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Hi, I imported Android Studio code to Android Studio. It runs, but it doesn’t play anything. nothing happens on listen_music screen. Nothing happens when clicking to player’s previous, next or play buttons.

did you replace YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME words in android manifest by your package name?pls read my document very carefully

Can i remove the internal Scanning and add my API that reads an XML File?

if you want to do it.YOU HAVE TO CUSTOMIZE APP

Hi I have a lot of mistakes, I did not modify the source code only string to change the words I leave a screenshot, please help.

you have imported all my code in eclipse

Yes, but even so still the error.

i have android studio code.why you don’t try?

Will you add albums in this app? its very important feature but its missing in this app. can you please add in next update?

Hi. Is is there album (ID3Tag) support?

Hi, in Android 5, this project has an error:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Service Intent must be explicit: Intent { }

How I can fix it?


Im starting the intents like this:

Intent i = new Intent(this,; i.putExtra(“ACCION”, accion); startService(i);

And sending an extra data with the action, then receiving:

Bundle bundle = intent.getExtras(); String action = bundle.getString(“ACCION”);

And switching, the problem I got now its with the broadcast.

Bro you should change targetSdkVersion of build.gradle to be 19 as my configuration when you download code.Dont change anything about this target.

And of course, with this configuration you can run with android 5.0 or 6.0 very well.Many clients faced Your problem because they did not understand about Android but they want to try configure other.That is mistake

Let import again my code.And only change packaganame and configuration as i suggest

WHy you faced this problem: Because you are using target sdk 21.It will use sdk 21 to be library while android 21 did not allow you to comunicate with service as i did.That why it is error.But if you revert it to be 19, the problem will be resolved.It is too easy.Dont configure anything if you did not understand about it

Help me, it’s my error : [2016-05-02 17:33:01 – Android SDK] Error when loading the SDK:

Error: Error parsing C:\Users\LUBINO\android-sdks\system-images\android-22\android-wear\armeabi-v7a\devices.xml cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Se ha encontrado contenido no válido a partir del elemento ‘d:skin’. No se espera ningún elemento secundario en este punto. Error: Error parsing C:\Users\LUBINO\android-sdks\system-images\android-22\android-wear\x86\devices.xml cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Se ha encontrado contenido no válido a partir del elemento ‘d:skin’. No se espera ningún elemento secundario en este punto. [2016-05-02 17:50:33 – SDK Manager] Deleting file C:\Users\LUBINO\.android\avd\Nexus_5X_API_23.ini [2016-05-02 17:50:33 – SDK Manager] Deleting folder C:\Users\LUBINO\.android\avd\Nexus_5X_API_23.avd [2016-05-02 17:50:33 – SDK Manager] AVD ‘Nexus_5X_API_23’ deleted. [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] Created AVD ‘android22’ based on Android 2.2, ARM (armeabi) processor, [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] with the following hardware config: [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] disk.dataPartition.size=200M [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.accelerometer=yes [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.audioInput=yes [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.battery=yes [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.dPad=no [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.device.hash2=MD5:ce947414aa538ac299b8d4f2b7faac44 [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.device.manufacturer=Generic [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] WVGA (Nexus One) [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.gps=yes [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.keyboard=yes [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.lcd.density=240 [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.mainKeys=yes [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.ramSize=512 [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.sdCard=no [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.sensors.orientation=yes [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.sensors.proximity=yes [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] hw.trackBall=yes [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] skin.dynamic=no [2016-05-02 17:51:29 – SDK Manager] vm.heapSize=32 [2016-05-02 17:54:02 – SDK Manager] Missing %s file in Android SDK. [2016-05-02 17:54:02 – SDK Manager] android.bat [2016-05-02 17:57:56 – android-support-v7-recycleview] Unable to resolve target ‘android-21’ [2016-05-02 17:58:02 – android-support-v7-recycleview] Unable to resolve target ‘android-21’

use Eclipse but on Android Studio with similar errors

dont use android emulator to test.You have to test on the real device

i want the app play mp3 files from server can you do that?

of is too easy

If i buy it can you do it for me? Do have like backend server or i have to use mine

hay, have you any video guide…

It would be great if you make an app based on the phpSound script.

it is native app not web app bro

Can you make a native app for phpSound? This script does not have “app”.

Can you make a native app for phpSound? This script does not have “app”.

Can I set My own music from server ?

Hello, nice player & GLWS :)

- can this app play videos ? - can this app run in background without the sound is paused or muted ? - user can set order to play sounds ? - there is any option to add share button like share with whatsapp ?

Best regards,

hey bro can you answer me plz

this app is for music player not video player.Music player is run on background and you can pause or resume via notification bar.WHy you dont check demo

because i don’t have android now, anyway thank you

Can you please provide an update for sdk 23. After updating to sdk23, Service is not getting started and you probably know the reason. I need to use this as part of my other app and have dependency of using sdk 23. Hope you look into the matter ASAP.

this is simple need to make it to be complex

But i have dependency to use sdk 23 only. i am ready to do changes myself. Any pointers in this regard will be helpful… Otherwise I need to start from scratch.

Thanks in advance.

why you dont update it.when you go back 19 if you did not library android studio will alert you to only need download and sync again

Hi, have a question. For $15 dollars will I get entire source code and will be able to modify it? Thanks.

of course bro

Hi, I actually have the same question as Dhrub34. Will I be able to get an access to all parts of the code and customize it?

of course

Hi I need to Built-in music player with music files in “raw folder” ((The sound is running inside the existing files in a “folder raw” When you open an application )) * Not run music files saved within the device’s memory Thank

Hello , can i change the music player background ? if can i will buy the code

hello are you finish ? why take a long time

sorry bro i was very busy yesterday now i have to travel with my family.that why i can not support anything.i will comeback at Saturday at this week.your function is very easy so if you buy it i will create for you when i back home.This is my promise so dont worry anything.hope you understand

i need the apk first bro , I do not want to waste my money


We don’t want to use interstitial ads on our music player so can you please help us replace banner ads with native ads or send us general instructions as how to do that.


its done not a problem anymore.

but i have few questions.

can we update this app to support “android wear” ????

or do you have any plans to update this app code with new features ????


android wear i will add in the feature.

ok thanks

we will wait for the next update

hello , i will purchase your item but help me modify the code , i need to change the background , okay ? and where is the place of interstitial you put on the code ?

yes is in main