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i want to creat anonymous nearby social network , i can do this by your app ? how i can see demo anonymous app ?

always showing an error message “please check your connection”, please fix thia u have a good an application, but ur app performance is so bad, i think the server too small, or too many looping in ur code, Hard to open message I have fast connection wifi,but it still take lot of time loading message,how could it load so long when i dont have to wait for youtube? and the last update for anonymous app December 21, 2016!!, i am here to buy your app and not to play , your app not allow to me to join or login, you can see the reviews from people in play store !! if i am buying the app the problems will solve and when the last update for your app ?

Dear, I’m sorry, but I’m not at all interested in your opinion and the nonsense you wrote above! I will not “solve anything” and I do not plan an update for Anonymous Network in the next 400 years.

The question is closed. Have a good day.

How to add a multiplayer chat in massages???

and it is support RTL languages ?

При удаление поста с фотографией. Фотография с папки post не удаляется.

Для начала нужно понять, что посты не удаляются, а остаются в базе данных! Данные никогда не удаляютя, ни в одной социальной сети!

Как работает раздел “Люди рядом”, если требование дать разрешение на доступ к геолакации не происходит? Я создал 2 аккаунта. Местоположение между двумя регистрациями было около 5 км. В разделе ничего не отобразилось.

Данные геолокации для функции “люди рядом” берутся из приложений (iOS, android) и используются сайтом. Если вы создавали аккакунты с помощью вэб-версии – эти аккаунты не имеют геоданных и не участвуют в работе функции “Люди рядом”


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do you think to add a story feature? this answer is very important to me good work

sorry, but at the moment I do not plan on adding this feature. maybe in the future.


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are you planning to change the UI ? i mean more like using bottom and top navigation instead nav drawer, just like other social/chat app.


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Great, I can now see some improvements in the scripts as compared to early versions, as one of the user as suggested use of Bottom or Top Tabbed Navigation with Swipe capabilities would be a good idea in the UI changes. I also second him.

Now my question is, can I enable Admob Banner to show after a certain set of post intervals? Let’s say after every three posts the banner should appear.


Sorry, I’m not planning on doing a Facebook clone and copying navigation from Facebook. I want my project to have some kind of personality. The application will continue to evolve and improve.

Now (by default) AdMob banner appears after every 20 posts (for example: after 1, after 21, after 31, etc.), if you do this after every 3 – AdMob will block you and your application. You can not display a lot of ads on one page! I chose the optimal option, about which I wrote above.

Thanks for the comment.


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I want close some modules (ex: market stream). Can i do like network pro?


The easiest way is to delete the links to these sections from the side menu. How to edit the side menu – read the documentation. Be very careful – you can mess up the navigation!


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Thanks for fast support ;)


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Can i free gift module? (Sorry i can edit price. I seen, now)

how i can test the other social networks?

Как убрать поддержку Emoji из базовых данных пользователя? например у fullname

Редактируйте базу данных с помощью phpMyAdmin – изменяйте кодировку нужного поля в таблице

Hello, do you intend to launch some feature like: LIVE TRANSMISSION, STORIES, REACTIONS (loved, funny, grrr, etc.)?

Thank you!

I want to add functions: the launch of nuclear missiles, the management of the space station, etc. :)

Maybe I will add in future updates.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.


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Нашел баг. Выполни эти действия и ты его увидишь своими глазами.

Отправь пользователю 50 РАЗНЫХ подарков, потом зайди к нему в в подарки. И нажми “Показать ещё” там там подгрузятся 20 подарков, а с ними ещё 20 повторных и рядом с именем и фамилией появится маркер li (точка) Проблема: При нажатие “Показать ещё” подгрузка выполняется неправильно.

Речь идёт о Web My Social Network.

Файл “html\profile\page.gifts.inc.php”, в строке 281, изменить “response.html” на “response.banner”


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Hello, Quick one, how do i change the images on the homepage


Dear, can you explain in more detail ???

What kind of project is it? Are you talking about the web version or the application ??

I’m not a clairvoyant and do not read people’s thoughts. Thank you for understanding.

I mean on the website, how do i change the homepage image on the website- MySocial Network script

You need edit files “html\main.inc.php”, “public\img\index_bg.png” and “public\css\homepage.css”

I have purchased My Social Network (App and Website), while installing in server i have observed that install.php file is missing in Server Part folder, colud you please help me to configure this application in server.

Excuse me, what kind of answer are you waiting for ???

Dear, “Network Pro” and “My Social Network” are different projects that are not compatible and use different server parts, etc.

Each project has its own documentation! If you install “Network Pro” – use the documentation for “Network Pro”, if you install “My Social Network” – use the documentation for “My Social Network”!

Please stop writing nonsense about “index.php”!

The reasons for your problem I wrote to you earlier!

If you have a work server part from “Network Pro”, but the server part of “My Social Network” does not work – this again proves this:

1) Perhaps you are using nginx Server (hosting) – to run the script you need Apache server

2) Perhaps you did not upload the .htaccess files to the hosting

3) Perhaps the mod_rewrite module is not installed on your server or does not work

The question is closed. Have a good day.

Dear Author, I have purchased your app, simply not asking your help, i have some common understanding about application, i’m following your document. I hope there is some gap in document and provided files, kindly cross check the same.

Thanks , its my bad without verify i purchased your app,

Dear, there are no gaps in the documentation, and all the files are included in the archive!

I wrote to you the possible reasons for your problem above!

Hi qascript,

I have purchased My Social Network (App and Website). As per the documentation I followed the steps to install both Website and Mobile App. Server side is working fine. But in the Mobile App I’m getting error.

1. When I sign up, the user is created but its not redirected to the next page still remains in sign up page. I verified the database, user is created.

2. Following the above issue after entering the same user credentials in login page its not redirected to the next page, getting invalid user credentials

3. I followed your instructions to create hash key and I created the hash key and updated in the Facebook App settings. But it says hash key is not matched what i created.

Please check the issues and let me know how to resolve it.



1 and 2) See the log in Android Studio, when doing the registration. Usually, this is due to an error in the server part, the file: an error or a misprint in the config file db.inc.php, if you did an update, you could skip one or more files, did not correct the database after the update, no timezone is installed on the server. Disable the protection from creating multi-accounts so that you can create several accounts during testing: the file “sys\class\class.account.inc.php”, delete the lines from 98 to 108

3) if “it says hash key is not matched” – this means “hash key is not matched”! My application does not have the slightest relation to “hash key”! “hash key” is generated for Facebook APP, as well as errors and notifications associated with “hash key” – generates Facebook App

К какому разделу относится файл /html/profile/page.following.inc.php???

Это файл использовался в прошлом, сейчас он не используется

hey author,

1>- i want to increase video size uploading up to 25 MB , and i increase the size ,but when i uploading video than normally its showing connection failed. why? 2>- i want to change one image post to multiple image post, and one image for ads post into multiple images. 3> and i want to replace userid to unique mobile number login . so it will affetc the application or not.? please resolve.


I’m sorry, I’m not your personal programmer. I will not edit the code personally for you!

“i want” – has nothing to do with support! Read the rules of Envato! Support – it’s fixing bugs and solving problems. “i want” is not a bug and no problem in my code!

I want to be the president of America! I want to have one hundred billion dollars! Please resolve.

Thank you for understanding.

What concerns the video:

The size for the uploaded video file can be set in the config file Constants.java, constant VIDEO_FILE_MAX_SIZE

Also do not forget to check the maximum possible values ​​for the files in your server config (php.ini)