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I purchase your script and i installed it it work good , but one thing every time i finish editing my file it would not save my file even if it said save cause when i would preview in my browser i would not see changes.

Can you help me to figure out the problem thanks!

Hi sorry for my late response. Would you mind sending me an email with your problem through my profile page? If you can send me an email through there we’ll try to fix this for you.


Never got a respond for the link i sent you after the last email i even created a sample site for you to view with a password. Can you view and get back to me thanks!

Hi itzecko,

Sorry to hear and for my late reply. I am not sure if I received your email. Would you perhaps have time to resend it? We will figer this out for you.

Do I need to make a MySQL database if I buy it?

Hi sorry for my late response. No you don’t need mySQL to use it. :)


Looks promising but there is no syntax highlighting… :( (files already available for you to access to apply syntax highlighting to tags.

Would be nice to have an option of “Save as new file” instead of just save.

Would also be nice to have it backup the file from example.php to example_20130329.php, then have the new file saved in its place as example.php. This would allow you to go back if you’ve made a mistake.

Hi FlipMad,

Thanks for your suggestions. I will definitely keep these in mind for the next version.

Hi there

I can’t access the Live Preview. The password combination you’ve shown below the login inputs seem to be outdated

Hi Conogam,

Sorry for the late reply, Did you enter the username and password including the capitals?

Hi, I can set to display only the FOLDER for editing allowed?? disallow other folders in the root? Thanks

Hi webosk,

Sorry for my late reply. This can be done with some custom work. If you would like me to do this for you or would require help doing this yourself then you can contact my through my profile page.

Hi, me too i’m interessed for disallow specific folder or file..

I contact you now.


Hi Kylia,

I replied to your email, we’ll make sure we will customize the script to your needs.

Hi, I purchased your file and installed it on our server as advised in your documentation however there is no template and its just displayed as text with links

Hi Envita,

Sorry for the late reply. Did you upload the folder called CSS? Perhaps you can try reuploading the files to your server? If you tried the above and would like some help you can send me an email through my contact page. :)

Hey, Great script love it already. Install was so easy. Would you consider adding the ability to rename a file in the future? Seems to be the only thing missing.

Also noticed there is a SyntaxHighlighter folder with files in the documentation. How do i get this to work?


Hi Giles,

Sorry for my late reply. I was on holiday in China the last month. I am glad to hear you like it! :)

The `SyntaxHighlighter` in the `Documentation` folder is for the documentation and can not be integrated in the myCode system without custom work at this time.

I am planning on including functions like file renaming and SyntaxHighlighting in a future version. If you would like to include these functions yourself and would like some help or would like me to do this for you, you can contact me through my profile page.

Hi, I’m running the script on a sub-domain and I only want people to be able to browse a single folder directory not my entire “Public_html” directory how can I resolve this?

Hey xron25,

If you want to change the root directory something in the code needs to be changed. If you want me to do this for you or you would like some help with this you can send me an email through my profile page.


Any plans for Syntax Highlighting?

Also to “Save As” a new file name, instead of overwrite?

Add comments to file.

Add comments to folder.

See history of file edit dates and times and name.

After edit and overwrite. Have ability to revert to previous version.

The “Back to file list” should be a normal button. It is quite hard to see to be honest. Not very obvious on a 27” monitor.

Nice one.


Sorry for the late reply. I have been quite busy lately. Those are some good feature requests! I will process them if I create a next update.

Sorry was that “If you update…” or “When you update…”??

Keep up the great work.

Hi FlipMad,

Unfortunately that is IF I would update myCode in the future, The product has been on CodeCanyon for a while now and updating the product would require a full rewrite of the code. This is something I don’t think I have time for in the near future due to other projects.

I do however give full support for the current myCode so feel free to contact me through my profile page for help me at any time. :)

It would be REALLY nice to add a rename and move commands as it is the only thing bogging the script from my use.

It’s not bad and it is graphically stunning, but those two features are absolute must haves.

Thanks, and I hope you are able to help me out.

Hi Phersyn,

Can you send me a message through my profile over here. We’ll work something out. :)

Hi, wonderful script!

I was wondering if the login system can easily be removed? We already use a login system and would like to incorporate your script into our backend.

Thank you!

Can’t believe I just saw this now, anyway in case you are still interested, no its not difficult at all, just a matter of adding one line per user to the login file.

yes i am still interested, thanks

oh and the demo is still down :(

Preview not working

Hi Lex111, There was a server change recently. I’ll have a look. Thanks for telling! ;)

Hi, demo dont work…

Fixed ;)

Hi kvendrik,

Look beautiful and I would love to run it. However I downloaded it thinking that it was able to connect to a remote FTP server due to the title.

Is there any way to do this?

Hi Nathum,

No it’s unfortunately not. If you send me an email through my profile page I can give you a refund if you want.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

The source-code of MyCode can be copied out of the Demo after you login… for free… >:) I’m pretty sure that’s not intended… or at least, it shouldn’t be. Also, for such a “simple” app, the price is just too high.

I’m not buying, only passing you this information.

Thanks for the info xewl, I’ll look into it.

Hello can I please get a refund, the title said FTP but there is no FTP capability it is just local files.


Sure thing, send me a private message on my profile and I’ll look into refunding your purchase right away.

Hi, it have CHMOD to can add permission on folders/files??

Sorry I’m afraid that is not possible with the current version.