myCaptcha - Human Verificator w/ Dictionary Maker

myCaptcha - Human Verificator w/ Dictionary Maker

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myCaptcha is a Powerful Human Verification framework who make your site “bots safe” by adding A Touring Test to prevent SPAM, Repeated Actions or just to verify Intelligence.

Includes a Dictionary Maker and qrCode Helper!

Main Features:

  • Easy to implement.
  • Dictionary Maker.
  • Use an array as challenge or data from Database.
  • qrCode Helper, scan to see challenge.
  • Custom Fonts.
  • Custom Patterns, use only the Chars you want, even from non-Latin!
  • Use directly on your PHP files or html.
  • Return as Image or base64 encoded Image.
  • Multi instance.
  • Use Different challenges / dictionaries for each user!
  • Use custom Backgrounds or Solid Colors.
  • Highly Configurable: From the Angle to Size.
  • Wave effect to Text, Image or Both.
  • Fully AJAX Support, demo INCLUDED!
  • 3 Dictionaries Included with more than 50000 words!
  • Clean design.
  • OOP code.
  • 5 minutes deployable.

What you get out of the box:

  • myCaptcha framework
  • Full documentation
  • Dictionary Maker
  • Full AJAX Example
  • 12 Configuration Examples.
  • 3 Dictionaries with more than 50000 words.
    • Default dictionary
    • Iliad by Homer – dictionary
    • Alice in Wonderland – dictionary


    • PHP 5x
    • GD
    • CURL


    Live Demostration:

    Have new ideas?

    If you have some ideas, reqs or want a new feature use the comments tab or send us an email through profile page.