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when you say “support .m3u8”, will this only be audio or video too?

Sorry they are a mistake in the image i will update it, is support m3u for audio i have other app for video and audio

Hi, where is XML file been placed, how to update ?

The XML files uploaded to your website and you can updated from FTP

OMG this is soooooooooooo basic TVMLCatalog with audio , is there any way to auto play the station when you click on it ?

There is new player in the next update

whats the ETA ?

i don’t understand your question

auto play?

Yes in the next update very soon

hi, adic but added it does not work? or only works if you have the music in own application? mediaItem.artworkImageURL = “”;

What type of file you add ?

Could this template be used for a single station?

Apple Rejected today.

From Apple: “Specifically, upon review we have found the Apple TV application would not play any audio content. We were unable to verify any sound or content after clicking the tab.”

Hi please you can send me screenshot from the rejected message to this email:

It was approved as soon as I told app review that you had to press the play button on the Siri remote. :) Thanks!

@justinheintz Thank you! I couldn’t figure out why my music wasn’t playing!

what extension of file you add ?

Hi, the app works fine in the simulator but Getting dyld_fatal_error when trying to run on an Apple TV device.

send me all the files to this email :

This doesn’t seem to be anything with your app. I can’t run any swift apps on device. Can run objective-c apps on devices.

you use beta version on your device ?

It’s for Mac computer only ?

yes for running Xcode

Can you do the same for PC ?

is running only in Mac

Hi, can you tell me a name of an app that use this code on app tv store?

this feature will add in the next update

when do you publish the update? :-)

Very soon

Purchased the app but have a few questions,

I notice in the upload folder there is an image wide_background.jpg

Just wondering what this image is for? I’d presumed it was a background for the app but clearly not?

Could do with Auto Play and or iTunes API integration to display album art and also be able to display the current song playing.

How can I add a background from the xml file?

contact me with message

Messaged you and had no reply

How can i put the logo and the name of radio when play it? now, when push the radio it start with music logo, i want to replace it with the logo and name of radio.., also push radio then autoplay now i have to push play button on siri remote… is possible? thanks

contact me with message

When will you add autoplay?

When will you be able to update this with support for metadata (iTunes art of song being played), autoplay and logo?

Hello is there a reason you do not support your apps? Many of us have purchased your app and you ignore us. I decided to contact you on the comment thread as this is a general question. Do you still support your apps?