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Hi. i want create nested select, can you help me?

Nested select with only with code, Email me i’ll send you example

Why should I have to be adding index.php when I want to access the dashboard link after logging in?

This for me is not cool, I see you saying this in the comments and I had to do the same to be able to log in, what is the solution to not keep this bug?

Get resolved, thanks .. I do not need answer just for the other issues ..

Hello, I would like to know how I can resolve a warning when I go to view


Whats you e-mail?? Thanks, Nice Script… I’m really enjoying it.

Gravidade: Aviso

Mensagem: in_array () espera que o parâmetro 2 seja array, null given

Nome do arquivo: libraries / Grocery_CRUD.php

Número da linha: 190

hanafi.asrul@gmail.com feel free to contact, In path /users/profile it’s only can update, the view is in path myigniter/profile

Hello your framework is wrong when we go in modules details:

Severity: Warning

Message: Invalid argument supplied for foreach ()

Filename: views / module_detail.php

I can only see module documentation details.

Can you help me ??

Because it’s module don’t have method for detail you can see example how to add detail module in documentation the method is module, here the example :

public function module()
    $module = [
        'name' => 'Documentation',
        'menu_link' => ['documentation/welcome' => 'View documentation'],
        'table' => '',
        'description' => 'Documentation myigniter',
    return $module;

Does your code support nested tables right out of the box? Meaning I have tables that depend details stored in other tables, which depend themselves on details on one or more tables related by one ore more foreign keys.

I imagine one should be able to CRUD each table and drilldown into the next level. Is that something that is very easy to implement using your code. Do you have ready examples?

Thank you.

Did you mean relation table or form dependent dropdown?

Actually it easy to doing with bot of that, I have examples too

Bukan, saya tidak kenal siapa itu, Saya lihat baru bulan kemarin di upload itu link

after i download new version and i install in xampp error “HTTP ERROR 500”

Hi abdeedillah

i installed it several time on xampp and its working fine , but you can adding me on skype: phppowerarts to support


Hello, I just purchased and put it into my server and go to the address. But it shows the following error:

Message: session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module: user (path: /var/www/html/system/application/cache/session)

Filename: Session/Session.php

Line Number: 143

How can I fix it? Thanks.

Can you tell me that which file should change to 777? or all folders and files?

database, migration, myigniter, routes and also change it in directory assets/install

Hello, just sent you the email.

Helllo! Two simple questions: 1) Is it possible to make search filter for every column on the grid view? Like https://datatables.net/examples/api/multi_filter.html 2) Is it possible to have master/detail in the edit/read view? Like Order/products? Thanks!!

You can see in file named grocery_builder.php


ilpega Purchased

Hello, I’m trying to implement the column filter with this tutorial https://datatables.net/examples/api/multi_filter.html

I changed the set_theme into the controller to datatables, and use the id #flex1 into the flexigrid,js of the datatables directory (into grocery crud assets theme).

The column filters show up on every column and this is right, but if I make a search the response is always “No matching records found”.

Any help? What I’ve to change to search like the normal search box ? thanks very much for any help!

I never using multi search in datatables, btw using datatables in grocery crud decrease performance because it’s not using server side pagination. Which is if you load data count 10.000 it will loaded it all and render as javascript pagination

Hello, it’s possible to do this? https://almsaeedstudio.com/themes/AdminLTE/pages/layout/collapsed-sidebar.html I used the “sidebar-collapse” class but the sidebar disapper. thanks for help!

Yes just change class in file admin_template.php , I can show you example, email me

alo gan, kalau kita sudah pernah generate crud, trus di database kita tambah 2-3 field itu engga bisa diregenerate ya?, sekarang jadinya crud yg ada dihapus dulu trus dibikin ulang jadinya.

misal generate table book, jadinya kan book__1, nah itu kalo dihapus, begitu generate lagi dia jadi generate book__2, itu masalah ga nantinya?

Oh ga masalah mas, meskipun yg generatean pertama ga di hapus juga gpp, jadi bisa generate CRUD lebih dari 1 meskipun table sama

oh sip kalau begitu, diabaikan aja yak, yah gpp sekalian jadi tahu udah brp kali diganti, hahaha


ilpega Purchased

Hello, I download the new versione and both in the local XAMPP server (on windows) and in a dedicated web server (on linux) give me the 500 http error. I just upload the “myigniter” directory into htdocs like the older version but the installation doesn’t come out. There are new permissions to set? Or change anything into the php.ini / httpd.conf ? Thanks for support!

