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Hello can you send me the procedure with Android Studio?

How to import the project?

This app used eclipse.You can refer The android studio will be coming soon

Your admob ad coming late after app exit. when you will update it?

Yes ad showing but problem is that after long time of ad .. Please fix. reason it goes really late please check it.

No response from author???

THis is not error bro.I am using admob listener of admob sdk.After loading done, i will show ad.It is not my error.It is error of admob sdk

I’ve noticed the shuffle doesn’t work very well. It will choose a song that just played or even play the same song. also I cant get the notification bar to show the current album art. please help?

becuase you are turning on repeat function.About the current art in notification bar i did not add it in the current version.I will add it later or if you want to have full version with more and more functions you can send message to me

For now I think I’m gonna try to add the features i want myself. If I have a problem I’ll message you :) thanks.

Please is the java code include after purchase

What i mean is that,is the java code included after i purchase the package? I want to purchase the music player

of courses bro.

it is java code

plz help me android dependencies error eclipse

see my image bro

hello i have problem for music not play plz help

you did not replace YOUR_PACKAGENAME in androidmanifest.xml by using your packagename.please check it again

Hi, Your application still eclipse project?


yes it is eclipse

Can you help my problem? I have sent an email to you.

Thank you Regards

give me your teamviewer

After I change the package name, it says “The package definition in the manifest change, do you want to update your launch configuration”. Do I choose yes?

yes bro.Let choose yes

Thank you! :)

I’d like to request a feature.. To be able to view by Artist. Thank you!

Ok, I sent a message. Check spam/junk because for some reason my emails go in there.

Will you be putting this version up on Codecanyon? If not, will you still be updating it, if needed?

i can not update this fullversion to codecayon.Please the price is not good.I have just sent email.If you like, i will reskin and make new app for you

great person and amazing response time. very helpful also :)

Thanks so much bro

Hi. I’m interested in your app. Can you please send me a quote for the full version? Thanks

send private message to me or add my skype baopfiev_k50 to chat

Hello, can you please show me the full version which will have filters of artist and album

send private message for me

really nice music player application goes to the other songs a song is finished playing mixed ringtones and caller ring tone messages can also do much about responding to dealers messages immediately.

Hi, I have problem i’m run on Bluestack but i can’t play music *.mp3. I’m use Android Studio.

i can’t push Play button. Thank.

because you did not replace YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME in android manifest by using yours.Please read my document very carefully.

Please check my email.I have just sent you.My email is

My PC does not work the eclipse, I can modify it with android studio?

hello of course you can use android studio

I want to update the application on google play, and gives me error, I have to change version is what he tells me, when I change the version the application closes automatically.

android: VersionName = “1.0.1”> perfect works android: VersionName = “1.0.2”> when installing the app automatically closes.

I’m editing in eclipse.

lol it is error from exporting you use ecliose or android dtudio

Hi, one quick question. this app will work with android studio? Please answer ASAP. I have to buy it today

of works on android studio and eclipse

As I can do to show only interstitial ads.

Hi! I installed your demo app, but I don’t find the feature “set ringtone” and “set notification”. You can tell me if this functionality exists in the app?

clcick the three dots icon you will see it

Hi bro….i purchased your app but while executing i am getting 101 errors …..........can you reskin his app with futures like Genres,Albums,Artists….......can you sent cost details to my mail

give me your email.i have full version if you like please send message to me my email is can you sent me cost details , how much does full version cost…...