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hello, i installed the plugin but it made my top bar disappear and now i can’t go to dashboard. i removed it but same problem. please i need help

Hi Bousal, this is an odd problem. Could you paste a link to your website so I could see the problem myself. Thanks


This plugin looks very promising. Nice and simple, just what I was looking for. Good work :)

I have one question: would you consider synchronizing the plugin with WooCommerce plugin? (registration/user data). Do you think it would be even possible?

Kind regards

Hmmm I cant say I have experience with that, doing a bit of research on the subject though seems to show that to sync the 2 together you would just need to use the plugins own built in names for the custom fields. Thanks for the kind words and I hope that helps :)

Hi. Does this utilize the built in WP functions for field input sanitation etc.? In other words, is it safe against code injection?

Hi Frique, it is totally built around the WP system and my understanding is that everything that runs through the user input system has been checked for injection in WP for a few years now. Hope this helps

Hello there,

very nice.

But I think, the plugin is incomplete for really hiding users from the backend. So, maybe, you could add login/registration/passwort reset to the frontend too?

This would be wonderful

Hi Digiblogger, there are plugins that already do that pretty well here on CodeCanyon.

pre-purchase question

Would this plugin allow a person to: 1. become a member 2. pay on paypal 3. create a login 4. fill in directory information 5. create an individual page that links back to the directory information. So people visiting the website could see what the different members offer.

Thanks, k

Hi visinno this plugin does not do any of tha, it simply allows you to create a profile editing page outside of the WP-ADMIN

Hi. I just bought it. How can I add a filed where users can upload their photos (avatars)?


Hello. I installed User Photo plugin and now the field to upload photo works. However, I uploaded a new user photo, but it does not appear in the avatar field. How can I add an avatar image? Or is there any way to connect user photo to avatar image?

Hi again. Can I adjust the size of profile image displayed using the short code “[my-profile-display-user-image padding=”4” align=”left”]”? Thanks.

How can i add custom fields as checkboxes or radio buttons?

It is compatible with “Theme My Login”?

I have additional fields in my Users Profiles. Will this plugin allow the editing of those additional fields?

Hmm, I was going to buy this, but it looks like the Author has become unresponsive here. I wonder if they are maintaining this thing or not? I better not. Too bad, sounds like it was just what I was looking for too.

I want to print the user profile.
Can I use this plugin?

Hi, where the demo? Your site has expired… :)

5 months w/o demo? lame.

Domain is offline for sale…

Hi, This is a pre-sales questions,

Using buddypress already include profile image upload, changed, updates, etc and don’t need shortcode.

I tried to view the live preview, it’s not working? I can’t see the different of…. Can you able to fix the live preview for testing?

Please help understand how this use?