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Related to the Users, can we manage “roles”? for Example “AdminUser” and “RegisterUser”. Boths made LOGIN to the Backend, but the “AdminUser” can use “others features”. Can we manage that roles in the Backend? Best Regards, Mariano

I bought this one but your documentaion dont favor beginer!!! Please make it easy for beginer!! thanks

I hear it for the first time!

Everything is extremely simple and understandable!

I follow the instruction but after uploading to my domain and open http://emixtz.com/install.php i got this error This page isn’t working

emixtz.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

Im not so familiar with PHP i think

Error 500 is characterized by the following reasons:

1) the script is installed in an incorrect directory on the server

2) the config file db.inc.php is not configured – not entered or entered incorrect data from the database

3) you are using nginx server – you need apache server

In either case, see the server error log for detailed information.

I have a question,

If i buy this I can change Terms of Service and acknowledgement inside the Application?


Is it easy to be converted to ( RTL ) ? , I need to change the layout to right , Will this be possible ?

Sorry, I did not do projects with RTL support

I think it’s not difficult to add support for RTL – see how to do it on the Internet

i want to buy this but i have questions. 1) can i change the size of items image ? 2) can users zoom images that i insert to textarea ?


aidyMatic Purchased

I have this problem, I tried it on a few servers. The Category Dropdown does not show, and tinymce does not show? http://radianware.com/sshots/2017-05-18.png

file: PHP Engine (server)\common\header.inc.php

replace line 31 to:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/tinymce/js/tinymce/tinymce.min.js"></script>