Buyers bellow have the same issue and he update php to 5.6 and it’s working, I am still checking what make not support for php 5.3


ilpega Purchased

I tried in another server with 5.6.24 and it works! Thanks!

you are welcome :) , if you happy from our frame work please rate it , this will help a lot https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Pas lagi generate Crud disitu ada ColumnEdit, itu sebenenya bisa diubah gak sih?, disini readonly,

Bug nya sudah bisa, di versi terbaru tapi masih di review, itu saya kirim email tidak bisa

emailnya salah, itu saya hash, mung.. itu nama username, bukan titik-titik :D

Ok saya coba kirim lagi

maaf nanya lagi dong, bisa engga kita generate CRUD tergantung membership?, misal gini

[table sekolah] - id_sekolah - nama_sekolah

[table murid] - id_murid - id_sekolah (foreign ke table_sekolah.id_sekolah) - nama_murid

Admin bikin CRUD global, sedangkan untuk member dibatasi sbb: Adi = hanya bisa CRUD sekolah dengan ID 1 Budi = hanya bisa CRUD sekolah dengan ID 2

Itu bisa engga ya?

Bisa, tapi harus di export sebagai module, kemudian ada tambahan script di modulenya, Email saya hasil export module bisa saya kasi contohnya

I am surprised that this item has been purchased only 124 times. I purchased a crud script here and regretted as I didn’t receive any reply / support. I am waiting for a refund then I am willing to buy this script. This time I was careful. First thing I read the reviews. it is a relieve knowing that I would get a support once I purchased this item. I will post my questions regarding the script shortly.

Thanks for interesting in my script, feel free to ask :)

Hello again. I can’t install on local or vps server.

http://localhost/ududos/install/do_install Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

That’s what the console log shows me.

Yes I try your site in email and it’s work on link http://vps66721.vps.ovh.ca/index.php/login it’s seem your server ignoring .htaccess , the purpose .htaccess for removing that index.php

The problem is on this file 003_blog.php, 004_media.php, 005_login.php, 006_database_manager.php inside directory application/migrations remove that file it will work

The current fixing file still in review, you can email me I send you the latest files


hdnetwork Purchased

ERROR – 2017-03-16 19:11:02—> Unable to connect to the database

Continuously getting this error in error log even database connections are correct, what is the problem? My db name and username contains underscore _ which is mandatory as per our hosting.

Hello is the installation error? The problem is on this file 003_blog.php, 004_media.php, 005_login.php, 006_database_manager.php inside directory application/migrations remove that file it will work

The current fixing file still in review, you can email me I send you the latest files


ilpega Purchased

Hello, I have the same error of the user vnoguera. I downloaded the last version of the script and try to install in a uwamp portable web server. I removed the 003_blog.php, 004_media.php, 005_login.php, 006_database_manager.php inside directory application/migrations but nothing changes. This is the error:

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function result() on boolean in E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\application\\libraries\\Output_view.php on line 290 PHP Stack trace: 1. {main}() E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\index.php:0 2. require_once() E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\index.php:315 3. call_user_func_array:{E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\system\\core\\CodeIgniter.php:532}() E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\system\\core\\CodeIgniter.php:532 4. Myigniter->page_404() E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\system\\core\\CodeIgniter.php:532 5. Output_view->output() E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\application\\controllers\\Myigniter.php:2189 6. MX_Loader->view() E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\application\\libraries\\Output_view.php:263 7. MX_Loader->_ci_load() E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\application\\third_party\\MX\\Loader.php:300 8. include() E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\application\\third_party\\MX\\Loader.php:357 9. Output_view->get_menu() E:\\cvgest\\UwAmp\\www\\victor\\application\\views\\template\\front_template.php:43

I hope this is helpful for you. Bye!

Hello sorry the version in canyon currently is in trouble, I have submit the new one but still in review, you can direct email to get the fixed version


wancora Purchased

When will the multilingual be available? Approximately.

Is a fantastic script, best regards!

Still working on it, there’s several language need to add

Hi I am thinking of getting your script and i have a few presales questions.

1. I have to setup and configure the tables in the database before they can appear as a dropdown?

2. I am using Grocery Crud and the datatable theme is very slow when i load it with 10,000 rows of data. Is your script faster with bootstrap? Is the data processed at the server side before rendering on the client side? i have 500,000 rows of records.

3. Is it possible to generate a print file pdf like an invoice from the print function? i am thinking of using to keep track of invoices and products. Any plans to include an email a file function?




1- yes, also you can setup tables using database manager module feature , its like phpmyadmin to manage database .

2- working perfect with big data , yes its paginate and request pages when playing with pagination, not loadin all data like normal data tables do.

3- unfortunately, export data as pdf not exist , but may be we add it next versions,

yes we was planning to build invoice generator, still study the idea, may be we add it next versions. , if you have example please emailing me