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Before You Buy I want to ask Can you run Internet pages through assets

Can you put Internet pages inside assets And run through it and without Internet

No, that support is not yet there. Actually that means we have to sync and download all files in local folder and run without internet. That is different thing and that will cost you. Please email me vishbodkhe@gmail.com

I try apk but no support for upload image

The final apk will work as like demo. Thanks

Hello, can I get the source code are already using android studio, because the eclipse is nolonger used for android application development. thanks.

Hello, can I get the package/source code are already using android studio, because the eclipse is nolonger used for android application development, or can you help me export project to android studio. thanks.

Hello, the item is in Eclipse only. I have not yet ported it on Studio Development project. I have not yet started working on Studio. I cannot say when I can help you on this. I think you please try with Studio tutorial. Thanks

Is there an Arabic language

Sorry, no Arabic language added. If you want to add you can add translation file or contact me for services.

is it supported for offline pages???

Hey Vishal, Im trying to get the offline pages to work but its not saving them. Is there a cache size setting somewhere that I need to look at?

The offline pages should be in assets folder, there is no requirement of saving and etc.

ohhh, you know what, I think I’m using an older rev of the app. I’ve sent you an email. Could you please read through it and confirm that you have it. Thanks.

I am frustrated with this because already for weeks and still not solve the problems I thought I was ready to customize

So what you need? It is ready and lot customers live with this template. What problems you are facing. Customization is very easy to do and if you are trying a lot in, you will face the problems for sure. Please let me know your problems.

Does the web app allows microphone access and do recording of audio through the web view itself?

I think, you need to try by downloading demo apk and entering your website url to check.

do you also have it for ios

Sorry. It is not for iOS.

O ok i was asking cause on this one i seen the main image you have to promote this product is in a iPhone.. So i thought it was also for ios…