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Hi I have PHP Version:5.2.17 but during Plugin activation it’s gives following exception message.

mCRED integration for FSQM Pro addon requires PHP version greater than or equal to 5.2.x

Please apply the following change in class-ipt-fsqm-mc-install.php ‘5.3.0’ =>’5.2.0’ if ( version_compare( PHP_VERSION, ‘5.2.0’, ’<’ ) ) { $msgs[] = __( ‘mCRED integration for FSQM Pro addon requires PHP version greater than or equal to 5.2.x’, ‘ipt_fsqm_mc’ ); }


Sorry for the trouble. FSQM 3.0 requires PHP version 5.3 to be installed and active and this addon requires FSQM 5.3. So I heavily recommend that you upgrade your server to latest version of PHP. All our products and WordPress itself is PHP 7.0 ready.

Has this been tested with the myCRED 1.7 BETA?


Works well with myCRED 1.7.

hi i am going to display products from multiple stores such as amazon,ebay,etc with points.Can i use mycred for that?


May be you can. But I do not see how this addon would help you with that. This addons gets you a way to add points when user submits a form managed by FSQM Pro.

Hi, I need support to integrate FSQM forms with myCRED to create badges based on points earned from Form, actually i ‘m facing problem with automatically assigning badges issue , the FSQM is not listed in badges point for dropdown menu list that is way badges cannot be assigns, batches can be only assigning with available hooked option in dropdown eg. “Manual Adjustment by user” etc Could you explain how I can this be assigned Automatically

swashata [at] iptms [dot] co.

Please find the email with attached document explaining the problem, i hope i will get feedback (fixes) from you very soon.

Replied to your email.

I have the same issue as MSALMANSEC. I want to award badges for users completing forms, and with regards to their scores. Is this possible?

I will definitely take a look at it.

Thank you :-)

Can you change the myCRED entry title per form so it can reflect the form type. (Points for completing a Quiz. Points for completing a poll. Points for submitting a form… etc.


You can have the %name% inside the myCRED entry title which will be replaced by the form name. I will add a %category% tag in future which will be replaced by the form category name.

Can you confirm, does this plugin work with the latest MyCred 1.7.2 ??

Yes it does.

Is it possible to assign points based on the actions within a form? For example. Form has 1 question with 5 answers. Each answer has a different point value (i.e. Answer 1 = 2pts, Answer 2= 4pts, Answer 3= 5pts).


The same is actually available. Under myCRED Hooks you can enable it https://ipanelthemes.com/kb/mycred-integration-for-fsqm-pro/mycred-setup/activating-mycred-reward-points-mechanism-fsqm-pro/

When you create different point system it becomes available under the hook of that point system. I will create a smoother system for selecting point type from within eForm.

thanks, i actually opened up a thread on your support forum as well. Maybe I’m missing something here, but how would you define which point type a form would apply to? Form A = Point Type A, Form B = Point Type B

As far as I can tell there aren’t any native settings that allow me to determine which forms a hook is applicable to. I looked through the plugin code & I didn’t see the

object reference either (though, i may have just overlooked it).


I will see what I can do about it in future.

so is it like i have 1000 points then i input 20 points and send the form to Admin then mycred is decreased by 20 points automatically by the system? like social media marketing panel ones?

congratulations ;)

Thank you :)

I need to limit form submission. Can points be deducted when a form is submitted? Can users be prevented from submitting a form when their balance is zero?


This isn’t possible right now. Although points can be deducted when a form is submitted, the system can not check if myCRED point is zero and there by stop the submission.

Is there a way to prevent access to the page that the form is on?


It can be done with some custom coding. I am adding it to the feature list which will be available soon.


Are you the author of the myCRED plugin? I’m looking for a default image pack for badges

Thank you


I am not the author of myCRED plugin, rather the author of myCRED addon for eForm. You can find about information regarding myCRED here: https://mycred.me/

is it able to make my user ‘pay’ with mycred with the form? llike.. one guy is willing to pay with his 500 mycred point for a service.. something like that


That isn’t possible straight forward (only PayPal and Stripe for now). But you can do though, is use the free built-in WooCommerce Integration. With WooCommerce one can pay through mycred.

Quastions 1- does it support my cred 1.7.9 2- when will you support wordpress 4.8 3- if i make a poll can I reward or deducted points based on poll close results so if majority picked a choice they get rewarded only those who picked the majority choice get rewarded?


1. Yes it does. 2. We support WP 4.8. I have updated the metadata. Thank you. 3. Sorry but rewards happen only during submission. So you can not change that at a later stage. But such a system can be developed as a separate add-on.

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