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very nice work, i whish you lots of sales for christmas ! :)

Hi everyone!

This is to let you know that I have enjoyed excellent support. Highly recommended!


There is an error. on the demo
Warning: file_get_contents(/home/reputein/public_html/arforms/mymaildemo/wp-content/uploads/arforms/maincss/maincss_10246.css): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/reputein/public_html/arforms/mymaildemo/wp-content/plugins/arforms/core/controllers/arformcontroller.php on line 664

okay, thanks for letting us know. will check and fix it.

How do I fill out the MyMail Form Fields? My email address doesn’t come up – only the questions I had asked on the form. The same thing happens under My Name drop-down. How do I fill this information in???

Hello, i am not exactly getting your question. please explain in more detail. or if you need personal discussion then open support ticket.

Hi, I have a question: - There is a way to put the forms in other websites with iframe? All the best


gmn Purchased

Hello, i cannot get this to work. I have installed the folder both via FTP and the plugin. I does not show up on the left menu in wordpress after being activated!


have you installed arforms also?? if you just install addon then it will not work.

any update coming??

not in near future

Hi, I have a problem. I have created a modul on Arform, but when I integrate it with your plug-in, the camps that it have to associate are wrong. How can I risolve this problem? Thank you

it seems you already opened ticket only. so, support staff will reply there.

Hi, I have a problem. I have created a modul on Arform, but when I integrate it with your plug-in, the camps that it have to associate are wrong. How can I risolve this problem? Thank you

ele necessita do ARForms ? correto! porém ao instalar o ARForms ele da um erro fatal ao ativar. como resolvo?

it need ARForms ? correct! But when installing ARForms it ’s a fatal error when activating . how do you fix ?


please open support ticket so, our technical staff will check and assist you.


Hello guys, Is it possible to do for example: user puts his email in subsribe field he then gets a dropdown menu where he can choose which category he wants to subscribe. Im using my mail


sorry thats not possible at present but we may add such facility in future release.

Hello I’ve updated MyMail plugin 2.1 and now no forms from MyMail are listed in the dropdown. I can’t select MyMail Form from the dropdown.


not aware of such situation. kindly open support ticket and provide some more details.

I’ve submitted a ticket with screen capture. When I revert back to older MyMail plugin the dropdown shows with forms and the integration is seamless.

yes thanks for letting us know about new beta release of mymail. support staff will get back to you soon on this matter.

Hello I’ve bought the plugin and and followed the instructions, but does not work.

I followed the instructions to install the plugin as it says in the documentation, but after activating the plugin, i dont´t see “MyMail Configuration” link under “ARForms” menu in admin menu list.

There isn’t a section “ARForms” like in the demo


it seems you have just installed mymail addon. First you need to have/install Arforms. Mymail integration with Arforms is Addon for Arforms.


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Hi there,

The purchase code of this item has been used by our web developer at past to reach you from your support system. We’re not working with him anymore. I tried to reach you from your support page with the same purchase code. Your system asked me to enter purchase code. When I entered my current purchase code, it said “Invalid Purchase Code”. I think this code has been used by our old web developer. So, I couldn’t enter it to reach you about my issue.

How do you help to reset this item’s purchase code? Please set a new purchase code to assign it to my help desk account.

Thanks, Orhan

Hey Orphan,

well, regarding license related request you can generate from your admin section too. Even if your support period is over.

unfortunately there is no way to change purchase code as it comes from codecanyon.

however it seems that you can not disclose everything here so, you can contact me through message box of my profile page of codecanyon.

will help you with this situation.



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Hello guys

this plugin is not working any more 1. i can’t select mymail form ( it’s empty all the time ) 2. if i have a select drop or a radio select in the form to control to which list the user want to join it does not show me it the this plugin.

can you check it out ?


AMOYA Purchased

never mind i found out… if using dropdown or radio the “saved value” should be the name of the list you want


is your issue sorted out?

if not then please open support ticket. here i do not think i can do much help.


AMOYA Purchased

I found a bug ( for real 100% )

1. when i use radio or drop down to select from arform and i use them to let the client choose to which list he wanted to register, the form does not show me the “Option Label” in the radio or dropdown , it show me only the “saved value” of it.

this is happen when i use radio field to choose to which list to join from the plugin , when i manual select the list i want ( without the radio input as list selector ) i see the Option Label good.

2. in the plugin when i select the field to be “name” or “email” it can’t read the name fields from arform and show just “0” and “0” ( i selected the first 0 as name and the second as email and it’s working but its a bug )

can you please fix this ? thanks

yes, please open support ticket and we will surely help you.


AMOYA Purchased

it’s taking a long time to open a ticket please fix it….

it’s your bug :)

no problem in opening ticket. site works perfectly fine. please try again.

always happy to help but we must follow system. this comment section is not for after sales support.



1. does it make double optin with mymail? 2. can I make a optin box (subsribe box) where I have only first name and email and can I then style this box (coloured bg, border, head line, bigger form fields, bigger text…?) and put via short code on any position of the page (for example with visual composer)? 3. can I use custom field with mymail for ex. a drop down list?



sorry for delayed reply.

Mymail integration with arforms is addon for main plugin arforms.

1. it will work with whatever setting in my mail. 2. yes arforms is full fledge form builder so, you can do formatting of form. 3. you can map arforms field with mymail custom fields.


Hello! I buy this, but plugin don`t work! How i can refaund money?

i have error: Fatal error: Class ‘mymail_subscribers’ not found in //wp-content/plugins/arformsmymail/arformsmymail.php on line 1428

Yes, kindly open support ticket. may be possible that some version related conflict.

also, btw this is just addon to the main plugin ARforms so, you have installed arforms first right?