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Can you provide a demo site?

I will setup a demo website for admin page and demo app if you consider that the screen shot’s and API are not enough.

I will let you know when is done.

Demo added. see below.

Is this like a complete CMS with ratings and reviews?

I don’t understand exactly what you mean by “complete CMS ”. Here is a summary description of this product: – Library – is the main subject of this product – handle database storage, cache and contain all methods for define, modify questionnaires, pools and ratings (multi language support), provide all methods necessary to handle users posts. Also contain some pre-defined UserControls for faster implementation. – The admin module – is a stand alone web application which use the library. The main purposes are: Manage questions, questionnaires, pools and approve/deny/ delete user posts . This admin website is provided to spear your time building an administration part but you can choose if you use it or not. Also the admin module serve as a working example how to manage data. - The demo application – is a web application with a few examples and the main purpose is to show you how to integrate and use the library. In the demo app you can post your reviews / pools / preferences and with the admin module you can approve/ deny/ delete / modify the user posts. Also the demo application use the multilingual capabilities of the library.

As a summary, the library and the admin module provide you the data store and methods to review your site contents. The demo application is a website for demonstrate some of the library capabilities with some contents pages , each content page can be reviewed by users . See attached screenshot’s for a quick overview.

The library is not a full CMS – you cannot use it for storing content pages (like joomla, wordpress , etc), but you can think of it as CMS for reviews, ratings, pools.

People need a demo, not screen shots.

Demo added. see below.

Demo websites

Before start using the demo websites please take a short look at Admin homepage instructions. Also a brief user manual for admin website can be found at Admin website manual

Demo web application

Demo application
  • Chose your site language by click a language flag – if no language selected, EN is assumed
  • Post reviews, complete the ploos or whatever
  • On admin website you can approve, reject, delete your posts
  • Please make modification on your own posts only

Admin website

Demo admin website Do not delete / update questions and questionnaires used by demo website.

If you want to create / update questions and questionnaires for testing, create them but delete your new created items before leaving the demo admin website.

On demo admin website you cannot create databases.

I would love to see a demo, I think this is exactly what i need but like to be sure before I buy

Not wanting to sound daft, but I don’t get what exactly this does. It kind of looks like the sort of thing I am after, but I’m not sure as the demos and screenshots still remain a little unclear to me… So… Here is what I want to achieve, can you tell me if I could do it with this script:

Customer registers and adds their text (poem for example), other visitors can then rate that poem good or bad and comment why they think so.

Would I be right in thinking that this script could easily do this? Or am I completely missing the purpose of the script?

Hi Detomah First, this is not a script, is a library for .NET websites. If your site is in .NET then let’s clarify your sample usage: 1. The poetry storage should be made by you (post/edit ..usual stuff). 2. Now you have the poetry in your website and is the moment to add the reviews library. 3. Each poetry stored by your website have a unique identifier (poetryId) as example or whatever. 4. imagine that the any intro text in demo application (ex: http://demorevweb.mysqldotnet.com/default.aspx?mode=hotel&l=21) is your poetry and the questions are your questions. If this types of ratings you want , then the library is a good solution for you 5. This library allow you to create any type of rating questions , see on the demo site, so, what you have to do is to create your own set of question via admin page and use them into your poetry website, or modify the examples.

Here is an integration example: Here is how is made: on aspx page: <cc1:AverageTestimonial runat=”server” ID=”_AvgReview” /> – this is the avg score – first one <cc1:TestimonialsList ID=”_CtlReviewsList” runat=”server” /> – thsi is the review list – individual reviews

here is the code behind

1. Initialize the provider IMyReviewsProvider lRevProvider = new MyReviewsProvider(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[“MyReviewsDatabaseId”], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[“MyReviewsConnectionString”], true, ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[“SharedCacheFolder”]);

2. get the reviews (a complet list of parmas are in code documentation) int lItemsFound; var lReviews = lRevProvider.ReviewsProvider.GetLatestReviews(_LanguageId, 10, 0, lQuestionaryId,1, lCategoryId, lProductId, null,null, out lItemsFound);

3. Give the data to our UI controllers (User provider is a dummy user provider – return a user from a list…you can use your own user provider)

_CtlReviewsList.Reviews = lReviews;
_CtlReviewsList.QuestionaryProvider = lRevProvider.QuestionaryProvider;
_CtlReviewsList.UserProvider = lUserProvider;
_CtlReviewsList.LanguageIdForScores = _LanguageId;
_CtlReviewsList.LanguageIdForQuestions = _LanguageIdForQuestions;
_AvgReview.LanguageIdForScores = _LanguageId;
_AvgReview.LanguageIdForQuestions = _LanguageIdForQuestions;
_AvgReview.CategoryId = lCategoryId;
_AvgReview.ProductId = lProductId;
_AvgReview.ReviewsProvider = lRevProvider.ReviewsProvider;
_AvgReview.QuestionaryId = lQuestionaryId;

P.S. If you have more questions or you need extra clarification, write me via e-mail, I’m not checking this website often.

Hi, nice script! Do you have any PHP version? ASP .net cann’t running on my PHP server.

I think if you have the PHP version it will be very hot~

Hi Sorry for this late response, but a PHP version is not available and i don’t intend to make one. I have low experience in PHP , so i cannot guarantee a quality product in PHP . Thanks for appreciations.

What would I need to change to use MSSQL?

Hi Simon. You have to extend or rewrite the database providers classes from DatabaseProvider layer . Also you have to create the MSSQL tables and sotred procedures or use entity framework to generate the database and data access. It is not a quick job.

This looks to be exactly what I was looking for. Just for clarification can I use this to host my reviews via mysql data base and populate them (and the ability to post them) on both my wordpress blog and my bigcommerce store? ( mess with code a lot and feel comfortable with mysql).

The library is written for .NET (windows hosting). If your website is in PHP, you can reuse only the Database (tables & stored procedures) and you have to write yourself the PHP code for database access (it will save you for allot of work , but DB setup is just a part of this product). If you website is hosted on IIS, then you can use it at full functionality. (You have admin website, demo website, sample DB to play with, and of course API and Admin user manual in PDF) Before buying the library, I suggest to take 10 minutes and read some details at http://www.mysqldotnet.com/myreviewsandratings-27 For future questions, please send me an e-mail or message via codecanyon. I’m not verify this website very often. Thanks for your interest.

Is this still working? If it is, I’ll purchase it for sure!

“Is this still working?” ...did you notice shomething that doesen’t work ?

Nice, I like it.