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Hi, this is very cool – i assume there is no reason why it could not be added in front of a WordPress theme right?

Thank you.

This is not for wp. But you only need to use you jQuery version + mymessage.js and mymessage.css in your page.

After that, call the trigger that initialize the puglin.

That’s what I thought. Great thank you. I am trying to work it into a project I have in mind so will book mark it for now. Thanks

Ok Charlie. Have a nice day.

Would be amazing if you can load tweets like that!

Ohh that’s a pretty good idea. I’ll consider that in the next update

Hello I want to buy but have a question maybe you can help me out Im Interested in the “timeout version” is it possible to have say a picture then the 6 second delay and then take you to the main page? and only be used for that?

Where do I execute window.location=”www.sample.socalgraphiks.com”

also can i have an image as the background instead of changing color?

For the JavaScript, check the tutorial 5 “callback on close”

Replace the alert for that redirection

Hello, Is there a way for me to make the loader stop when the destination page is fully loaded? Hopefully there is a way just using this code.

$.MyMessage({ texts:[ {text:”Loading Page…”}, {text:”This app is memory intensive.”}, {text:”Loading Finished!”},

    clicktoclose: false,
    showhint: false,
    timeout: 12000,
                {color: "#662d91"},
                {color: "#ec008c"},

Hi, Thank you for your comment and feedback. I’m not sure if you are asking me or just pointing your solution.

Any kind of support you can contact me via email using my profile (http://codecanyon.net/user/klerith)

This is an amazing preloader… an essential part of my app.

Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me :)

hi, you can replace the background color with images?

No Fausto, is not possible.

Hi there,

I have a doubt about your plugin. Can I use it inside a div? This div is inside a tab, and I want the animation to be shown when the tab is shown for a limited period of time. Is that possible?

is possible but inside an iframe… Div<iframe<plugin