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wiradeh Purchased

hello, sometimes app force close on some types of mobile phones when choosing images via the gallery

I think that some users use third-party galleries instead of the standard android gallery

Third-party galleries can have their own permissions, etc.

Sorry, but the third-party galleries – a thousand and I can not ensure compatibility with all third-party applications ..


wiradeh Purchased

its okay, i sent you email

hello author i wan buy this code but i have one question. In this code can I add or change the category? And the current data when users upload is saved at the server or local


1) Categories you can add using the admin panel

2) All user data is stored on the server

Hi, I have problem with profile reports, when I send a report, I can not see it in the admin panel. Do you know what could happen?

Thank you

I have checked again and only the profile report works when you are inside the profile but when you are in the product does not work inform button.

Mr Author someone hack my account. Changed my Email and password used up all the money I donated to my account now I can’t access my account any more $200 of my donation and $54 of purchasing Marketplace and Qachat. Have lost everything

What relation do I have to your envato account?

So you never change ?

If you have problems with the Envato account – Please write to envato support

hello, im very interested to buy this application and i thank you for great job, have 2 questions please : 1. how possible to create arabic version ? 2. is there instructions within the document you give about install and reskin it ?


hii .. i try to try this app but error show

( loading data error has occurred check your internet)

i have internet acess normaly


Sorry, support only for buyers.

hello , i got 406 error after installing the php and tring login in via facebook any idea how to fix this problem i search the comments the document and didnt find any thing, help pls :)

Please disable mod_security module on you hostind

ok thanks :)


ali88jo Purchased

i need to add price like this 2.25 $ when i do that the price convert to 2 $ where i can change the price to double or what solution for that problem

hello dimitry, how to slow down/delay appactivity.java , because images in appactivity too quickly disappear

have a good day!

Do you mean “Splash Screen”?

The display time depends on the speed of the Internet connection. When the application receives data from the server – “Splash Screen” disappears

I will not change this, because this is the best option.

Do an artificial delay, I think it’s stupid