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Can you communicate on your own. I want to make an reskin to the sorce code for money You could write your mail so I can communicate with you and add me an ad code

Supported Android devices 2547 devices out of more than 13000! why you did not mention that before we buy your app! your app works on less than 1/6 of the devices.

Dear would you please be more polite answering the questions. this is no non sense, here is a prove of what I am talking a bout. so just help me get over this issue without being so rude. this is an app related issue that you have to clarify. and just to know I didn’t edit the AndroidManifest.xml. I only edited the package name.


Okay then what can be the issue. Why I’m having so much unsupported devices. the app is good, Please help us fix this problem.

Hello qascript, i i thank you first for all your jobs, it seems great app, and i have purchased the app and i tried to install but it says INCORRECT PASSWORD:, i did all the configuration well, any help will appreciated thanks abrham


you can not create categories without pictures


file: PHP Engine (server)\common\header.inc.php

replace line 31 to:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/tinymce/js/tinymce/tinymce.min.js"></script>


Password can only contain letters and numbers

Hello, many thanks , at least saved my time, i purchased since you promised to give support , please keep it, it is your business

Hello, the code you give me , just it does to bring the text editor tinymce , but when i try to add new item, as demo it doesn’t bring category choosing options, and it doesn’t working for me please please any help if you need the admin i can give you kindly abrham

hi pro . When I open wifi .topics do not appear (the empty menu) when I open the phone data the articles appear. Wi-Fi is strong and opens all sites. Either the application occurs this problem

In the application there are no problems with the network. The application does not change or use the network settings.

The problem is being resolved. It is hosting Thanks

Default AdMob value for new users is off .how i make it on Automatically . You can add links from the type box

Thank you I wish you a wonderful day

I sent you a link (in email) to the corrected file. Have a good day

I did not get anything. This is my email : ahmedsalah352@gmail.com

Hi dear friend There is a problem with the program That does not work in the new version of sdk 25 That does not work in build tools 25.0.1

support only for costumers. Have a good day.

Hi dear friend I am Iranian And Iran can not buy from foreign sites because we are sanctions I downloaded the program but now I can not work with the top sdk and have trouble … if you can help me…

Can users read articles only from the app? Can not access the site from the web site?

Only from app

Is there a way to activate the site too? Thnaks

Here there is no site – only the application and the admin panel! Sorry, I do not plan on adding a site

specification your tools for use : 1. MySQL version ? 2. PHP Version ? 3. For Android min – max version ?

Hi, I have a suggestion which will help all the users of all. When I open profile, I see Likes and Comments count. But there is no possibility to see the list of comments I have made. If you could add the link, it will be very helpful.