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Jayanath Purchased

Hello brother…

1. It’s possible to improved chatting.. typing & Seen… 2. Application open Offline..


When will you stop writing the same comments ??

Excuse me, I will not answer this question from you again!

Everything has its time. Have a good day.


Jayanath Purchased


Links Preview in posts not working in my app.. how to fix this issue…

For the creation of “link preview” meets the code:

Sys / class / class.post.inc.php file

line from 84 to 116

There is no error in my code and it can not be!


You made a mistake in the code (changed the code) Incorrectly did one of the updates Your server prohibits the use of “file_get_contents” Service “https://api.urlmeta.org/?url” does not accept requests from your server.

In any case, my mistake is not here.

Have a good day.

Can we change admin panel link of this app Eg- www.example.com/admin/login To something else that we want

Support only for buyers.

Sorry, I will not write “how to do this”, because you can be making a purchase.

I have already purchased you have blocked me from commenting so I have to open this account and write a comment…

Dear, please do not write nonsense!

I can not block anyone! The authors do not have such an opportunity!

Have a good day.

Hi, where is the file to change time Ago strings? I cant locate it.


ty for your time!

I m jilim10 bro we have releation from one year you have to help me once how to change admin link and you can forgive me dear

1) I do not owe anything to anyone.

2) The person with the login “jilim10” is blocked by Envato because of: spam and multi-accounts.

Have a good day. Sorry, I no longer want to see your comments.

hello there, i am not an expert of android studio. would you show me how to customize the app if i buy or is there a good documentation for how to do it?

when is next update? And what will you add to the app?

This secret information :)

I never talk about it – everything will be clear when the update is published.

1. For 40$, do i get both IOS and Android versions of the app? 2. What about backend, same backend for IOS and Android? 3. And do I get livelong free updates after purchasing the apps?


zehco Purchased

Hi, First of all thanks for your nice work and secondly I need some help. When I post a video, from the the Feed page it doesn’t create any thumbnail or doesn’t fit to screen. But from the Profile page it’s completely fine. Is it me that making any mistake? Will wait for your reply.

It does not matter where (on which page) you create a post!

To create a post, there is only one function that does not depend on the location of the page.


Jayanath Purchased


Links Preview in posts not working in my app.. how to fix this issue…

You have problems??

I answered this question from you ten minutes ago

I will deny you support, for the reason: spam

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Excellent! Thank you!

From Admin link, how should i respond to support needed. I don’t see any option. Your support pls

There are no options and will not. The email of the user is displayed – respond to the user by email

helloo sir, I want to know that is ios app is also like android app?? i mean fast and smooth ??

hi, no problem with the performance of the iOS application.

thank you sir,


I try to install server app on my server. I have created a subdomain is ok? I saw that must be on root but all subdomains have own folder,

Thanks for support!