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Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale. DCSF

Thanxx Bro

this needs help. 1. there should be ability to upload “multiple” images “for” the portfolio, 2. there should be Live Preview or Website link option in case admin needs to provide url for visitors to visit a project

I see. Well purchase depends on updates, so ok

Also, take a look at your coding for the LOGO, when page hits scroll break point, the logo’s margin/padding seems to be affected causing it to zero out at the top

thnxx for ur advice

nice work.

suggestion to add new feature about the pages so it will enable the designer to add pages such as about me, contact me page with forms, locations etc.. extra features that will attract more buyers as well.

good luck

thnxx..we will add those on our next update?

Excellent work !! I bought it and it’s easy to install !! Could it be translated into Spanish?  And each portfolio could be seen as a slide sistem ? Congratulations !!

you can add google translator, or manualy translate all page – its easy bcz our system is fully dynamic and opensource. for slide system currently its not available. we will try our best to update it day by day

Excellent product code and quality!! I put 5 stars I know that the support expired but now use your product, a question can be changed when the page of the subcategory is the arrow and put is your place 2 points?

I just bought, I have not tested yet but from what I saw, it is excellent. However actually in the next update if I put the function to add more images, it would be perfect and maybe a field with link not required below the image. A contact page will be nice. Thank you.

Dont work, change category and ad other images, second image error all times. Why?

maybe installation problem, pls sent me ur base url ?

I can not upload anything, logo, top image or portfolio, nothing. Did anyone have this error? LogicException in MimeTypeGuesser.php line 135: Unable to guess the mime type as no guessers are available (Did you enable the php_fileinfo extension?)

Thanks in advance.

create “portfolioimages” this folder on ur server

I would create but there is already one? what do I do now?

pls sent us ur cpanel access via email, our staff’s will solve it. no worry. our support portal email is: