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how o replace title ” my market place” on the web page???

I not find word “marketplace app” in index.php

Dear, the config db.inc.php does not need to be edited ???

I think the site name is specified in the db.inc.php config!

See the constants APP_NAME and APP_TITLE

Wow…. thanks you very much! :)

how to hide time of post in the app android? i want view date only not time, because time of server wrong in read

file “class/class.items.inc.php”, line 470

Thanks you.. :)

Hey, can you addimage recognition feature, like when someone takes a picture, the title of the product gets auto completed based on the image? Like this guys over here: http://pssthemes.com (check their Classifieds app)

please do not post links – this is spam. thanks for the comment. have a good day.

Oh, sorry. Can you add it to your app?

No, I do not think about adding such a function

What is supported payment methode?

There are no payment systems. The seller and the buyer agree on the payment method themselves

Please advise on this error, I am trying online to resolve this and getting no where:

Gradle sync failed: Could not find method android() for arguments [build_cmskf0wjjh0skzgqp1j9qzll2$_run_closure2@1daf39f6] on root project ‘Marketplace’ of type org.gradle.api.Project.

This error occurs when I try to run the app.


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I have version android can you send me version iOS free ?!


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hello How to update this compile ‘com.android.support:design:23.2.0’ when update to 25.0.0 my app doesn’t work

I think that you need to change the SDK version to a higher one


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Dear qascript, first i want to say thank you for your support and this is one of the best code i purchased so far.The only problem is i can set Price lager than 9999999999 and separate them by point such as 9.999.999.999 . I hope you can spend a bit of your time to help me out. Thanks

Excuse me, I did not understand your question …

The latest version has the function of dividing numbers


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Chatting does not go away. I click on “delete”, but it does not turn off.