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Great app like all your work … i need it in swift :)

Thank you I Appreciate it. If there are more people requesting swift version I will consider something. Thank you again !

Great start.. I kept looking for the post option under “my blog” rather then the profile section. It seems more natural to add a post from “my blog” then the profile. Just an opinion.

In the post full view, how can I change the look of the text box outline? I don’t see a storyboard for this page. Thanks .

There is a xib files please see them :) Thank you for your advice

is it possible to review an user/author its post first, so I can decide if I want it published or not?

If possible, I’ll buy :)

Yes it is possible but it requires a little bit custom customizations :)

Hi Vik,

I am very interested to purchase but not sure how I can get this up and running is this documented or can you help?

Yes it is well documented.

Looks good! Do you offer customization services? Do you work with web based sites as well?

Hello, yes we offer customization services. For the sites that depends please contact me via my email todorov.vg@gmail.com

What has changed in update?

iOS 9 support

Hi, I have pre-sales question, So if i write something in the category, it will show up to the public for everyone? or do they need to follow you ?

any appstore example?

It will be visible for everyone(public)

a little question, what benefit for developer and what benefit for blogger ?

The benefit for the developer is the money obviously and the benefit for the blogger is, that he can style the MyBlog theme to match his needs and provide a better experience to the readers who use mobile phones.

Will you be updating this since Parse (it’s backend) no longer works?


SnDer Purchased

When will there be an fix for the Parse backend?