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sir is still giving me troubles now i can use any boton to go ack what is happen with this?

well this service have some troubles… and im trying to get any help still waitin for answers the editor says he answer my mail but i dont get any mail from him.

if some one have solutions for this services please let me know i will rate with a one start is poor service

I have replied to your emails, I have also replied here. Try another feed, to see if the problem is that feed, or yours.

Posting here, repeatedly.. emailing.. AND tweeting it to me won’t get you any support faster.

This is working on at least 96 other sites, and your having an issue. I tell you how to check if the problem is your web server or the feed itself, and you don’t bother to follow those instructions.

Sir is simple is not working the boton can u understand dack i can go back… is wrking now but is not working right thats happen…..

what happen with the link go back can un answers my mails to inc.moresa @ please cuz i dont get any mail

Again, this works fine for the other 96 people who use it…

And again, have you tried another rss feed on it? Also, have you tried it on another server?

I already know there were changes made by you with the link, so I don’t know what other changes have been made.

i dont change nothing sir!!! i just follow ur steep can u tell me what is happen? i told u is ot working

any way can i add adsense?

i will try againg download the same .sip and change the url after that upload and see if this work or not

can i use multiple feeds with this script.

Hi, does this script include a mobile detection/redirect script?

Hi Freekrai,

Thanks for writing this code. It works well. I think there’s a huge need for this script and I think you can expand what it does. jQuery Mobile is getting huge and a well laid out script with lots of customization would be very popular/profitable.

I need some help now tho, I would like to include the feature image from Wordpress as part of the display. If I go to my feed url I can see the links to the image but on your rss feed I’d like it to show up in the post. Maybe even have it resized for a thumb and full when you click on the link.

I’m happy to pay for custom coding. I need to done quickly tho.

Thanks! Mike