentifier by get request, but you need to write a script which load the data using this identifier and appropriate entity class. This library will help you to isolate the database and queries in xml file, while working with php objects in the business logic part.