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I have done the installation on my web server, but I do not know how to login I can not log in I need some extra confioguracion? If anyone could advise me I would be very grateful

Hello, no need extra configuration, make sure add permission 775 in application/cache/session

Thanks for the quick response. I had an issue with my database, which already had one of the data tables that are a part of Myigniter constructed for the app that I”m building. I didn’t notice it for quite a while and instead went into the code to figure out why it wasn’t working. After figuring out that it was a data table, everything worked as advertised. Nice script, it’ll save me a ton of development time and upgrade the auth system that I currently have.

I already mailed you

pre purchase question … the CRUD Builder support many to many relation? thanks in advance

In UI still not support, but the function is available the solution right now is by exporting as module then add method to have relation n_n complete documentation in here http://www.grocerycrud.com/documentation/options_functions/set_relation_n_n , I can support you how to use it

Thanks for the answer, I wanted this functionality in the UI, hoped that in the future you will implement it, If you do that I think myIgniter will be perfect CRUD based on Codeigniter, but for now, for my taste, I think it’s incomplete if compare to other product like quickadminpanel or Voyager based on Laravel. Another important feature is the multilingual content management, Do you think to implement in the future? anyway myigniter is a great product, I think to buy it in a short term because it still has interesting features to Use in my projects. Thanks

Yes it will add in the next version 4.0.0 in shortly.

i’m trying to install myigniter but i’m still getting

ERROR – 2017-05-03 01:21:04—> Unable to connect to the database ERROR – 2017-05-03 01:21:04—> Query error: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) – Invalid query: SELECT `menu`.`id_menu` FROM `menu` LEFT JOIN `groups_menu` ON `groups_menu`.`id_menu` = `menu`.`id_menu` WHERE `id_groups` IS NULL ERROR – 2017-05-03 01:21:04 -> Severity: Error -> Call to a member function result() on boolean /var/www/vhosts/myhost.net/httpdocs/myigniter/application/libraries/Output_view.php 285

on application/logs

can you help me please?

i’m setting all the correct information but still not getting access to db, I already create a new db totally empty and still the same

have you any tutorial for basic configuration? i noticed that you have a video but it only shows the installation on the browser but I have no idea if i need to configurate some files or what, I hope you can help me

Try add permission read and rewrite in directory application/config and application/modules.

In other chase there’s server like bitnami they’re ignore .htaccess that make the url changes with additional index.php maybe I can help you remote with this.

All configuration is on directory application/config, the main myIgniter configuration file is myIgniter.php

I need a plugin so new users can register and then from the website create a table that only this user can have access, the table should be created uploading a Excel file to mysql dB. Same for many users. Can I have this with this plugin?

Yes, your request is custom

could you give me an estimate of the cost? a range at least, thanks!

whatsapp: 201015592334 for discussing

pre-purchase question, i was playing with your demo and i notice if i wanna left out some fields they will still show up in the details page. so how can i remove them?

Ready check out myIgniter demo

still the adding and editing pages are OK but the the details page or the read/view the complete fields of the table is shown even if you didn’t generate them, make sure you its not cache or anything. the bug still there

Hello… the problem is still there whats the solution??

So I understand this, can this software create a page and then display information from the database on that page? Like a typical php/MySQL set up?

Also, is it possible to implement a user system? Preferably with some form of payment option?

myIgniter is a custom PHP framework that let build web application as fast as possible. With the main features CRUD Generator and PAGE Generator.

you can create page and its links in front or backend , i advise you to take a deep look with page builder and crud builder on demo here

http://myigniter.kotaxdev.com/myigniter/crud_builder http://myigniter.kotaxdev.com/myigniter/page_builder

and we available to support and reply any questions for you , feel free to ask :)


I’ve recently purchased it, looks great so far and looking forward to getting stuck in properly. But this might sound like a stupid question… how do I edit the home page?

All view is in directory named views, for home page you can find it under views directory views/page/home.php . Feel free to ask, to keep us giving support and update please rate us thanks

hello how setting home page content? please create more tutorial how to build e-commerce or make default setting site. I was found bug on table generator it don’t work :(

thank you

Home page can be set in applications/config/myigniter.php or set in routes. Of course we think about it. Which bug can you explain?

Have you done N – N connections in 4.0 version like you told in some comments? Is that working? Other question, can I upload a database and then generate CRUDs with your systems?

I already emailing you relation n_n still on progress, i give you screenshot too. Yes of course feel free to customize

how can i implement this into a preexsiting codeignitor site.

It will copy some of files like controller, library, config, third-party, and helper. I can help you the detail what those files must be copied via email

presale questions:

1-Multilanguage page is available? (is in your next features update? when ?)

2- Ecommerce solution is in your next features update? when ?

Thanks a lot, Regards

1. Yes, you check in demo site (Next month) 2. Ecommerce will be new item, still in development

i have hosted this on a raspberry pi, and i am unable to install myigniter.

Install it from PC then move manually in pi

how can i remove the myigniter from url

You can replace it usong router codeigniter, https://www.codeigniter.com/userguide3/general/routing.html