Discussion on MyHash - Encrypt & Decrypt Text Online - Laravel & VueJS - Material Design - Support API

Discussion on MyHash - Encrypt & Decrypt Text Online - Laravel & VueJS - Material Design - Support API

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I need help installing this. Would file do I run to build the database tables? I am new to laravel. I edited my .env file.

The error I am getting:

Fatal error: Uncaught ReflectionException: Class config does not exist in /home/reflwkrq/public_html/hashes/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Container/Container.php:729 Stack trace: #0 /home/reflwkrq/public_html/hashes/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Container/Container.php(729): ReflectionClass->__construct(‘config’) #1 /home/reflwkrq/public_html/hashes/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Container/Container.php(608): Illuminate\Container\Container->build(‘config’) #2 /home/reflwkrq/public_html/hashes/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Container/Container.php(575): Illuminate\Container\Container->resolve(‘config’) #3 /home/reflwkrq/public_html/hashes/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/Application.php(728): Illuminate\Container\Container->make(‘config’) #4 /home/reflwkrq/public_html/hashes/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/helpers.php(106): Illuminate\Foundation\Application->make(‘config’) #5 /home/reflwkrq/public_html/hashes/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/ in /home/reflwkrq/public_html/hashes/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Container/Container.php on line 729

Hi Brandon, sorry for late reply, in .env file, values with space must be wrapped with double cotes like this: APP_NAME=”APP NAME” instead of this APP_NAME=APP NAME. Check that.

I did that and no error anymore but it wont compile. Just a blank white page. I can pay you extra to help me get this working. Paypal or Bitcoin.

Hi Brandon, please contact via: with your website’s link. I will support you without charge if possible.

I want to buy Your Script but have some questions.

1. I checked some hashes and they are working, kindly let me know all if hashes work properly. any chance they won’t work in future?

2. Can I add Adsense ads?

3. Can I hide recent encrypt activity?

4. How much space will be required in server, because hashes will be saved by users?

Looking forward.

and 6th question is Can I restrict anyone not to use this script API?

Hi DsgnWeb,
1. It’ll work stably.
3. Yes you can.
4. I can’t answer that, because it depends, but a basic server with about 10-15 GB of hard drive will work well if the amount of hashes is not too huge.
2 & 5: Currently this item does not support those features, but if you have some experiences with Vue.js and Laravel (PHP), you can custom as you want.

I have shared hosting and need to import the database to finish installation. Everything else seems to be working. Using mysql.

Do you have a mysql database that I can import?

Why it can only Decrypt if the Encrypted Data is in its Database

That’s not an Approriate Answer, as the hashes can be reversed and there are many converters online, and also if a hash cant be reversed to original string then what’s the purpose of making an hash

Never, and never has the hash been reversed. All the “reverse” things on the internet are that they already have the hash database available (because for each value, the hash gives only one result, so they will store the corresponding value – hash pair into the database), then when someone needs to reverse, they will compare hash strings with their database. Hash functions have a lot of uses, you can search on google instead of asking such a silly question.

Unable to install it all I get is a blank page

I changed .env and config/database.php and now?

Hi alexseugling, it seems that the error comes from the backend, you can contact me via email: with details of the error, I will be ready to help you. Regards.

How to install do I need to import .sql file???

Im unable to install it I changed .env and config / database.php but all I get is a blank page

Hello. Dependencies NOT clarified at your description. Error: Exception

There is no suitable CSPRNG installed on your system (I know what that is and I will not change anything in my system – for me, laravel is a bad joke). Either solve it (clear documentation on “how to”, solve the issue whatever needed) or refund it.

Hi Stonewolf. First, I don’t mean to say you’re blind, hope you are not angry with that. Second, you can see the merinet’s comment, he has deployed perfectly after I have fixed the error. The problem here is that you haven’t use PHP 7.x although in the item details selected PHP 7.x: There is no “installer” inside the archive because it is not necessary. Third, if you don’t use PHP 7.x, basically you did not use the correct requirements of the product, but I also tried to find another solution for you. Finally, if you want a refund, you need a good reason, I am willing to return the money if you use the correct requirements of the product but still fails.You can see more in Refund Policy: . P/S: I am still willing to assist you if you have any problems with the product. Regards.

Hi, thanks for help, but I won’t install anything (as I said before) in my system only to get this working. So, please, refund it. Again: your requirements and online documentation DOES NOT show any “composer” dependency. If I knew that before, I would have never bought it. Thanks.

Hi Stonewolf, as I said before, you didn’t use PHP 7.0, that’s mean you have not followed the configuration requirements. You are deliberately don’t understand the problem. If you try to use PHP 5, you need to install composer. My requirements DOES NOT show any “composer” dependency because you probably dont care what it is if you use PHP 7. Regards.

Please, could you kindly provide some installation procedure?

You need to delete all files in your host and re-upload again (original files), before upload, delete ‘installer’ folder in public, delete ‘vendor’ folder in resources/views, delete ‘installer.php’ in config folder and remove ‘RachidLaasri\LaravelInstaller\Providers\LaravelInstallerServiceProvider::class’ in config/app.php, then run command: ‘composer remove rachidlaasri/laravel-installer’, and do the things I mentioned above, or you can wait for a few days until envanto accept my updates.

Fantastic! get it working. app looks really good!!

Thank you for purchasing & reviewing my item. Hope you enjoy it.

no base64 support?

Thanks for your comment, Base64 is not yet supported.

Not work,My environment is directadmin LAMP php 7.2 mysql 5.6

when database install step , show following error.

(1/1) FatalThrowableError Type error: Too few arguments to function RachidLaasri\LaravelInstaller\Helpers\DatabaseManager::response(), 1 passed in /home/wty/domains/xxx/public_html/hash/vendor/rachidlaasri/laravel-installer/src/Helpers/DatabaseManager.php on line 41 and exactly 3 expected in DatabaseManager.php (line 73) at DatabaseManager->response(‘could not find driver (SQL: select * from information_schema.tables where table_schema = public and table_name = migrations)’) in DatabaseManager.php (line 41) at DatabaseManager->migrate(object(BufferedOutput)) in DatabaseManager.php (line 24)

I refunded you, sorry for this problem, I will fix it soon.

1.Does store hashes on database if yes is look on database for hash or plain text 2. Do you think to add mass/list hash decrypt like 50 hashes to try to decrypt all of them instead 1 hash

Thanks you for your comment, on the database, each encrypted text will be stored with all the hash functions available if it is unique.

is in a database stored like ID:HASH:PLAIN TEXT or is doing a lookup of the table with words/plain text for certain hash. And yea if you willing to put list check of hashes i will buy it

In the database, data is stored like: id – text – md2 – md4 – ... (hash function name) .

Would definitely purchase if the app was mobile friendly. At least not on iPhone in profile mode. Screens scroll to the right.

Great app, but any plans to make this app for responsive? Terrible with iPhone in portrait orientation, although less terrible in landscape orientation.

Thanks you for feedback, i will consider it soon.

Doesn’t seem to work without cookies enabled. Not sure why you need cookies for this type of script.

Thanks you for the feedback! I am fixing it quickly :D

wow fantastic work , well done :) i wish you successful sales with that and a nice day ;) !

Thanks you :D

Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale :)

Thanks you :D

Congrats, good luck with sales – DCSF

Thanks you :D


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