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On my Homepage i can fetch only 15 items,How can i increase these number of items displayed on homepage??

its is not function here,only stack at 20 items,

that why im asked how to load more than 20,

Dear, items are loaded automatically when scrolling down! You do not need to change anything!

If you want to change something, the file names:

Server part: class \ class.items.inc.php

Application: StreamFragment.java

Hi! From where you can change the color of the buttons and the text that appears in the toolbar http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=511781Screenshot5.jpg Thanks!


It depends from theme what you used (For example: Dark or Light).

The file “res / values / styles.xml”, see line 17

I think that more information you can easily find on the Internet

Hello! I’m having problems with the back button (android) in the activities that only have fragment. Categories, seach, notif. When the user press backbutton the application closes.

Can u help?


This is not a problem – it is the use of fragments. Excuse me, I do not use save navigation on the stack for fragments and do not plan to do it

Hello Dear, can I add video in news?

hello dear, please check your email cause i have problems and i need your reply now

Sorry, Support only for costumers.

Will you fully customise for me

Pre sale question: I have not seen author account in admin panel.. Is author option available.. and how user register

Also let me know this support Hindi Text


sanzar Purchased

Hello I have a problem with notifications I created a firebase project and register my app with it . I also added the server key and project number to server side,but when I send notification it is not working

when i am adding categories or items to ur demo link from backend ,it is not getting added.!

Dear, this is a demo version! All changes you made are not saved!

how to check in demo that subscribers who have loginned can upload images as a part of discussion or not?

pls i have probleme with create items

i have probleme to add a items :/ waht is the slove

Excuse me, support is only for buyers

me to i had :o salle 30$ help me

can add/embed video?


Sorry, there is currently no such option

Hello Im intrested If i can add paid option to this app ? example news are hiden before paid yearly or monthly

Sorry, I do not plan to add paid features to this application.

What are your problems with the installation (setup)?

everything i need full help to set it up


Sorry, but installing and configuring the script has nothing to do with support.

How to configure the server part and application – the information is available in the documentation and here: http://ifsoft.co.uk/help/

If you have any questions or problems – write in detail here.


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I was using Shared Web Hosting. Then I decided to transfer all my domain, files, databases to Linux VPS for better performance.

My Hosting firm transferred all databases and files to VPS. So everything works well except automatic mails for recovery.

Then, I created new e-mail for recovery and configure, config—> db.inc file

// SMTP Settings

But not working automatic mail.

As you can predict, I did not install because everything works well(except e-mail) I did not enter

http://your_site.com/install.php(If I enter, I think my all data will be deleted.)

As a result, my e-mail not working I assigned correct values to db.inc file but not working.

How can I solve this problem? Is http://your_site.com/install.php obligation for e-mail settings? But I do not want because my database will be deleted, I think.



1) server configuration, data transfer between servers – is not related to support

2) If the password recovery function does not work: the only reason is non-correct SMTP data in the config file db.inc.php. Correct data ask from your hosting provider.

3) http://your_site.com/install.php – does not destroy and does not change data in the database! If you do not remember the administrator password, delete the “admins” table in the database and create a new administrator account: http://your_site.com/install.php


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Thanks for your response, I solved my problem anyway.

One more question here dear,

How can I change time zone of App?(I mean time of items) For now it is GMT. But I want to make it PST.

I changed to PST in Plesk Panel but nothing changed in the app.


Hi. Dont have intersectial banner?


Sorry, no