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Webi1978 Purchased

it’s related to gradle in your app : WARNING: The option ‘android.enableAapt2’ is deprecated and should not be used anymore.


Webi1978 Purchased

Oter developer can help without any problem . Thanks dude Enjoy your life


Webi1978 Purchased

if there is no issues you should be able to help because there is an issue with GRADLE file.

This is not a problem “with GRADLE file” !!!

This information messages, that by the end of 2018 you need to make changes to the configuration gradle!

Please stop lying and write nonsense!


Webi1978 Purchased

I will record a video step by step including fresh install adnroid and will send you that later

I deny you any support, for the reason: insults (in the previous comments).

If I once again see your comments with insults – I’ll ask Envato about your lock.

Tip: Also do not forget to send a copy of the video to Donald Trump

Have a good day


Webi1978 Purchased

No worries. I will contact envato now to tell them how bad you are and ignoring me to provide a support. Remember I bought over 500 apps on envato so I don’t think so the will block me.

You can buy a million applications and also report it to Donald Trump and Harry Potter, but this does not give you the right to write insults, lie and create spam!

Also, no one is obliged to answer you instantly! You buy the code, but not the time of the other person!

You are denied support because of: insults and lies!

I hope that I will not see your comments any more.

Sorry for my English. Have a good day.


Webi1978 Purchased

Call logged with ENVATO.

Hi there,

This is an automated response to let you know that we’ve received your request. Your ticket id is 1114498.

One of our team (not a robot) will assess your ticket shortly and assign it to the right team so they can assist you.

Please do not submit multiple tickets for the same request, as this does not result in a faster response time.

Have you tried searching our Help Center?

Kind Regards The Envato Market Help Team

Excuse me, Why do you create these “meaningless” comments?

What’s the point in this comment ???

I think that such comments are relevant in a personal twitter account or on Facebook – here is why?

Do you like creating spam?

Sorry for my English.


Webi1978 Purchased

I don’t care now. Requested refund. and you all what I can say is FUCK OFF

Perfectly. Thanks for the comment.

Hi,can you provide us application structure.


Excuse me, how to understand “you provide us application structure”?

Hi, Its like if we want to add any functionality in future or some fields then the existing code will support or not .For example if i want to add queue related task then the existing code will support or not .

this is a joke?? that is, I have to guess what you want and say yes or no? dear, I sell the complete source code: what to add and how is your personal problem. will the code support your personal functions or not – it depends on the quality of the added code.

Вопрос возник Идентификатор продукта – ua.company.android.iap3 писать без пробела или с пробелом как на картинке? Как указано в 7 ответе? http://ifsoft.co.uk/help/how_to_add_google_in_app_purchase/ и сколько по времени вы ждете публикации в google play просто уже целый день жду мне все пишет Готовится к публикации

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Если через приложение регистрируешься то входит и на сайт и в приложение. Если на сайте зарегистрирован то не входит через приложение авторизация не работает!

При размещении поста видео с ютуба или ссылки сеть зависает ответь пожалуйста.

hi, i want to buy this app but i need to do some changes in it and add some more fields in database is it possible. And can i change the working flow as i want in this app

invalid username and password in the app (and i know it’s the correct password and username)


muelanews Purchased

this app DEAD?

Yes :)


muelanews Purchased

I realize and the competition every day stronger and we the buyers in the times of hi5 and World War

how to fix it — invalid username and password in the app (and i know it’s the correct password and username)

its true public static final String API_FILE_EXTENSION = ” ”; // Attention! Do not change the value for this constant!

Support only for buyers. Please stop writing this nonsense.

Thank you for understanding. Have a nice day.

I’ve managed to make this application, and I also have successfully installed the application, but when I try to enter into the application. I get a warning “Can not Connect To Server”

do you want to help me on this issue?

please help me for this issue :’(

Sorry, support only for costumers.


В 4.5 нет описания к видео. Или это готовиться в 4.6?

Какое описание к видео? О чем вы говорите?

Я скрин для чего прикрепил?

Описание к видео из YouTube

hey your app is wonderful.How to add search post ,based on post description(presently searching only username, name,email), as it is available market search(searching market item based on description). it would be great support.

Hi , am getting 500 error i have set everything correctly .

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi. A few presale questions: 1) I was unable to add a geolocation point to the publication, how to do it? 2) is it Possible for one post to attach a few photos? 3) the list of people is not displayed by distance? I just watched the people nearby and they seemed not to increase distance, can I something not so do?


More updates will be?

You have a very great product(stable, easy, fast)

Thank you!

HI ! I can only post 160 words on my website’s wall. how can I expand more place? thanks