myAuth -Powerful Auth tools w/ encrypted Cookies

myAuth -Powerful Auth tools w/ encrypted Cookies

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myAuth is a powerful Authorization toolbox bundled with 7 full working solutions; We’ve focused in create an app where the most important is “Safe Authorize”. What kind stuff can I protect? -pages, apps, even photos.

Crafted with beautiful OOP code, and powered by PHP 5x, We’ve created a monster!

Main Features:

  • Robust encryption system.
  • Automatically redirects.
  • Automatically detects AJAX or Non-AJAX calls.
  • myAuth is secured by Encrypted cookies.
  • Unique HASH, prevent cookies replication!
  • Custom security HASH.
  • 2 types of Encryption: MD5 or SHA1.
  • Detect Automatically cookie changes and deAuth!
  • Authorize per time basis: seconds to years!
  • Forced Auth.
  • Custom paths.
  • Custom unique HASH generator.
  • Easily Integrates on any System.
  • Protect everything you want, even photos!
  • No database needed!
  • 7 Fully working solutions, ready to be implemented (see documentation).
  • Full and Clean OOP code (and well documented).
  • 5 minutes deployable.

Some cool ideas?

  • Use in a redirection service.
  • Authorize users for use your API
  • Allow view a page for just certain time.
  • Force users to visit certain page before show a content.
  • Click per download systems.
  • Follow / like / +1 to grant access or downloads.
  • Make expirable urls.
  • Bypass, first visit this link to grant access to that one.
  • Protect images!
  • When you share an image you can force user to view another page before go main article.
  • Avoid Hotlink.
  • Secure Login systems.
  • Pay per view systems.
  • Tracking systems.
  • As authorization tool for mobile apps.
  • To share links.
  • Make authorizations via post/get.
  • Make authorizations via AJAX.
  • And more…

What you get out of the box:

  • myAuth OOP Class
  • Full documentation
  • 7 Fully Working Solutions:
    • Complete AJAX Login system
    • Granting access via post method.
    • Granting access via get method.
    • Protecting Images
    • Bypass to local urls
    • Bypass to remote urls
    • Click Twitter button to Auth


    • php 5.3.x


    Live Demostration:

    Have new ideas?

    If you have some ideas, reqs or want a new feature use the comments tab or send us an email through profile page.