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Hi, have you got a live link to the app or a video? Thanks :)

can the plist be placed on a server so i can add recipes with out updating the app?


No in this code we can’t place plist on server. For that we need to do customisation. We can do it for you with extra cost.

Hi, in this app by default there are recipes already included ?If the answer is yes , can you tell me how many recipes there are already ?


There are total 95 recipes added.

hi nikunjsurati; how can i stop the ads from loading

Hello Darran Kennedy,

If you do not want to display ads in your whole application then replace following code snippet in your AppDelegate.m file

Search below code snippet in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method.

and replace it with following

replacing text is:
self.window.rootViewController = navController;

Works a treat thanks a million

It’s my pleasure. If you like this app then please give ratings for the same.

I am really happy to help you.

Where do we add new recipes

I figured it out


Sorry for late replay. Let me know if you still facing any issues for adding new recipes.

On the recipe description page where do we change the font colour as Im not wanting gold colour


For recipe title color you need to change it from storyboard. or just add below line in DetailViewController.m – (void)viewDidLoad method.

[Global getThemeColorLight] method returns a common color for whole app. you can change it as per your requirements.

Last question where is the settings to change the brown colour on the top nav bar


brown color is result of [Global getThemeColorDark] method. So just goto Global.m file and change RGB value of getThemeColorDark method.

I have everything working fine but when i try to change the app name it gives me this error when i try to build after the name change

Command /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin/clang failed with exit code 1


I am really happy that your issue is resolved.. :-)

Left you a rating for the app :)

Thank you so much for valuable rating. :-)

Hi bud 2 questions the colour below do you have any resources that explain how to get the correct colour as I’m not used to working with this

+ (UIColor *)getThemeColorDark { return [UIColor colorWithRed:52.0/255 green:41.0/255 blue:36.0/255 alpha:1.0];

And can I upgrade to an extended licence for the template?

Ok send me the image from which you want to pick a color. I will send you the UIColor syntax along with colors.

thanks if I see it changed I can work out how to change it in future the colour code is E7898A

Try ths one.

return [UIColor colorWithRed:231.0/255 green:137.0/255 blue:138.0/255 alpha:1.0];

Hi, i’d like to know if InApp Purchase integrate is to buy recipes or to delete the ads? Thank you


Yes inapp purchase is integrated to remove advertisements.

after purchasing for remove adds again the button will be enable ..

ok send me the updated code ASAP..


I have sent an email with files.

Hi, nice product! Please tell me: - Supports IOS project xcode 9 and 7? - Does the project other languages: Russian, Italian…? Thank you very much

Hello Viktor777,

I have replied to your email. Thanks.

Thanks, I bought your product))

Thanks I sent you a mail!

Hi! Choroszcz product from you as always :-)) I’m almost ready to submit your app to the Appstore, and I have one question? Please tell me in this app I have to use “Admob Interstitial” or “Banner Admob” ? I just tried a different ID in the Admob file CJPAdController.h, but I still don’t get the adds Admob? I only got Chartboost and iAd. Please tell me how to get Admob? Thank you very much for your help!

Hi, Thank you very much for the update! Now everything works!

As always 5 stars to you!

Thanks Victor.. :-)

I already have a sqlite database from one of my android app for recipes. Can I resuse my sqlite databse with your app? Interesting in buying this version,


Need to check the database structure. If your database structure is same as we used in this app then it will work smoothly. If possible please share us your database structure we will let you know if you can reuse or not.

I’ve two tables:

1. Categories: c_id, c-name, c-imageURL 2. Recipes: r_id, c_id, r_name, r_ingredients, r_instructions, r_prepTime, r_cookingTime, r-imageURL


I have checked. but you can not use it as it is. You have to do some modifications based on the app data. And you need to migrate data to plist as this app is using plist file for data storage.

(1) If I buy you app will you help me to publish it on apple store because I don’t have idea on how to do it? (2) How does in-app purchase work?


Yes we will provide you the detailed description to publish it on apple store. In App purchase will be managed by apple it self.

it there any api with it ?


There is no API. All data is stored locally in plist file. So it will be easy to access data.

Awesome work. Congrats. Good luck with sale

Many Thanks