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to reskin and open the project you need Unity3D ?

no just eclipse :)


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hi how to remove this ads is not admob banner please give me the way show the pic http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=428191681.png

that’s a startapp banner ads. send me your project by email i will remove it and replace with admob banner. send your project to this email : bendaouedwalid@gmail.com

Where i can edit startapp id or to remove it? When i edit in strings.xml old startapp id do not be replaced.

- go to values -> string.xml <string name=”StartApp_ID”>208056374</string> - replace ” 208056374 ” with your ID. - to get a startapp ads ID , sign in http://portal.startapp.com/


After import, your test admob it’s show but when I change to my admob id, my ads not show!!

some time ads not showing due to slow connection … don’t worry just be sure that you put admob banner ID in banner ID value and interstitial too.

I sure, I put admob id in banner ID and interstitial correct and i try to run app many time, still not showing. it’s 2 hour ago…


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Hi, I brought and imported with Android Studio but run failed, Have you ever tested with Android Studio latest version?

Hello the game was builded using eclipce do you have eclipce in your Pc ?


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hi, link you provide in your document is the link to download Android Studio, Google not support eclipce anymore. and I don’t have eclipse in my PC

Okay dont worry i will make an android studio version for you ..... send me email here : bendaouedwalid@gmail.com i will mail you the project :)

hi I’m el mahdi, i send you message in Gmail.

Startapp ads not working what I can do to contact the support please

do you change the ID correctly

Yes, I put my ip that contains 9 numbers

like this one: 208264897

App ID: 208264897

I only replace this code where you showing in the documentation, I need to do something else?

you dont need to change any code just replace the value from value.xml .


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Hi Please I want to delete Hair 4 and 5 and 6 , & some clothes how can I ?

please delete the last comment who include the link


fatouha Purchased

please are you fix my project ?

you make too many wrong modifications in the game layout, tell me which items you want to delete


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Hi wissly I put admob id in banner ID and interstitial correct also my ads id for Startapp ads, and i try to run app many time, still not showing. it’s 8 hour ago…

Hello this may happen because the ads fill rate in your country is too low you can test the test ID to check that my project work correctly Admob_Banner_ID >ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111


Hi, is this available in Android Studio yet?

hello, it will work fine.