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how to 1. add native admob ads ? 2. add show popup menu in CardView


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HI, i ask about files to translate admin side , if there one file or language include with code?

Admin panel does not contain a single file with the translation language. All files in the “admin” folder

WELSHA Mr Author the down fall of a man is the ability to boost about what he can do and neglecting and not sharing what He has . But as for me i know that i might have not expressed myself the right or the obvious way but as i said before your App is incredible , PHP side not easy to modify but have understand it well. As must say the APP is one in A million

how do I get the version 1.3 is the future of paid again ..?

I mean, can you enroll my gmail account as a developer ..?

I mean, can you enroll my gmail account as a developer ..?

whether free application consultation ..?


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I want to connect the languages I.E. English and Spanish so it can be changed by user.

1) How to add a language for website – described in the documentation. The user will be able to choose the language of their own.

2) How to add language to the application – refer to the Internet, a lot of information. It is not difficult. The app will automatically choose the language for the user – depending on the system language.

This is an important Question to The Author @ qascript lets just visualize this Scene. Let say i purchased the source code and also i purchase A web host and Domain but i prefer VPS hosting, How will i gain back my Money using your Source code and App because People post for free on the website

hi I have some questions before making a purchase markeplace my application: 1. This application is configured firebase or code should be modified again …? 2. free consultation..?

Please answer..

thank you..

can you help me ? I`ve follow your instruction in documentation, but when i try to sign up, the web apps not responding, what should i do

1) You did not perform installation: http://yousite.com/install.php

2) I can see that some of the files uploaded – with errors. Maybe you upload files via the web interface.

My advice:

To get started: upload files to the server as needed.

Perform installation: http://yousite.com/install.php

Create a category in the admin panel

For the future: read the documentation.

ok thanks

its work, thanks, would you like to create online mp3 with seekbar, serivce, and download option ? the current apps in codecanyon is not good, and also use the feature in this apps namely, push notification, and stream message, like MP3 Marketplace

Hello, does it have expiration date for ads to expire? Do you have the option to register different packages for users and monetize the app?


1) of this function is not. The user himself removes ads.

2) I’m sorry, your question about the “packages” I do not understand.

Everything is working fine, but when I publish from the app, I select the category for example cars and it is published in sports, it is published in a different category to the one that I select, how can I solve it?

I do not have a credit card, how do I buy apps markeplace without a credit card ..?