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Can each channel deliver multiple streams?

No. one channel shows one stream. thank you.

Can I live stream my own show? Thanks in advance!

Yes sure you can live stream your own show. It needs to be .m3u8 format for further info please read apple’s official documentation: https://developer.apple.com/streaming/

Do you know how I can stream live video?

hello i have very limited knowledge on server side but there are tons of information on internet about Http Live Streaming.

Can I use this to display my youtube channel and my playlists?

Hello. No you cannot display your youtube channel. You can only display official Apple streaming for format HLS (http live streaming .m3u8 or .ts ) please refer to https://developer.apple.com/streaming/

Hello, CNN, MTV and popular channels it’s not violate property rights, i mean if i use them in the app this is not reject by apple?

Apple definitely reject them. As i mentioned on product details with capital letters those channels are only for demonstration purpose. you need to own content rights to publish.

Hi, is it possible to add an rss feed to it? Use it like an EPG (TV Guide) so one channel and an EPG.

Hello. Currently there is no RSS Feed support. Thank you very much.

Ok thank you! And do you know if it’s even possible to create this?

it is not on my agenda currently but definitely i noted your feedback i will take a looking to it in future releases.

Doesn’t work in Xcode 7.2 . If I add or edit more channel list along with logos it doesn’t work!

Thank you author, you solved my problem. excellent assistance! :)

you are welcome. thank you very much for purchasing my code.

can channels.plist be stored online for easier edit?

how the channels logos added? local assets? Thanks.

Hello. It is really simple. You just import your graphics into project.

Hello I added Parse.com support. Now you can remotely edit/change/update all of the channels. Once it is approved you can download new version from code canyon.

how to test myTV in Apple Tv and how to export ipa ?

i just post an update i can be live in 48 hours. there were problem with Parse.com library it would not compile for Apple TV hardware with this update you would be able to generate .ipa and test on your Apple TV. If you are asking how to generate .ipa in general you can find answer here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4711586/how-to-make-an-ipa-file

Thank you Can I change the link format to .ts ?

Yes you can try to change to .ts if its protocol is Http Live Streaming and codec is supposed by Apple.

why i get a error when i transfer “my tv” to Appel tv “linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)” app working fine in simulator


Problem solved. Thank you for your help

you are welcome. thank you for letting me know.

Hi you have to use the mouse or you can also use the remote control of the TV can answer thanks

hello this is tvOS source code. it uses Apple TV remote. Thanks.

Parse.com is out of biz what’s the alternative – can i just use dropbox to save the plist file?

Hello I will move to another provided (Backendless.com) it is almost identical to Parse.com. I will provide another version which will have playlist parsing functionality. you will not need to provide every single channel URL but you will provide only provide a text file (m3u8 playlist file ) and code will automatically parse all channels. Stay tuned in. i will provide update to the code within 2 weeks.

ok thanks

do you plan picture in picture? it nice if you are zapping:)

Thank you very much for the feed back. there is no feature of picture in picture down to road for now.

Whats the status of the backendless.com update, i’m just waiting on that to summit my app… thanks

Hello I made a new version with back4app.com which uses open source Parse server software as backend. This version is grabs m3u8 playlist and automatically parse channels inside. there is no tutorial yet how to make set up but it is almost identical with Parse.com. drop me an email: bpolat@live.com i can prove you this version which is not ready for code canyon final update.

ok thanks i just sent u an email…

Hi Author I just bought the Code but I just saw in comments that you not support you tube videos to play in the app? is it right? My channel is already listed on Apple tv 4 and its public. but What I want is to have my you tube which is only my own contents I upload with same channel name. I want to have viewers choice ether they can watch my tv live or they can watch the shows or any production done by my TV Channel from you tube account. so how I can do that if this is not the solution its for me no use at all. thank you.

Hello this is for live tv broadcasting which uses Apple’s standard https://developer.apple.com/streaming/ YouTube has own broadcasting system and currently there is no official support and SDK for youtube for tvOS. I made a limited supported youtube player you can check from here : http://codecanyon.net/item/youtube-player-for-tvos-/14585414

Hi, Is it possible to add color change on select? Like when I move to the next channel the menu cell for that channel becomes a bit darker. So its clear its selected? Now its hard to see what is selected.(white on white background.) Thx for your support. DD

I will take a look at the code you have and make the changes.

Interested in this template. Question – I want to sell advertising on my channel. Do you have a version of this or some code we can use that supports preroll ads for each video on the channel?

no .there is no ad support. thank you.

Author , I’m interested in the script for personal and family use, I recognize that I have little or no knowledge of programming , I see any comments on the description of the script so that I can use without publishing it in the iOS store ! It is right? by the comments I’ve read is practically change the playlist or .ts m3u8 sources ? I need some more knowledge ? to study .. sorry for my English (use google translator )

hello you need to know little bit of knowledge to use it. thank you.

Hi, can this version support Tv OS10? and swift3? Thank

hello,No yet but i am planing to update in couple of weeks. thank you.

Hi, will this project get a swift 3 update soon? xcode won’t compile it in the current syntax.

hello yes i will update in a week. thank you very much

Awesome, thanks.

Hello, i submitted updated code to codecanyon. it will be approved soon. have a great day.

Hi there, any plans for an android version?

Hello, No plan for android. Thank you.