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“Manage teams” How is it used?

there is no management teams yet.


xgamerx Purchased

long time I want to take into account when sorting the heads of the volume number. Example:


demor03 Purchased

i send you email about the mass scrapper waiting for your reply

Can u please send me Google drive extention ?

hi, please contact me as described on the script. tnx

Change image manager (in chapters) by drag and drop:

hi i can’t login admin i saw in phpadmin and use it showing Incorrect username, email or password how to fix it?

email sent

Very useful extension “tricki/laravel-notification”

With the help of him made a system of notifications of new comments and new chapters straight on the site.

how can we avoid dmca complaints on these? also if i will host the website on offshore then the database will be on azure will it be ok?

i am planning to buy this script.

the script can’t do nothing for this, is related to your hosting provider and how you use the reader. e.g. don’t publish licensed content to avoid them.

Hi cyberziko, I would like to buy your script, but I don’t have any kind of credit card. I heard that you’re Vietnamese, if that’s true, can I pay via ATM?

hi, no I’m not vietnamien :) , and the only way to buy, is from this page via paypal or credit card. tnx for your interest best regards

Hi cyberziko, can you send me Google Drive extension? My email is tr a ng 11 (without space) I have contact you as described too.

Another question: is it safe if I upgrade laravel to version 5.*?

@trang1104_1 If you follow the instructions, it’s safe.

error scrapper ninemanga spanish

must go out

please help

error in

Storage Mode: Copy URLs without downloading images.

Storage Mode: Local server.


Function to download the image to the server

any solution

Hello! How to configure for the site redirect to https? And how do I put the share button on every page of the site? Answer the email I sent for support. And I want the personalized scraping.

check your mail!!!

email sent

Hi cyberziko, can you send me Google Drive extension? I have send you MSG before but you did not reply my email:kingsminou @

after purchasing the script.

Hi cyberziko, i am having several errors scrapping manga from other manga sites. how can i remedy this?

{{{ $safe }}} {{ $notSafe }}

use e($__env->yieldContent(‘description’)); To escape html in manga (app/views/front/layouts/default.blade.php)

Hi cyberziko, I sent an email to you, but in case you didn’t check your mail, I also leave a comment here.

The extension isn’t working!

After setting up following the instruction, I tried to upload an image for a chapter, but it isn’t working. The cms pops a message saying that image uploaded successfully, but also shows error below the progress bar, the error is “Whoops, something wrong” or [Object object] if debug is enabled. I thought it might be my fault for customizing the cms, but then I checked with a fresh install and error still occurred.

Steps to replicate the error: 1. Setup Google API following the instruction. 2. Configure the CMS following the instruction. 3. Create a new manga 4. Create new chapter manually 5. In the chapter created, choose Add page >> Upload Images 6. Click Add images, choose an image, then click Start upload & save 7. Error displayed. Go back to chapter page, no image there.

Please check the extension and fix it ASAP!