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I’m interested in buying, but I need admin panel to app

Error:Android Dex: [MyRadio] Uncaught translation error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added: Lcom/google/android/gms/R$attr; anyone can help me ? :(

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edwsis Purchased


Where can I change the color of the text? Because my background is dark … and the letters and state, I need them of another light color

Android Studio


Hi.. There are 3 type casting in your code. the third one is none_cast. How to stream a url in none_cast format. Can you help us please.

okey. i am putting this url “http://lalegulfm.netmedya.net/lalegul-fm/lalegulfm.stream/playlist.m3u8 and cast string < TYPE_SOURCE_STREAM = ””; //enter Shoutcast Or Icecast > is blank. but still i am getting station error. what is the wrong thing can you help me please ?

where you buy my code? why i saw that you did not buy my code and still ask about support

we purchase for FEYZEM and i am a developer who is working for them. Sorry for asking from my own account :)

Hey I’m learning how to add webview in Android Studio and I want to add this page ( http://www.niaradionetwork.com/s951357/mobile-playing-now.html ) to the stream page. Should it be added to fragment_stream.xml or activity_show_url.xml?

I’m new so I just need a little guidance, thanks

Has anyone had any luck with IcecastV2 and AAC+?

This is my AAC+ Icecast V2 Stream:

It will play the stream but will not show the song information.

I just downloaded the source again and the only thing I changed was stream url, type (AAC) and server type (Icecast). It just says “Welcome to My Radio”


edwsis Purchased


Where can I change the color of the text? Because my background is dark … and the letters and state, I need them of another light color…


1. go to layout/fragment_stream.xml
2.Find xml tag TextView
3.Change android:textColor=”@color/black” to android:textColor=”@color/red” 4.You can do it for other xml files


edwsis Purchased

Thank you… and change them,

But I can not find where to change the color:

1. “title_tab_radio” 2. “title_tab_about_us”

thanks for your help,


Hola me puedes ayudar me sale este error [2017-01-27 12:01:19 – MyRadio] Error in an XML file: aborting build.

Hello , Your Aplication support Format M3u8 (hls stream) ? . Best Regards. I hope Your Answer.

hls stream is video not audio.if you want to have this app.let contact me via email baodotrung@gmail.com

Hello , I interest your project. Is your code support my links or not..

Link1:= Link2:= http://stream.freszfm.com:8000/Radio_fresz915FM.mp3.m3u Link3:= Link4:= Link5:= http://real3.atimemedia.com/live/efm.sdp/playlist.m3u8 Link6:= http://live11.netdesignhost.com/pacificlive/pacificlive/playlist.m3u8

Can you answer to me which link is work for your app, if 90% work I will buy your code. Thank you.

Oh… Im so sad, Can you help me about this? Workaround or something? if it cant, Can you recommened me video stream app for me?

Thank you for your help

We can do stream video app for you.You can contact with us

I contact you by email already. Thank you very much.


edwsis Purchased


my background is dark … and I need to change the color of letters of:

1.) “title_tab_radio” and 2.) “title_tab_about_us”

All other letters can i change them, except the previous ones

thanks for your help,

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edwsis Purchased

thanks but:

I do not speak English very well to use chat.

please, You could send me the information to the mail: edwsis@gmail.com

thanks for your help,

Hello, is the application having problems in android 6.0 some update forecast?

Friend sent you an email more than 15 days ago and I have no answer?, You can help me.

give me your email

I already sent you the email mi email servicomcr

Hello I want to change the package of the app I use cr.svp. (And the name of the app) how can I change it?

can wetrcan we add an other stations

i just buy this app, but all effort to work wit it on Android Studio prove abortive, Grandle not included if i open the Android Studio Folder. way how please

why did you refuse to answer this question. i need IOS version for Apple product, how much will it cost me to get it also i want to remove radio image at the starting up of the app

no i never refuse any client.if you want ios version please enail me to bl911vn@gmail.com

how can i remove radio image at the starting up of the app

The app works. Can you add dates next to your version updates please. Also could you consider not using fragments as an option for future?


grnet Purchased

Hello, I need Grandle to work with Android Studio, can you please send me update source code?

bro, we have updated newest source code for android studio.Please download code again.Thank so much