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I bought this one but your documentaion dont favor beginer!!! Please make it easy for beginer!! thanks

I hear it for the first time!

Everything is extremely simple and understandable!

I follow the instruction but after uploading to my domain and open http://emixtz.com/install.php i got this error This page isn’t working

emixtz.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

Im not so familiar with PHP i think

Error 500 is characterized by the following reasons:

1) the script is installed in an incorrect directory on the server

2) the config file db.inc.php is not configured – not entered or entered incorrect data from the database

3) you are using nginx server – you need apache server

In either case, see the server error log for detailed information.

I have a question,

If i buy this I can change Terms of Service and acknowledgement inside the Application?


nvm Thanks :)


Is it easy to be converted to ( RTL ) ? , I need to change the layout to right , Will this be possible ?

Sorry, I did not do projects with RTL support

I think it’s not difficult to add support for RTL – see how to do it on the Internet

i want to buy this but i have questions. 1) can i change the size of items image ? 2) can users zoom images that i insert to textarea ?

I have this problem, I tried it on a few servers. The Category Dropdown does not show, and tinymce does not show? http://radianware.com/sshots/2017-05-18.png

Excellent! worked straight away! Thank you! 5*

I was wondering would it be possible to add links IN stories? so they could click a link and it open a browser??

I have added links and they now work! great thanks!

Very Good! But it is only in English? How can I change the available languages?

You can do the translation:


Hi. Can the admin in the news description to add a button Source? To add an iframe, for example: <iframe allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0” height=”315” src=”https://youtu.be/1Nne8dlxb-w?rel=0&showinfo=0” width=”100%”></iframe>

or this code: <center><audio controls=”controls” src=”//files.realmusic.ru/lofi/1538035/1538035.mp3?ts=1492079575294”>  </audio></center>

It’s impossible! These tags are not stored in the database.

Thank you for your attention! There is no other way to publish it would be possible to add video and audio in a similar way? I think it would be useful for other buyers, since the news is in the news often in demand this function.

Excuse me, I do not plan to add these features in the near future

Would it be possible that SOME users can also post news stories but not see the other admin panel options?? So an author can make a story / category but not mess with the adsense and other important features!?

Sorry, there is no such function


rinoxe Purchased

why the add item page has errors, the categories are not showing up correctly! and we have a simple text editor in the control panel but the one in the demo panel is advanced!?

i can give u access to the script panel so u can check and see the error.


rinoxe Purchased

i saw ur reply on same issue. it works fine now ;)


We bought this APP with another account, we are programmers and we have created different modules, since it does not launch updates since February we offer our services to interested parties. We sell the following modules for this app and implement them:

- Hot or Not Hot (Tinder Matchs) / Voice notes on chats / New emojis / Group chat / New login / New register / Fixes / 0 Crashes / Login Facebook fix / System Posts and replys / New design all / Radar people nearby (LOOVO Style) (Coming Soon) / Mentions in chats / Videocalls and Calls Point to Point (Coming Soon) / Redesign profile / Redesign people nearby / Limits to add people, Open Chats… You can need upgrade your account (Gold, Silver, Bronze) (Coming Soon)

You can check our job here, we sell clones that APP: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ligoteogamer.lgapp&hl=es

You can buy code source or APK modify for you :)

If u are interest buy code source our APP or you APK modify or you have some question, please send email: victormaurin@outlook.com

Be careful!

This “man” is a fraud

Quiet that the code that we sell has nothing to do with your license, the code is sufficiently modified and backed up so that it has nothing to do with this, so stop crying.

Envato can delete this account, and I would like to see how you show that we are the same owners as the APP that we show and an associated company or that has nothing to do.

We are not pathetic, nor do we thieves compete and you do not tolerate it even though we sell a product a hundred times better than yours and help your customers who forget when they buy you saying nonsense that the problems are their servers.

Have a good day, crack.

You are not a company! You are scammers who have mental problems!

Adequate people do not write spam, do not deceive people and do not write such nonsense!

You do not sell – you deceive people! You are scammers!

Any third-party “module” will be useless after the next update!

Have a good day.

I’m a new developer in android programming I’m still a little confused there are some people say if GCM is not supportive and must use firebase. Do you think this program is still working or we have to change to firebase? regards Ghesa

Please read changelog in item details! I use FCM in all my apps!

can you develop it whereby wordpress user can use wordpress admin as the app admin