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Heey h-doujins can you emal me at i have some questions about this file.

@h-doujins so that means we should re-download the script and re-upload it to our sites?? im quite concern about the security. also, I hope the next update will be more on security (like 2 authentication that will send to your email)

Low security men, THEY HACKED ME ALL THE TIME it changes the title of the post, please fix that bug

with the last update most of the bug fixes, but the last one is in the title they insert javascript

example <title>Tenryuu Comic <script src=”http://example/javascript.js”></script></title> this also happened in the categories

sorry if you do not understand I do not speak English

we can’t create categories without the appropriate permission, verify your roles & permissions. In addition send me the URL of the impacted page in private (by email).

ok, I will review the roles, when I have affected pages again I will send in private if it happens again

The last security fix is now broken again. The hacker able to put script back into the site. I’ve been emailing you but haven’t got any reply back. Any other security patch again?

I have sent to you many emails with patchs, like I said to hentaisd, we can’t create any content without the appropriate permission, verify your users, roles & permissions.

And I already install all of them, and do all of your suggestion, none are skipped.

The first thing that I check every time there are incident are: users, roles and permission. Also, I already check that I am the only admin on the site.

I just notice the code today on my site, when my CPU suddenly spiking making it unresponsive. I can’t say how he got into the system but putting that aside, it probably leads that someone already found another hole in your security patch.

For note, I always do all the steps based on your suggestion, so please don’t think I don’t take all of your suggestion seriously.

I already read your email and will reply after I create the ftp account.

Seeing that there’s many thread summoning the same issue, I think it is the time for you to take a major security audit and update. This isn’t the first case for me, and I don’t think it will be the last (though I really hope it will be the last)

You told me to send you an email if the site goes hacked again, and now it does. Please check your email.

hello. i think my site has been affected with this hacking thing. i really dont know what to do to fix it since i change the login link, even removing it. they can still make new users + there is some miner code thing which i dont know where to fix that one. how can i fix it???

Hi , i bought the script recently i like it but i would like to monetize my web site that i create whith the network POPADS their code it tell me where is the header.php or where i put my code </head> where is this part in the code of script , thanks

I got hacked again, any permanant fixed for this?

In progress, to be released next week.

Everyone check your Sql tables for assigned roles and change any one that is set to 1 other than you to 3. There was a user with the admin role but it appeared as guest on user list.

In addition, CHANGE your secret key inside app.php to make all existing login tokens void. You MUST do this if they once took over an admin account, or they could just ‘resume’ their ‘remember me’ session!

First of all after installation, you need to assign a new key with the command “php artisan key: generate”

Also after setting up the site, you need to disable all admin functions except add manga and chapters.

You also need to disable CKeditor upload image

So you will protect yourself from hacking.

Nice update, but one thing, on the colorful theme when you sort by any type the thumbnails break on the manga list. I really like the new admin page! Thanks for the update, hopefully this is fixed soon.

One more thing, when adding a bookmark from the info page of a manga, a error is returned.

Wow, Thanks a Gift from you Cyberziko, Will renew support & try your new update. Feedback will let you know soon.

Great job & Happy New Year.


xgamerx Purchased

Thanks for going to the modular, you can do your own modules. I will upgrade to the new version!

Interested with your script, but is this possible to add multi server features for storage image for another alternative google drive?

when you drive is full you can change the account.

I mean for alternative google drive like server storage with FTP/SFTP/API or cloud storage cdn like s3 or c14 from for image storage

How to use Google Drive extension ? I contact email you not reply again

Need help for migration from ver.1.9 to 2.0 & change host database migration to new domain. Pls. check my email.


Gecko1986 Purchased

Could you upgrade to laravel 5.5? I’m awaiting until then before I start porting my zillion custom changes :s

no upgrade to 5.5 is planned for now.

PLease help me, i always fail to install this script in webuzo, i use nginx and php 7

I want to buy, but I’m expecting a scraper for Brazilian sites like unionmangas and mangahost, someday I’ll have a scraper in that language?