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Hey, are ads integrated? What is the source of revenue in this game?

Hi, for now there is no ad platfom accept Apple tv you can sell it in the app store

Which language? Objective C?

Great App and code! Is it possible to get categories as an update?

Yes they are a categories in the next update next week.

Thanks a million

Also Game Center please.

Thanks i will see that and will try to add in the next update

missing category too bad

They are a categories in the next update next week

it will be possible in an update that to be able to add that it takes a random question, instead of always in the same order?

Thanks for your idea i will add it in the next update (the next update is in the next week)

Question 13 error?

Figured it out: The “answer” HAS to be in the 4 items…

One more suggestion. Can we load the questions from an online file? This way we can add questions without submitting an update..

Yes i will try to add it in the next update

Hi Just curious how the app stores questions and answers. Thanks

HI the questions and answers is on the Plist file

Looks great! Couple questions:

1- would you add IAP in the near future? With no ads allowed right now, paid is the only way to get some money. It will great to add either coins or paid power up like skip, remove 50% of bad answers 2- two players? (I.e. Each with own best score) 3- is the game allows for 4 answers or only 3 like in the video 4- Please, please add text AND picture for a questions. This will allows to do many more type of quiz apps (logos, emoji, flags…)

I will get the code tonight after work!


Got the code! Great stuff. Cannot wait for the IAP feature when you get the chance. I am also hoping for the json version at some point.


Thanks mbennouf for your idea soon they are update change many things

No problem. Cannot wait for your next version!

Have categories been integrated into this app yet? Thanks

The update is next week

Any news on the new version?


Tomorrow i will upload the new update


Update is uploaded just it will approved in 48h

Great App! What is in the update?

Randomly quiz and categories

Thank you for the update. I like that there is now multiple categories and that the questions are presented randomly. Unfortunately in my current re-skin I only need one category (like the previous version) How can I disable the category choice and go directly to the quiz when the player hit play?

Thank you very much!


I just need to go from the home view to the quiz without passing by the category view. Exactly like the previous version. Later I may need multiple category for this first game I need only one category.


Please contact me with email work@hamrounihani.com i will edit you the files

Thank you so much! I sent you an email.

@mbennouf You can use AppLovin for revenue…..

I will add AppLovin in the next update

Unfortunately I think I found potentially a big problem (even with the V2) The game do not seems to stop IF the “menu” button is click during the game. I found it while I was trying to add sound effects/music to my app (as we spoke on email).

I just downloaded again V2 (clean version) and added a print (“game on”) in the timer routine and then print “game of” in the timer off function and sure enough the game still print “game on” even after I hit “menu” button. After a awhile (30 sec) the terminal prints “game off” which means the game did not stop when hitting the menu button on the remote. I think this maybe a big problem with Apple review process. Even so the game goes back to the first view when you click menu, the game itself do not stop and the following warning is shown:

2015-12-12 18:04:11.539 Quiz[2129:172280] Warning: Attempt to present <UIAlertController: 0×7fe081e8d0a0> on <Quiz.QuizViewController: 0×7fe081eb72f0> whose view is not in the window hierarchy!

Please note, this does not crash the app but make it impossible to stop things (like the sounds I am trying to add)

My issue is that I was really hoping to release an app using this code before Apple store review stop (Dec 22th) Is there anyway for you to suggest a fix directly here (or by email)? I think a formal update will take too long (48 hours +) giving the time constraint.

Maybe I am completely wrong about this since I am very new to TVOS and Swift in general. I am really hoping I am wrong!!!!

Thank you again for your support.


Potentially a good news!! I may have found a way to solve the issue. Not sure if it is the best way but it seems to stop the game IF the player press the remote menu button. I just added:

override func viewWillDisappear(animated: Bool) { outOfTime() super.viewWillDisappear(animated) }

I am not sure if super.viewWillDisappear(animated) is needed.

Do you think this is the proper way of solving the issue?

Thanks again.


Hello again!

I want change the layout a little bit. I am guessing it is not using auto-layout (even so auto-layout is checked) I am new to xcode but I usually see images previous (on buttons or just the logo) but in the main storyboard I can only see the contour of say logo item inside the view. Do you know how I can actually see the image of the logo (previous) on storyboard (same for the buttons images) I am sure I am doing something wrong. It will be easier if the if could see the images so I can position them the way I want using auto-layout (even so auto-layout maybe overkill since we only have one TV size :)

Another I am used to is the buttons do seems to show inside their view. Are they somehow hard-coded?

Once again GREAT template and the above thing do not affect the running of the template at all. It is just who wants to modify the layout a little (add things)

Thank you!


Hi please send me email


Any idea when the Applovin ad network will be added to this version?

Thank you.


Yes in the next update

Couple more questions or requests:

1- How can i add more categories (say 5 instead of 3)?

2- Will love to see IAP added to this code (to buy more categories or quiz questions) Would this help link helps?


3 – Add social share (FB, Twitter, email)

This will really make this code complete!

Thank you.


ps: Cannot wait to to see the addition of Applovin to this code!

Thanks for your ideas i will add it but for more categories contact me with email : work@hamrounihani.com

Any idea about the Applovin update? Also, how to add more categories?



applovin and categories features in the next update in 1 or 2 weeks

Hello is there a reason you do not support your apps? Many of us have purchased your app and you ignore us. I decided to contact you on the comment thread as this is a general question. Do you still support your apps?