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Great product so far. I have been testing it for a couple weeks with a list above 300,000 subscribers and it is working great. For any new comer considering buying it, just buy it. I have used a dozen programs and this is the best, especially if you use wordpress.

A couple features which should be added:

1) The ability to unsubscribe from a single list instead of all lists. Right now subscribe/unsubscribe is a user level variable. So a person may be on 5 lists, but if he chooses to unsubscribe from anything it makes the entire user set to unsubscribed status. Most other mailing softwares let someone unsubscribe from a single list. The subscribed/unsubscribed variable should be set per list.

2) Ability to resubscribe after having unsubscribed. From my testing, once someone unsubscribes, there is no way for them to again re-subscribe using the subscription form. If they use the form it gives a success message but their status still remains unsubscribed. I think what is happening is it is adding the list to their profile, but not changing their user status from unsubscribed to subscribed.

3) Ability to see subscribers in a list based on user status, that is – see all bounced members in a particular list, all unsubscribed members in a list, all subscribed members in a particular list. As is now, you can only see the TOTAL bounced members of all lists, you can’t see a subset within one of the lists. This is a standard feature in all other mailing softwares, and probably just over looked.

4) When using the -1 tag in the template to get the most recent article, if you add another article while it is sending out, it actually changes the email it is sending half way through the campaign sending out. So half the people get the wrong links, etc., in the email. In my case it takes 8 hours for mailing out to 300,000 users. In that 8 hours if I add a new article, it messes up the campaign that is being sent out, so I am using the article IDs instead which is just a tiny but more work. A solution to this would be every time you click Save on the campaign, it checks what the -1 article is and replaces the tags with the article number.

Other than that I am really liking this software, and in speed it appears to match the other softwares that I have used.

The feature to mail based on subscribers timezone is revolutionary. 3 or 4 years ago I had requested another software company to add this feature and they were not interested in it, but now I see this is included as a standard feature here. That is amazing.

Hey There,

Thank you for the kind words! We always try to improve our software so thanks for the feedback we will evaluate it and add those to our internal feature request list. Making a product that helps our customers to grow their business is our number one goal so your opinions matter.