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Hello ypyproductions, can you add share audio feature please ! also can i mix this application with another one that download mp3 files


i cant play music. Update please!

why you can not play bro.did you configure correctly.Did you replace YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME in Android Manifest.xml by using yours package name? if you can not listen music that means you did not configure correctly.You have to read my document very carefully.Many other clients can work with this app.It is offline app.

i need this,tell me is this a full version?

send message to me.My email

hello ypy , im already buy your code . Now can you modify the code so i can change the background ? please do soon , i need the code

yes bro i am in monday i will fix for you

okay i will waiting thanks

None of the audio actions work, I get the error, “Implicit intents with startService are not safe”. It looks like every intent is Implicit instead of Explicit. Are you going to update the app to resolve this?

Yes, the package name has been changed and I have changed the sdk targets in the, compilesdkversion is 22, targetsdkversion is 19.

now can you run music?

You were right, I had not changed YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME in AndroidManifest.xml to my package name. That fixed the Intents and everything works great. Thanks for the quick response.

Merhaba , Turkce Dil Destegi Mevcutmu ? Ve Bizim Verdigimiž Admob Banner Ekliyormusunuz ?

( Hello, MI Turkce Language Support Available? And our Verdigimiž Admob Banner Adds You Know? )

you can translate is too easy bro

banner of course support

Thanks :)

Hi, I use android studio. when will build apk, 98 error message in and the message all the same “Error: Package R does not exist”. How to fix it?

Bro, what android studio version did you use?

If i buyy i will get the latest updated eclipse and android studio codes both??

bro, let use android studio.That is my advise, eclipse is too old.please dont use it so you want to replace in splash with image?you want to have text?

Yes I want to replace whole slash screen with image of my choice. Something PNG or JPEG background. I want to use eclipse because I know eclipse only. Android studio I don’t know how to use, that’s why I mostly buy codes here which are eclipse based

why i said you have to move to android studio because now the old google play service will be removed as soon as possible.the eclipse only used Google play service 6.0.while the newest Google play service is 9.8.and so you can not use newest sdk admob.ok today is weekend.monday i will send you update

I have an error in this line could you help me please?!! import com.ypyproductions.musicplayer.R;

Ok, thanks. I am waiting..

Also one more thing that Equalizer option is not present in the app and in the screenshots here that you have shown have Equalizer, also in the description you have told Equalizer but originally it doesn’t have Equalizer. This was the main reason of buying this code that it has Equalizer but I am unable to find any Equalizer in the app. Help me here also.

Hi, Sorry. After playing Song in straight below it has equalizer option and working perfectly. Now i can see the equalizer with all functions. Sorry for earlier questions regarding Equalizer. Please Ignore them. Just need help only with Change in background splash Image. Thanks.

Hey . i buy this code today . and i found problem in this code … can you fix it please ?

What android studio version which you are using?

hey . its 2.1.3

Bro let use the newest android studio version 2.2.2, and import code again, if they ask you to convert anything, please accept it

Chào bạn, Nếu mình muốn load dữ liệu từ url thì phải chỉnh trong code như thế nào bạn? mình có api sẵn

HI bạn, cái đó phải tuỳ biến đó.Vì cái này la offline, load file sẽ nhanh hơn load url

Hi, Bạn làm load từ url cho mình được không? Nếu được mình trả thêm tiền cho bạn. email của mình :

check mail ban oi

hi sir, i like your code and i am ready to buy, but i need you to make it read mp3 from raw or asset folder i want to put my own music in the code and when the user open it will listen to my music not the music stored in his device. best regards

because your apk is very large.If you still try to code you have to bonus me for customize bro.One more things you can not listen music from assets we have to put it to raw folders

Hi Thank you for accepting my request How much the customization will cost me ? And when the code will be ready ?

Uygulamayı almayi dusunuyorum fakat satın alınca turkce olarak ve admob ekleyerek bana gonderebilirmisiniz?

I think you would like to get the app but could you send it to me by adding AdMob as a purchase and in turkish?

Hello, How to change the package name. because every time I change, there are many errors. I use android studio project.. I get the error, the package name is not changing ” R.Java ” newest android studio 2.give me what is your package name 3.i will send you source code

Android Studio 2.2.3 I use – Java SE Development Kit 8u121 win64 I use – packname – com.mrcroductions.muzikplayerpro – I do not know where the source code sucks :( E-posta : please help

Hi Sir please help me. your project shows interstitial, but not show banner. why?

bro you give me mp4 for what.i said you should give me your current source code and i will fix it

please checking your email again

ok man

Your application does not work on android 6.0.

why it is not work man.give me your source code to my email i will check man

i have just updated for android 6.0 and 7.0 and fix many bugs.let wait to see update

Befor I buy this code, I want to ask, Can I make playlist from mp3 file link… not from local library?

you can do it but we have to customize bro