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Wonderful plugin. Works very smooth on the demo. GLWS

Possible to add Adsense ads in gallery; above and/or below photos and videos?

Also, the capability to add Adsense ads in between every other item should work great. Do you think?

This is a great idea and it should be added in the next release in a few days!

The adsense integration was added in the last update!

WordPress version coming soon or nah?

This looks marvellous. Does it support a right-to-left layout?

This is the starting point, it will evolve soon with all the good ideas you are submitting! We will add the right-to-left layout in the next release which should be in a few days…

Hi dude, i agree with same request Hpnotik did, google adsense on the pictures. Also a option with thumbs. I will save to check back in a couple days.

The update is being reviewed, we’ll keep you up-to-date!

Can you provide the updated demo? thanks.

The updated demo was already provided! Sorry about that, I thought it was clear to you… Hope to hear about what you think of the plugin soon! :)


I purchased the script thinking it was a wp plugin but now I’m trying to integrate it within our shopify store do you think you can help us out with it

here’s an example of an integration: we’re trying to integrate it with this theme

more precisely on the product page, so that when we click on a link we have lightbox gallery

do you think you can help us out, this integration with shopify could be great as you can either create a shopify addon and resell it here or on shopify + you charge us for it

Cheers UOU

Hi Again ,

We’ve spent the entire day trying to integrate your script within shopify we managed to do it after some extent but we’re a bit bothered the code to fit the image on the screen height and width using lots of max-height property, . if you use a standard size image then it will work fine but once you’re using an image with a big height then the behavior becomes a bit strange

so our main problem right now is to be able to scroll down the image for example if you put this image in the gallery lightbox

once you click on the down arrow on the keyboard then the entire page scrolls down instead of scrolling down the image, if you click on the image then move down then the image scrolls down. so could you please tell us how to keep the background static and only have the image moving up and down, exactly like when you click on screenshots to view a PSD item like this:

thank you in advance Cheers UOU

P.S: we really please you to help us asap because we had to go live today and postponed it to tomorrow

We have started the WP plugin of MyLightBox but it isn’t ready yet to be released… You said that you managed to integrate the script, so you don’t need our help anymore for this part of the problem ? For the question about the static background, I think you can simply add a “return false;” and a “e.preventDefault()” in the keydown event listener. If you need more information pease contact us via mp I think it should be simpler ! :)

hello thank you for your reply. we have sent you a PM with the links do you think you can please have a quick look at it to know if the issue is due to shopify limitation or there’s a way to workaround it with your script? thank you in advance cheers uou

Just a couple of quick questions: Is it possible to not include the thumbs for the gallery (for the IMAGE FILTER, VERTICAL NAVIGATION & ADSENSE example)?

And is there an option to change the background color to white?


Exellent work my friend!!! Wish you happy sales

What a nice plugin that is. Beautiful and mobile friendly. I have incorporated it as a shortcode into my WordPress based Homepage with only a little effort, had a bit of a struggle with the enqueuing of the scripts. But now it works like a charm.

However, it would be cool, if we could have something like an infinity setting for the Diaporama mode. Currently, the slideshow stops, when the last part of the group is reached. it would be fantastic, if it starts over with the first part again. Maybe you can incorporate some data-lb-diaporama-mode=’infinity’ or similar.

Greetings from Germany and good luck with this gem!

Another thing that came across my mind: Would be great if we could have the data-lb-transition parameter on a per item base in a group. Currently all the items inside the group get the same transition, no matter what I enter inside a single item.

And in additon to my entry above, maybe a duration graph for the slideshow would make sense, too. See, I really love the possibilities of that plugin.