MYCONTACT - Contact Management System

MYCONTACT - Contact Management System

What is mycontact?

MYCONTACT is a web based application. It was developed using Codeigniter framework and MySQL for database . This system allow multi user account and enable user to manage or record their own contact into the system for future used. User also can share their contact with other user who used the system.


  1. System Settings
  2. User Management
  3. Role Management
  4. System Reference
  5. My Contact
  6. Deals
  7. Reminder & Notifications
  8. Logged Calls
  9. Send Email

Main Features

  • User management. Multi user account.
  • System Configuration for system settings.
  • Automatic logout when idle (x) minutes.
  • Role-based permissions.
  • Add, update, delete and share your contact.
  • Export contact list to PDF, Excel, and CSV.
  • Import contact from CSV.
  • Role management, add, update and delete.
  • System Reference and etc.


This application has been tested running on:

  • PHP version: 5.5, 5.6
  • PHP library: mbsting, mcrypt, gd, mysqli, PDO
  • Apache version: 2.2.15

* Note: this application has been develop using PHP 7. It running well on this environment but have several notice and warning when you set error_reporting to E_ALL.


01 August 2018

New Feature: Send email to your contact.

17 December 2017

Improvement: Automatically delete deals when delete contact
Improvement: Delete deal and timeline(s)
New Feature: Send message to contact using Twilio SMS

25 September 2017

Save state column show/hide @ Contact List page
Export contact to Excel follow upload .CSV format (First Name,Middle Name,Last Name,Mobile Phone,Work Phone,Email)
Ignore existing contact based on email address during upload contact through .CSV file
Bug fix @ delete contact

17 September 2017

New feature, dashboard and to-do list
Enable / Disable Auto-­logout function @ System Settings
Contact List : Multiple row actions (delete, share/un-­share)

14 JUNE 2017

New Feature : Deals - Create deals for each contact
Track each deal with timeline

20 MAY 2017

Bug fix @ Add more phone number
New feature : Contact bulk upload
New feature : Logged call

18 MARCH 2017

New feature, new screen design
Add primary, secondary contact number
Add social media
Reminder & Notification


Please visit mycontact demo page at

System Admin
Username : admin   Password: password

Normal User
Username: johndoe   Password: password


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