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Nice script =)

One thing that you should change is on the ajax demo, if you have text on the input field and click on refresh it should clean the input field too =)

Hi BrunoG
Glad you like :) Check demo again.

good job i like your style we can tak on msn ?

We don’t have msn (yet), but you can send us an email through our profile page :)

Nice one! Good luck with the sales!

Thank you!.

Can I adjust how often new images are generated?

I tested the demo, and refreshed and I noticed that the captchas stayed the same. I have a site where my current captcha does this too, and does not generate anew on every reload, and I still get spam coming through my contact form.

Can these captchas be changed so that on every reload, it’s a new captcha that would need to be entered?

I’m not a programmer, are there instructions on adding these to a simple login and password form, or a “forgot password” form?

These types of fields are being abused on one of my sites, but have never “attached” captcha code to any forms before.

Any info you can provide me with, as I am looking for something very similar or depending on your answers, exactly like this code.


Hi Gutspiller
First page of demos is cached for 5 minutes to render fast.
Implement in any form is very easy, you can refer to AJAX demo (included), Also if you need any help just send us an email, we glad to help you.

I tried to install this an the CSS messed up the rest of the site…

Any fixes..

I tried installing on existing website unsuccessfully..

need advice.. if possible.. here is site.

Warning: imagecreatefromstring(): Empty string or invalid image in….......\we\captcha\inc\myCaptcha.class.php on line 377

Warning: imagedestroy() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in….....\we\captcha\inc\myCaptcha.class.php on line 383

whats the best way to fix this errors?

can i use this to re captcha any captcha site ?