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Nice Work, GLS… ;)

Thanks bro

Amazing splash effect…

Eclipse or Android Studio ?


How to Listen in Background mode ? Can’t find it .

Listen in background as google play music.You can next prev via notification or you can next prev pause stop music in lock screen

How to change the color of background the pink color !

Bro i have said this problem in my document.Please read it carefully

thank u

Hi nice work, how can I add android support-v7 recycleview libraries? To the MaterialDialog? no resource. Thanks.

My bad bro. thanks 5* i will buy one more license soon.

Yes bro.Give me good rating.LOL

You deserve it keep it up.

the newest source code has just updated on codecayon

Still the same problem even with the updated version.

Fixed it

I dont see the way to set the song as ringtone or notif. as stated. How do you do this?

in home screen with each song row.Click three dot button you will see it

prob with ads in the new update !

contact me i have a prob skype : facebook:Hamzak2b

The new version can’t play the tracks, also ads not working. Help.

Please read my document carefully before asking.Dont forget any step in my document

You need to mention in your document that you should change the package name in androidManifest.xml to play music. same thing with ads

public static final boolean SHOW_ADVERTISEMENT = false;

need to be changed to

public static final boolean SHOW_ADVERTISEMENT = true;

All these informations are missing in your document. Thanks.

this is option which i said that in my document.Everything is in my document.Every my apps has same way to configure ads

Nice work ! Keep it up :)

Hi, I bought the code and after importing it to Eclipse i’m getting a lots of errors and the code failed to run and build. Please see the screenshot

Need your help to solve this issue A.S.A.P

Thanks Ofer

Hi, First thanks for your answer. I did both of them. some of the errors fixed but still the project won’t build and run. Please see the screenshot

Maybe you can come on Teamviewer to see it and fix? Thanks Ofer

hello, give me teamviewer i will support

you can contact with me by sending private message or add my skype baopfiev_k50

Please dont buy any product of this Author he is being very abusive while support over skype . I can show screenshot of chat .

You can do anything which you want.I have supported you and you voted me one star.It is not fair.And i think no one trust you.I am always here to support my client.

I never run away.I am always here to face to problem.

So you want me to show screenshots what all you have said to me in skype chat ?

I have used this guys products and his help many times. Very good 5 STAR, and he does provide very good support. For the price and support you can’t beat it. I am sure at times frustration can occur for both parties when people make changes to the code outside of instructions, and it breaks the app. Again purchased many items. Not this one yet, but will shortly.

Not looking good. What’s the complaint? The service looks shabby and the last comment seems to be fake account. What are the problems?

whay do you want to do?

One client spam me.So i have asked support from codecayon to remove it.If you are interested in my app let call me.I never cheat anyone.You can see my ranking and reviews.I am always here to support my client.That all

Nice App. I will buy this app. I sent email to you.

I don’t fully understand. when you say play music from library what library? do you have to create a server with the music?

library is the music set which imported from your music files in sdcard.understand?

I just purchase this, Can I open the script in android studio

THis is eclipse project.Please read my document.Android studio or eclipse is not important.It is code editor bro.Let install eclipse if you have any problem, i can help you via teamviewer

how can we add a visual eq when the music is playing?

I bought this, but i can’t find source file(ypylibs.jar), please send me (email)

What happen with you? MY code is very heavy, you should upload to dropbox and send me link.Maximum file which you can attach in Gmail is 25MB. i have two emails: or

Did you send email.WHy you dont trust me? I am not trickers as you think

I have fixed this problem.Please dont forget replace YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME in android manifest.xml by using your packagename.

Ban co phien ban iOS khong ?