Discussion on My Social Network for iOS (Enhanced version)

Discussion on My Social Network for iOS (Enhanced version)

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good afternoon, there is the link for android the demo, and another thing is it possible to add video call

Hi I’m interested is purchasing however before I do all the issues Ndugutse1987 raised in the whole thread above have the been resolved ?


In the latest update, authorization was rewritten and now it complies with Apple’s rules (although it did not violate the rules before). The account deletion function has also been rewritten to comply with GDPR rules.

Hi author, I have purchased your item, I have a questioni: of I want to translate the app where can I find the translation file ? Thank you in advance


Better yet, do it like this:

I’m asking for how to translate iOS enhanced app not for Android

file “Localizible.strings” also ”*.storyboard” files

hello, can i have your skype contact ?

Apple has refused to accept my app because of its sign up and login design

If you need a refund – make a request!

Whether you are looking for another application, buying an island or becoming the king of England – I don’t care and don’t need it!

If you have questions about my project – write it, but I’m not interested in anything else!

Why you don’t know how to talk with people ,if you be come rich who can talk again


I’ve seen at least 2 copies of this app in the Apple Store (several people got a copy of this app a few months ago), so I’m not interested in “Apple refused” messages! Apple is a huge problem! Even elementary things, such as setting up push notifications for ios, are comparable in complexity to the construction of the pyramids in Egypt!

We’re looking forward to completing our review, but we are unable to continue because your app crashed during review. Please review the details below and the attached crash logs, then complete the next steps.

Steps leading to crash:

1. Open the app. 2. Enter demo credentials. 3. Tap on Login. 4. App crashes.

Review device details:

- Device type: iPad - OS version: iOS 16.4.1

Next Steps

1. Fully symbolicate the crash report. See Adding Identifiable Symbol Names to a Crash Report. 2. Match the crash report to a common pattern. Based on the pattern, take specific actions to further investigate the crash. See Identifying the Cause of Common Crashes. 3. Once you’ve identified the root causes of the crash, make the appropriate changes to the binary to resolve the issue. 4. Test your app on a device to ensure that it runs as expected. 5. Create and submit a new build for review.


- For more information on crash reports, see Diagnosing Issues Using Crash Reports and Device Logs. - To learn about troubleshooting networking issues, see About Networking.

Guideline 4.0 – Design

Your app offers Sign in with Apple as a login option but does not follow the design and user experience requirements for Sign in with Apple. Specifically:

- Your app requires users to provide their name and/or email address after using Sign in with Apple. This information is already provided by the Authentication Services framework.

- Your app requires users to provide or create a password after using Sign in with Apple. Account authentication is handled by the Authentication Services framework and it is not necessary to use passwords.

These requirements provide the consistent experience users expect when using Sign In with Apple to authenticate or log in to an account.

Next Steps

Please revise the Sign in with Apple experience in your app to address the issues we identified above.


- To learn more about App Store design requirements, see App Store Review Guideline 4 – Design. - For an overview of design and formatting recommendations for Sign in with Apple, review the Human Interface Guidelines.

Please see attached screenshot for details. iOS App 1.0App Version Rejection Reasons: 2.1.0 Performance: App Completeness

4.0.0 Design: Preamble

Rejection Attachments:

am waiting before in codecanon, For are the only outhor who update both ios and android at the same time, others take long to update their ios apps

Rewriting the function of creating an account without a password with the generation of a random login is not a problem and does not take much time. but it will not be pretty and authorization will depend on Apple..

Perhaps next week I will change the authorization function in the version for Android, iOS and on the site .. My new project will be based on this code and there I want to make Google Login and Apple Login the main registration method, creating a password and adding email will be optional and only if the user wishes to do so

Ok great, l will wait, and thank for always Updating both android and ios

I’m interested however, you answered the above about deleting the users account by saying there’s a deactivate function.

However apples guidelines mandate a delete account feature, does this app have this?


1) I haven’t seen such rules from Apple) Yes, and somehow it’s funny, for example: how can Apple check my database?)

When publishing an application, you have to answer a lot of questions about what data and how you use it, but I didn’t see anything about deleting an account … Yes, and deactivation and deletion are the same in essence, just a different name.

2) I already know that some users have successfully published this application in the Apple Store

3) My other apps are published in the Apple Store

4) You can rename this function whatever you like! I like “Deactivation”, but you can do “Delete data from servers in the oreon constellations”

I do not see any problem in this – you can change the name of the function in a minute …

Hi, like I said I want to purchase but from what I’ve read above it doesn’t meet the requirements section laid out in 5.1.1 clause 4 (v)

Please confirm if your app has this specific function, from what you wrote it appears it allows the user to simply deactivate there account retaining there account if they wish to return?!

I know about the GDPR policy and my project does not violate it

The project was created many years ago and not a single buyer has written me anything like this on this subject yet.

None of my applications have been rejected for this reason yet.

You also need to provide users with information about this, like this (this is the default in this project):

Even this is enough to pass moderation in the Apple Store and Google Play

The GDPR policy does not create rules on how this should be done, but requires you to explain to users how this can be done, as well as what information you collect, for example:

l have bought this to work with my android, l hope is has account delete for ios users

Okay good

Phone number verification is not working, l can get the code but not working


There were people here who tried to upload php files to google play and then wrote to me – “not working”

There may be several reasons for this and there is no point in guessing – see the log in xcode during debugging for more information

Is this ios only and if so can it work with my social network android, does ios had delete account

But my developer said that they are animation ,that is not simple to change them

I don’t use gif files! All icons are in png format and there are no animations!

Ok thank you


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