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Awesome product,GLWS!

Thank you : )

Thanks, Good wishes for your sale too.

Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you very much. Good wishes for your sales too. Thanks again.

great apps .. can you add employees clock in and clock out under employee admin panel and ability to view their paystubs

Sure, we will include it in next update.. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

please i want to buy this plugin but i need to create another user account say HR without the previledge of changing general settings leaving that to only the central admin. Also can i add features like query to employee and reply to admin and also incorporate finger print scanner. is the code flexible to do all that.

Thank you for been considerate but $80 should do for me. thanks. otherwise stick to the second option. Regards.

I am so sorry but the price cannot be reduced to further. Many thanks for taking interest. : )

Nice work gud luck

Thank you very much

The system seems to be very good. Only one thing that is missing is the biometric system integration. Can it be customized? How much you will charge for this feature? And will it work with any biometric reader?

Sorry we are not accepting new custom development Order for this Product currently. Please keep in touch. Will let you know once the team is available again. Thank you.

Hello, I am looking to buy a HRM solution that has the following features:

1. Ability to load Master data from excel spreadsheet from an Admin HR backend interface module dedicated to HR Admin’s

2. Ability to have multiple currencies (i.e able to define the default payment currency for each employee)

3. Org Chart / contact details module (should be able to create/amend/delete a Org Chart, by looking up employee record from the Master Data DB within the app)

4. Ability to create a Salary Grading structure for organisation and use it to setup the Benefits & compensation structure

5. System must be able to cater for Multi-location (a Global Organisation structure)

6. Dashboard Reports: ability to generate reports from any field on the master file and drill down information

let me know if you can deliver on features listed above.

Many thanks

Yes this will be done as custom development. For cost and time frame. Please PM me the details. Thank you.

Can users / employees update their profile info?

Yes they update basic profile information. You can try demo for the same. Thank you

hi. can an admin manually put timesheet items? and can an admin add pay types?

Unfortunately there is no option for time sheet for now but we can do custom development as per your need. You can PM me the requirement for time frame and quote.

Thank you

Can I download and white label it? Is it built using PHP? Can I customize it? I guess option salary is actually payroll right? All the above mentioned points are for 26$ price right? We want to use internally in our company

Yes you can use it as white label product. Only Reselling is not allowed. Yes you can customize it as it’s open source in CakePHP framework with bootstrap.

Please try demo to check features. The price is $26.

Thank you

please what cakephp version used ?

We are using CakePHP 2.x Thank you

We are using CakePHP 2.x Thank you

Dear Silversyclops, I just purchased your product, but post installation, your attendance marking, leave showcase, and payroll processing are not working. Please let me know if there are any fixes available for the same.

I request you to please create ticket at . Your issue will be resolved asap. Thank you for your purchase. Good wishes.

Ticket has been raised at

Thank you

Can you translate this into another lang? Is there a lang file?

If I like to buy this and get the translate. How Will I then pay the extra 20 dollars? Do you have an e-mail so we can talk about it, and not on this comment section?

Please PM me so that i can get your email and will revert on the same. Thank you

I dont see any logout button under the users profile icon.

I am able to see logout button here :

Thank you

we need to purchase your Product, but we need some more just like import Data, all employ summry report

Surely we can customize it for you. Please share the requirements in details to support at silversyclops dot net for additional cost and time frame. Many thanks for taking interest.

Hi, Please tell me how to change the application Base URL. I have hosted it on a sub folder in web root.

Many thanks for the purchase. Please create a support ticket at the team will assist you in the installation or migration.

Thank you

I create a new user, then can not login, and show a message:

Incorrect username/password!

what’s the problem?

Thank you

Okay i have asked admin to reset the demo. It will be done shortly. Thanks for letting us know this issue.

Thank you

It seems to be working fine at our end. Can you please cross check the caps lock and avoid copy pasting passwords.

Thank you

Hi, can attendance be upload in bulk? from excel or csv?

Can I have a summery for the salary where all the deductions and additions will be listed?

Can I removed the attendance option from the system and can I removed it also from the dashboard?If I add custom field in the salary, will I find them in the mysql table where i can extract for additional reports?

Some of the requirement required customization, can you please email us the list of all the requirement to support@silver syclops dot net . We will provide you the quote and time frame for the same. Thank you