myOffice - Employee Application for Attendance, work assignments and more (Android) with php mysql

myOffice - Employee Application for Attendance, work assignments and more (Android) with php mysql

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Welcome to myOffice APP

Introducing, Latest Breakthrough. Employee Application for all businesses. for small and large scale. This application will replace your Attendance Machine, all data will be recorded properly. In addition, this application helps facilitate work assignments, manage employee salaries and others.


  • Attendance using Photos and realtime location and can be tracked by Admin or master.
  • Complete attendance details such as absent hours, work duration and attendance status (ontime, late and reject)
  • Admin or Master can refuse attendance for that day when the photo doesn’t match.
  • Admin can set the delay tolerance minutes.
  • Manage company working hours.
  • Staff can only log in on weekdays.
  • Complete monthly attendance report. the company can find out the number of attendance, number of absences, how many days late in a month.
  • Attendance location feature, where the company can set the maximum area for staff login locations, so staff cannot log in at home.

Job Assignment
Features that can be used to manage employee work assignments. Work assignment means a special task other than daily work according to the job description.

  • Admin or master can give special tasks to staff (outside of daily work).
  • Staff will receive push notifications when there is an incoming task.
  • Tasks that are pending and must be processed by staff and turn them into processes. if the task is completed, then the employee will change the status to finish.
  • Each status can be commented by the staff.
  • Complete and detailed assignment reports.

Other Features:

  • Virtual ID CARD, functions as an ID CARD and also a business card that can be shared and can be printed. equipped with a QR CODE to find out the truth of staff data.
  • Salary Slip feature, with this feature companies no longer need to print salary slips. because the staff can see for themselves the payslip through the application.
  • Report feature, where staff can view monthly attendance reports and work assignments that they receive in one month.
  • company news, staff can see the latest info in the application.
  • Menu Management, Master or Admin can add, delete and change staff data through the Application.
  • Push Notification firebase.

Is an application to manage web-based applications.

  • Manage company data.
  • Manage company working days.
  • Manage staff (add, modify and delete).
  • Manage work assignments.
  • full report.
  • Multi Language.
  • SaaS.

by purchasing the myOffice, you will get:

  • Android Source Code.
  • Rest Api with php and mysqli.
  • Web user Panel to manage a business other than using the application.
  • documentation.

Application Demo:

Login Demo
Master Login
phone: 081234567892
password: 123456

Staff Login
phone: 0812345678922 or 0812345678921
password: 123456

Company Scenario that day off
phone: 081234567890
password: 123456

Demo Userpanel:
Please open the following link
phone: 081234567892
password: 123456

Premium license
Is an employee application that has more advanced features such as.

  • Chat feature between employees.
  • Staff Work Location Features (for marketing companies in the field).
  • Staff login location setting, Automatically rejects if the location is too far from the office (can be activated or can be turned off).

Demo Premium:

Login with Account Regular Demo. (If you install this Premium application, the standard version of the application will be replaced with a premium application)

to get the Premium Application, you must order at codecanyon and then make a premium payment of 100dollars via paypal, payooner, skrill or bank transfer (for Indonesian citizens) , For info

Technology used:

  • Kotlin.
  • php for REST API.
  • MYSQLi for databases.
  • Firebase for Push notifications. and other

For help, change and add features and others, please use the contact us via email:

v1.0.0 - March 06, 2022
- First Release;

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