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how to edit user item detail through admin panel

In the admin panel, no such function


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hi dear, while trying to test the application, i tried to add new item through AddNewItem, all is fine except the add location part, i am already turned on the GPS on my phone but the app keep showing me to activate the GPS setting and not showing my location, I tried this on the version uploaded on the play store, please your urgent support since i have deadline to deliver the project. thanks in advance.

If the application has not been able to retrieve your location: the app invites you to enable the “geolocation features” on your device.

Try to restart the application without turning off geolocation on your phone.

I recommend using real devices for testing

Hey qascript hope you doing well ,, i have 2 problems just before i publish my app connected with facebook from website doesnt work it gave me error i think the problem with ( Valid OAuth redirect URIs ) what should i write in this place ? i wrote my domain name also i tried “mydomain.com/signup.php” didnt work at all so please can you help me with this ?

also i have made the steps for emoji but when i use them in chat i just get ( ??? ) instead of the emoji

i just need your help with this and i will be done with everything

thanks in advance

1) Facebook authorization – wait for updates

2) How to add emoji support – read the documentation.


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mar88wan Purchased

while testing the application, i have got the following problems:

1. block users: when i block someone, the blocking applied only on messages and not applied on comments. 2. notifications: the notifications not delivered to all users while showing on the admin panel that it is delivered to all. 3. messages: when i open my messages tab the application shuts down ( i got JSON format error, please note that i am using arabic messages, is this may cause the probelm?) 4. report users and items: i found the reports for users on the admin panel but nothing found for items.

Hi! Firstly, great app. Is there any way we can change the ‘Just how’ when we receive the chat to ‘Just now’?

ChatFragment.java line 1219

The report button in a product does not receive a message in the administration panel but I use the report button of a profile if it works.

You would know how to solve it.

Thank you

Hi, could you help me please?

Thanks for the comment. I forgot to add a link to the page with reports to items

Log in to the admin panel and type in the browser:


[presale] do you modifications?


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How to remove Email RESTRICTION on signup ? i want people to sign up without forcing them to give email address

It is not possible to do this in a simple way.

It is necessary to rewrite the logic of authorization, etc. – This is a difficult question.

Excuse me, I will not do it.

Secondly, email is used for password recovery


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hi. how can I remove the floating action button on the profile page? just wanna leave it on the main activity page. and…does the latest version has the rating/review feature? I kinda see the review table in the db though.

1) I never use local servers and I can not help you with this issue

2) xampp can be with nginx server or apache


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it was an error from .htaccess. it’s okay. it was solved anyway.

This project does not use .htaccess files!

Perhaps this was the problem of your (third-party) .htaccess files


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hi man want to ask if you do some changes on the website in the new version , i m facing some issues specially with Facebook login and signup ,.. app working fine but the website doesn’t work properly


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there is also an issue im facing now , in the general tab of the admine panel there is button there called ” Close all Authorizations ” i dont know since i click that button i cant create a new account on the app or login to main account also , on the website its ok but not on the app anymore , for what that button actually ???


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i fixed the login issue , waiting for your advice on using GCM from admin panel

1) Configure FCM – http://ifsoft.co.uk/help/how_to_create_fcm/

In step 3 Click -> Add Firebase to your Android app

2) “Close all Authorizations” – for example, after the user is locked, all user sessions must be closed so that the user can not write comments, etc.

Hi there, I want to buy this app today but you said “Facebook authorization is fixed (a new SDK is integrated)” Can you tell me when you will update app with this feature before I buy it ? Or If I buy it now, can you give me sources with this update ? Thanks

Hi! Many thanks for your help. I need users to register before using the app , please help

I need the users to have to register obligatorily so that they can enter

File AppActivity.java

you need rewrie function “onStart”

hello i have downloaded the scripts but i can not find db.sql file ! where can i find it?

You can send me a screenshot to my email: qascript@mail.ru

Hello i have sent you a screen but you dont replay

Dear, I see that you have a lot of errors on the server (when accessing files, for example, files “css”) “error 500”

I think that you have problems with the access rights on the server.

In any case – this is the problem of your server

Hi, it is possible to have iOS and Android version on same database/website version, I mean I only manage by 1 backend. Thanks


IOS app and Android app have the same / identical database, api and server part

Thank you for your quick reply, So I only need to install 1 web version for backend. Right?

How about language? It is user can change the language by its apps (both ios and android) as well as web version? (Selection)

Hi , i would like to knew if its possible to change the text language of the app from English. and if its possible hows its complexity as am limited in programming. Your answer is appreciated and thank you.

It’s very easy to change the language – you need to translate one file