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Hi, can i created for my demo plugin or i have to create a page like urs ?

sorry, but I don’t understand very well the scenario how you want to use our plugin. Can you give us more information?

Dear Mythem_es,
i purchased “Fancy Product Designer – WooCommerce plugin” and i want to present for my customers how to use it :D, Can your pluguin help me to make my presentation ?Regards

Yes, please tell me how I could help, sorry for delay.

Hello Charabel,

We have purchased both plugins as well and use the presentation plugin to help show our users the features that fancy product help customize. It’s a bit time consuming, but it’s easy to attach to the elements you want to highlight. Just as I said there’s a lot of elements so it took me about four or five hours to complete the presentation for the page.

Hope that helps!

Can we do something to optimize this tasks for you?

Thanks KingStreetDesigner for your reply, ok i will purchase it , and try to add it to my products and i hope it be easy with or i will get some from mythem_es :D

Thanks again for you two :D
Please can you send me your link to view how you work on it :D

Unfortunately, we do not have a video demonstration, sorry for delay.


The live demo site is not working, why is this?

Hi, I read everything thanks.

New to this so not 100% confident. Will you supply help if I need it?

For example if I don’t know how to set up a tooltip on elements on my page can you help me out?


yes of course I help you !

Does not work for me.
  • delayed the dashboard in Wordpres
  • opening pages for editing is very slow
  • does not work with Frontend Builder
  • Support?? yes, but only after 7 days There goes my money, :(

Please be more explicitly! Absolutely not clear how and what does not work!

Hi there. I have a problem with the plugin because the coordinates are not the same when I browse my website on different computers. I work on a 23’’ monitor but the tooltips are not in the same place when I open my website on a 15’’ laptop. Ps. Do you speak spanish?? My english isn’t so good.

Give me please your website URL. We discuss via email. Contact me direct from contact form

Ok I’ll send you my website url from the contact form.


I have now purchased this plugin and have a few questions.

Firstly, when I select ‘modal’ for a tooltip it works fine on desktop but just shows up blank and breaks my website on a mobile device.

How can I turn off this plugin so it is not used on any mobile device?

Also, I have no idea how to use the jquery selector. How to I select elements?


I fixed issue and submit item to review. If you contact me through the contact form ( my profile ) , I’ll give you a temporary link with new pack ( version 0.3 ). review can take from 48 hours to 5 days.

For mobile phone will not be displayed tooltips ( phone screen is too small )

If in the future you need help, let me know, I’ll be glad to help.

Ok great, it wont show on mobiles now?

I will send you an email now.

Thank you.

Paul Check Update, I think this solve your problem !

Details about integration with responsive themes:

Is available new version ( 0.4 ). Adapted for responsive themes.

New update looks amazing! Awesome work!

thank you !

Just want to reiterate how awesome your plugin is. I know I said that the update looked amazing, but now that I’ve actually used it…it really is amazing! For anyone out there hesitating because you think it a) might not work or b) might be too complicated, stop worrying about it. It’s working great with the the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Kudos on the good work sir, and thank you!

Thank you very much, and I’m happy for you!

Hello, I cant see your plugin, when i click “Live Preview” the page doesnt work and its all white. I click F5, but still dont have a response.

Thank you!!

Live preview is not working.

Fine now. Thank you!

Hi some pre sale questions. Is it possible to…

1) Either request not to see the tour again (i.e it might get annoying if the tour is launched every time someone visits my home page) – or only see it first time the user visits the page

2) Launch the tour from a link

3) Does this now work with responsive themes?


1. By default tour is visible just one time. 2. Yes is possible launch tour by a link. 3. Yes this work with responsive themes.

Hello i have a problem, when i want to activate the plugin a fatal error apears telling this : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’ in /home/diegolitomatador/public_html/wp-content/plugins/my-presentation/mythemes.plg.cfg.class.php on line 1 i’m using the karma template. How can we fix that?

can you contac me via contact form and can you give me some admin credentials to debug this.

Hi, I have an online store with Fancy product designer, I want to know what if I can make my presentation is shown on each product?

Thank you

yes you can show the presentation for each product. Is need:

1. Select the Resource Type ( custom post type )

2. Select the option All ( attach to all custom posts )


While I can’t find too much use of this plugin on the Website, it is absolutely mind blower if this works in WordPress Dashboard. Do you think on adding it soon?

Best regards,


This looks like such a nice plugin to create a tour.

Is this plugin still supported?

Can the text include HTML?

Yes, you can use HTML instead of text content.

does this plugin work on current wordpress 4.6, also, can it work with a logic like it should only show pointers when logged in????