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Nice App brotha….Liked it. the UI is so awesome.

But i need this: 1) menu is customisable we can edit on Web ? Instead of changing in App? 2) Can we order here from Menu Items or Wishlist items and attach this all orders in reservation page or intent while doing reservation?

If you giving this option i can buy. I want one more feature in this of While Reservation mobile verification through my SMS API. Can you do such new changes?

For this options, you should hire me to customize it

Congratulations for the good work. But I think lack put urgent sending order request

Hi, YPY. I need to know if your app can be build on Android Studio. Thanks!

this app is for eclipse.If you have any problem for eclipse, i can help you via teamviewer

hi so far your app looks nice and i have tested the demo apk ..irritating for me is ..do did not add any checkout ..i can add items to a shopping carts, add more items and then ??? could you add this to the app ?

Hi any answer to my question about a checkout page ?

i will do it when i have backend

Hi and what does this mean ? Are you making a backend for this app ?

Hi to make it to be compatible with your site we need to have webservices api

Hi could you tell me please how i can clear the wishlist easily so the wishlist is empty when exiting the app ! thanx in advance

please reduce the number of items to be zero

Could you give me an example please how to set it thanx

Hi again ! Without internet connection and wifi turned off the app splash screen keeps loading. can you tell me how i can remove this problem please ! With offline data this app should not require any active internet connection ? ..thanx

teamviewer bro.I will fix it

hi no thats not the problem ! im using the sample data in assets …just test it and turn off internet/wifi …and when the apps loads it hangs on the splash screen and i don´t know why. i cannot find the error why the apps hangs without internet connections..there is no output in console

yes i know why.Let chat via skype bro lol

Hi again :) ..your code is very big and you are famiiar with your code ..but please could you give me a working example how i can remove all items on button click in fragmentwishlist ! lets say 2 x pizza 4,00, 3x sushi 5,00 and 7x noodles 12,00 …i want to remove all with one button click ..thats all i want to know

hi because you do not answer me on skype :) and also :( hi there is 1 other bug in your app … for example : internet is ok and wifi ok but the server is not reachable and the app cannot download any data ..console says D/DownloadUtils? The response is: 404 …and the app is not crashing but i cannot close the app.. is it possible that you fix this bug if the json data is not available from the server ?

no this is not bug.It is configure bro.Why you have to give difficult case.If you want to push it to server.You need to make ensure that your url is live.Why you want to push it to server while your data is not live.It is waste time bro

hi,your app looks nice and I am very much in mood to buy it.But I have a question I want to add a list of resturants as well and then the separte menu for all of them.Can I add this in it ?

Hello, if you want to add it, you have to customize it

I want to add an indian payment gateway to the checkout. Can you do it?


1. Does this app have Parse push notification?

2. It does not have php admin panel, so how can I edit/manage categories? Would you please elaborate how this app works? you have said “Support Offline or Online Data”, What does it really mean?

3. If the user doesn’t have access to the internet, can he open the app and see the menu?

4. Can it be translated to another language? Arabic? (utf-8)?

5. How many listings can I add to each category? say 10, 50, 100 foods in each category? is there a limit?

Thanks in advance.

I have fully tested your demo already, these are the questions that I have about your app. And are actually presale questions. it would be nice if you answer them. and if you want me to send them to your email please give me your email address.

Any guidance?

hello this app did not have admin panel.You will have to write service to return data for me.For parse sdk intergrating it is very easy.but you will.have to customize it.My skype is baopfiev_k50 let add to chat

How can I see the API ? You wrote data is online or offline

I clicked to Offers item on left menu, application has crashed

You mentioned its for elipse…easy to open in android studio…? I think that’s what everybody is using these days.

Why do you not implement a Order screen/action? After select all the itens what to do? Sugestion !

Hi, I would like to hire you to customize this code a little bit, Where should I send you the details, I already bought this code. Thanks Raj

Hi, do this app have admin panel from where we can menu price make new etc and can we get notification via email,sms and backend notification on the same time ?

i want for android studio..

futu-te in gura de cacanar! la ma-ta de eclipse ca mie imi trebuie in Android Studio.

you bought today right?today is weekend we did not support.tomorrow i will support you man.Calm down everything is very easy

let add my skype to chat baopfiev_k50