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hello to author, bought your script a day before…uploaded onto my server with great ease …no problem in configuring android app….login and signup worked fine …push notification worked like magic… my problems are mentioned below 1) not able to create categories and items…. when i try to create category it just come to the same page with no warning .. 2) not able to upload profile image or cover image.. i m hosted on a shared server on godaddy ( windows plesk ) If you can guide me through these problems …

problem was with permissions….my host solved it…..sorry to bother and thanks for this wonderful script..

Sorry, I think a category view version 1.3 there is an error deskiripsi news does not appear, go back to version 1.0 complete item category. I must beg your help change the view model category?

please help you? I have to change the display categories of version 1.3 to version 1.0 where I have to change it?

Please email me from my profile https://codecanyon.net/user/qascript/portfolio

I’ll send you the file with the version 1.0

Hi i am trying to install PHP Engine (server) but i tried to signup the browser will automatically redirect me to the home page

It is perfectly! So it should be with someone who is not a customer!

hi i have problem in script the image can’t uploaded look at the pic http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=123039aaa.jpg please send me fixed file db.inc.php

excellent. I can write for you a unique script :) support only for the buyers. have a good day.

how to verify users ?

does support rtl? and do you have IOS version?

Members post news and news show after admin approval ?

Can admin disable user registration?


Sorry, this feature is not present.

What’s new in update 26/12?

Hi, please see Changelog in item description

Thank you
The moment I saw, no changelog appeared yet.
Beautiful work.


hi. i upload server to my host, but installation didnt work. why ? u can chek this : http://azadanzali.ir/install.php


Support only for the buyers.

Have a good day.


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Hello, i am not able to create new items… when i try to create items it just come to the same page with no warning and at my server i have given permissions “chmod 777” to all recursive folders please tell me what should i do?

file server/class/class.stream.inc.php line 128:

set LIMIT 20 to LIMIT 5


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hello i have 50 registered users and the push notification is going successfull to only 36 users can you tell why


You know that people can be removed from the phone app? Or do you think that if a person is registered, he never will not remove the application?

You may add your updates Send news to display administrator’s approval


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Can we add pictures into the text?


use the html tag “img” in the editor


<img src="http://yousite.com/img.png" />

Hello there, Article submission page is possible. Can the text editor be defined


Does it support multiple language? Basically what I want is support for UTF-8 character unicode which I can change with my prefer language in your application. E.g – Category, News Body, etc.


UTF-8 is supported.