MyBlog Multi Purpose iOS Theme

MyBlog Multi Purpose iOS Theme

Turn your blog into a top-grossing app!

This template has everything you need:

  • login with e-mail or Facebook (and a button to try the app without an account)
  • buttons for all of your content: social links, news, photos, and more
  • search comments, view newsfeed and adjust settings
  • create, edit and delete posts directly in the app
  • Instagram-style like and comment features
  • Tinder-style swiping cards to skip, like or dislike
  • users can follow authors

Please e-mail us with requests for improvements. We want to make this app the best it can possibly be!

Blogging and content marketing are huge.

Search Google for advice on growth hacking through blogging.

Having an app to host your content adds professionalism, and sets your blog apart from the competition.

Stand out with a beautifully designed interface.

  • works on all iOS 10 devices
  • 64-bit compatible
  • built on Cocoa with Objective C and Parse backend
  • intuitive user experience
  • animated transitions

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