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Hi there,

I have a few questions for you. I can’t seem to get the fullscreen option to work. It doesn’t seem to be an option at all. Also, is there a page template to choose from for the Arcade? I have it as our regular page, which renders the same sidebar as I have on non-arcade pages, instead of gaming scores and such. Would you also know how to change the background?

Thanks very much!


please send me your URL via our contact form:


I am interested in the plugin but I wonder if you have games for adult audiences that can be integrated into a site that niche



we don’t offer any adult games but there are some sources available on the internet.

Hi all,

we have updated the plugin and added a lot of new features. Enjoy!

Hi! I just recently purchased your Pro Package and seem to be having a problem after uploading a bunch of games. I’m getting some coding errors. If I buy this plugin will it fix these errors?

Oh, so it looks like it’s more fun stuff to add to the plugin but it doesn’t seem to address why I’m getting theme striking theme errors. I certainly don’t mind investing more in the plugin because so far it seems really great. But I want to make sure I’m not going to have future problems such as the error codes I’m getting before I make any future investments. Can you help or send me in the right direction in order to get these errors fixed please? btw – it seems the errors only show in my Internet Explorer… the game thumbnails show fine in my Mozilla. help please! :)

Hi. The errors are caused by your theme “striking_r/framework/functions/common.php”. I would recommend you to contact the theme developer.

Thank you, I will!

I’m having some trouble setting up the theme integration. I got it installed and thought I had set it up correctly but no games display on the page I selected to display games on. Here is the URL

Also when I go to the actual game post there’s a description but I can’t find a way to actually play the games.


Please check your inbox. :)

Best regards, Daniel

Hi, Can I create several pages and display a category on a specific page? Does this work with visual composer?


Currently that’s not possible. Maybe we will extend the shortcode function to make it possible. If Visual Composer supports custom post types then it should work. We did not test it with Visual Composer, yet.

Hello, I Installed the plugin smoothly and followed the installation info but:

- new published games don’t appear in the homepage while they should be there as new posts. This is due to the fact that in “MyArcade” Settings I had to choose “game” as “post type” which is not recognized by Wordpress as an oridinary “post”. How can I exactly fix that?

- when organizing the Main Manu I can only add the “page” created to make the plugin work. If I try to add the parent category where all the games categories should appear below it as sub-categories, nothing appears. I thinks this happens for the same reason above: post type “game” not recognized as a “post”.

I need your support, many thanks regards


1. MyArcadeTheme Integration plugin offers you a shortcode which you can use to display games. If you want to display games on your front page then navigate to Settings -> Reading, select your arcade page as static front page.

2. Could you please send me your URL and your WordPress login to check this. Please use the contact form on our site to submit your data.

Best regards, Daniel

Hi I didn’t notice you replied me, sorry.

Well, my website/blog has several types of posts, so I can’t show only game posts on my homepage like it should happen by following your step one (1.) above.

I’m going to send you the access to my website, so you can take a look. Many thanks :)

Hello Alex,

I checked your site and noticed that you have already tried to display game posts by adding a new function to your functions.php. The function was correct but you forgot to add a filter to call that function. I added the following line below your function and now games are displayed on your front page:

add_filter( ‘pre_get_posts’, ‘add_post_types_to_loop’ );


Hello. When you update this plugin? PHP7 , responsive grid col- etc

the full screen mode isn’t working. Don’t buy it!

Hi, what issue do you have with the full screen? Please send us your URL to be able to check it.

when i upload theme my wordpress site error

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

Hello. This is not a theme, it’s a plugin. Navigate to Plugins page and install it again.

Best regards, MyArcadePlugin Support

Hi. I left a message on your site about two carefree installations I require, with specific questions -could you please get back to me? :) Thanks Lior