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Hi Application crashes at android 7

hi three months ago android 6 and 7 update

Give me email, i will add support android 6 and android 7.0 for you

I have updated for android 6.0 and 7.0, let wait to see update

Thank you for updating!

Hi, You did a great job. However, I will need some extra development from you. Could you send an email to vennassafir@gmail.com ?


1) If I understand correctly, My Music Player and xMusic – Android Online Offline Music Player are almost the same. The only difference is the skin and SoundCloud API feature in xMusic player. Is that right?

2) Do you have iOS version for both of them? I want to buy android version, can I get iOS after buying?

3) I saw the comments with your users saying that PlayStore removes some of your apps from their market place. You have a manual for reskinning xMusic but won’t I have my app rejected if I buy My Music Player? Do I need to reskin it as well?

1.yes man but xmusic has more function
we have also ios version.but price is higher.Before my user did not understand about reskin.They only buy app and submit.in new xmusic i have supplied document for reskin

Please reply on Skype, I added you, but you don’t response. I would like to ask details :)

hello bro.today is my weekend tomorrow i will reply you.thanks bro


imtepha Purchased

ggod evening i opened this project on android studio and i have some error in the layout . do you use android studio as IDE or eclipse ? if it possible can you send me the android studio version ? Thanks in advance !

we are using android studio bro.I have uploaded it in the current source code, please check it again.We have removed eclipse from long time ago because it did not support for android 5.0 and up.

When are you going to update the application? add new functions? has some apps for sale with more functions and prices well below yours.


Can you create app for PhpSound to Android and IOS


can i use google meterial icon in order to submit this app google play store. google meterial design icon is free to use?