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Well done, looks great! :)

Thanks :-).

I am looking for a theme with a simple category page showing many products in a small horizontal space.

part number – small pic – short description – $ – input quantity box part number – small pic – short description – $ – input quantity box part number – small pic – short description – $ – input quantity box part number – small pic – short description – $ – input quantity box ... about 50 / page

I am selling aluminum extrusions with about 50 items in a specific category / aluminum system.

I’d prefer for there to be only 1 add to cart button at the bottom. My customers are going to be purchasing an average of 10 items all with varying quantities. 1, 5 , 12 , 150

I want to avoid bulky product blocks. I’d like it to list in the simplest form: basically like an excel spreadsheet.

I’ve been working with magento, but I don’t care about the platform.


Thanks for your coment,
I think that's this module not helpful for those case.
I suggest that's begin from scratch, it's easy to maintain by you.


very good work ;) i wish you all the best for your sales !

Thank you very much :-)

Thank you very much :-)

How to print case when create completed ?


Thanks for your coment, This is a version jQuery of plugin mycase that’s allow to store image in your server. If you wat to print image, you need to find it on your server and print it manually.

A version of prestashop is available at codecanyon if you want to manage the plugin from the backoffice :


safari problem :( click step 1 loading…... no step 2



No, in mycase.js


Hello, i just increased uploaded file mb.When i capture with iphone 6s backside camera turning empty picture on the screen but when i after capture a picture there isnt any problem whats the main point of that problem?

Hi again, I’m having a small problem in my back office.

Sometime in the customized order description, the small preview and the show product infos button is replaced by a line of text like “Texte n°1 cc_1461295647” . It often happen when the user is just adding one image and no text. Thanks


Can you send me your acccess backoffice and ftp for I can check an you fixe this issue


Hi again, I sent the access details through the contact form, hope you got it (and sorry i posted on the wrong comment page as it was about the customizer plugin)

Are you able to customize this jquery plugins so it has an admin portal and can customize other item besides phone/tablets? If yes could you PM a quote?



Thanks for your comment, We have already a version with admin panel under prestashop here : Also availabe module that’s can be used for all product here :


Thanks, I’m aware of the prestashop versions but my eCommerce platform doesn’t run on prestashop so a php version of the customizer with admin is what i’m looking for. Is this something you can implement. If yes we can discuss on a quote. Thanks

Dear Sir I Am Developing E-commerce in Will this jQuery Work for My Project


Thanks for your message,
Yes you can integrate it on your project as basic programming, and you need to develop following process (add to your cart, store in page order, ...), 
 See the version of prestashop for inspiration.


Hello, How do I increase the upload size size and how do I increase the resolution of the output image? my printing service recommends a higher resolution.


In js/mycase.js line 172 : increase the condition : else if (uploadFile.size > 2000000) { // 2mb
In this script, I save image normal size * 2, aproximatically 16cm in the width, I think if you save more then size you will still a lot of time during store image into your server.
The best way is the save all information about the design into your server and on your backoffice you get those information and create the design with the scale what's you need

You can contact me via profile page I will you send a demo backoffice prestashop for order page with information already stored for inspiration on your project.


Hi, we love your module. We would like to have an extra filter before the 1st step, to select the brand phone, and the 2nd step of the model. 1.- Select brand (iphone, samsung, htc, huawei) 2.- Select model (huawey honor, huawei p9, huawei p9 Lite) 3.- ......the same.

Could you develop this for us? Could you send a budget? Thanks.


Thanks for you message,
Yes it's possibe,
Contact me via profile page for I can you communicate the budget.
Note that is just a jquery version so you need to integrate it under your cms.


Hello, Is there a working version that was added at the ?

Yes the version jquery is compatible with as base. You need to develop the process to add to cart, checkout, backoffice,..


I wanted to ask exactly as image loading , such as recording the events (uploadhandler.php instead uploadhandler.ashx ) did not have a working version of with c# ?

good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales

Thank you very much :-).

Very cool! Good luck!

Thank you :-)

can you help me to testing

why when add to cart after is stop on 100% cant display the layout

yes thx for support, but is feel output the file speed look as slow, but some time also cant output, still is save as 100%

Yes because, it’s store a big image into your server, so your server must be good.

Thank you,

1. another question for the Instagram upload is need setting own API ?

2. this jquery the client selection the model n casing type how to checking when the output to jpg?

3. can resetting the JPG save file to high resolution like 300dpi ?

can I customize this and use it for hats?