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Hi! I’m looking for a client for a booking system. They have 1 apartment to rent out & 1 dorm room with beds to rent out. Is both possible if i understand right?

The preview pictures of your system on your website are not possible to open and they are too small to see anything, would be great to be able to see the backend in more details Season Prices are possible? Is there an iCalendar where we can connect AirBnB to it? I read that the multilanguage is not perfectly working – where is the problem here? We really would need it multi languageable.

I like the plugin, I hope it works for us ;) Thx

and here is more about our chanel management airbnb is among 200+ channels

thanks for your patience!!!

I didnt find a list of channels over there. So a connection to AirBnB is possible, right (with paying €1 per month) .. How does the workprocess work … I get the plugin, and then get in connection with you to get the add on for channelmanger and let you know which channels we need?

you can leave a message in the contact form and our team will respond to all your questions in due course.

for those of you struggling with the multi-language feature… i finally got this to work - using qtransalte-x plugin as mentioned in my-hostel documentation - you can make .mo and .po files from the booking.pot using poedit program - upload .po and .mo files you made in poedit to wordpress dir – wp-content/languages/plugins

hope that helps


1) is it possible to list accommodations from the same category on a page – how to do that?

2) is it possible to include a filter in the search form to search accommodations in the specified category only.

I think both the above would be a great addition to the script

thanks Cliff

Hello! Thank you for your question. Both issues you mentioned require customization. Please PM and we can see what can be done)). Thank you.


chaurun Purchased

Hello, i am getting some issues regarding the plugin. I am using the Kallyas theme (in case it matters).

Whenever i complete a booking without ticking a Service, the booking will complete with the warning: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/dockin66/public_html/wp-content/plugins/my-hostel/my-hostel-main.php on line 3331

Besides that, when i only enable: “Book now. Pay Later: Customers do not have to pay online payment to make reservation.” i cant seem to reach the confirmation page. When i fill in the details and submit, the page just refreshes. When i enable PayPal and i select Cash, i can reach the confirmation page.

Hopefully you can enlighten me on whats going on in case i missed out on some settings.

Thank you!


It seems that something went wrong with your installation. Please submit a ticket and we will check what the issue is.

Thank you!


chaurun Purchased

I have submitted a ticket. Anyway i might have solved some of the issues but hopefully without any bugs. However, i am still unable to display the Calendar (shortcode doesnt seem to work) and noticed another issue – i seem to be getting double notification emails to both sides. Any help would be great. Thanks!


Greta to hear that all is fine now. As for the display, the shortcode works perfectly well, it might be some overwriting there. Our support team will help you with that. Thank you!

Dear Sirs, i bought this morning the Hostel plugin for wordpress and i cannot install because i get this from the website:

- Il plugin ha un’intestazione non valida. i.e The plugin has an invalid header.

what can i do ? Item Purchase Code: 942908a8-0ae5-4375-89e5-978aed618ede thanks Giorgio Marini

Hi Giorgio!

Thank you for your letter. Please follow the documentation instructions for installation!/installation

- Go to Plugins > Add new - Click Upload - Select the file - Click Install now - Once the plugin has been installed click Activate Plugin

Please let me know if there will be further questions.

Thank you!

Hi – I’m looking for a booking plugin which allows customers to book multiple rooms. Does your plugin handle multiple room bookings (similar to etc)?

Hello! Booking multiple rooms will require customization of the plugin that can be done on a payment basis. Please feel free to contact us via this form Thank you!

Hi !

I bought is plugin 5 hours ago,so far I met several ///serious/// problems as below: 1) I clicked “Activate Plugin”, and got the following error message: (the title of this plugin is wrong )

2) the following pages don’t show up on the front end.(shortcode isn’t working!) Search Result page Services page Booking page Confirmation page

3) Add New Accommodation (Featured) Image cannot upload form media library… reviews page show:Oops, This Page Could Not Be Found!

I would be really grateful if you could help me to the above question.

Software Version:WordPress 4.8 qTranslate‑X used

Hello! Let me check.

Hello !

when guest booked 7 nights(over 6 nights),total price shown is not correct(Please refer to the following URL)

I’m waiting for 1 day, but I don’t see your solution(via email). Please solve it ASAP !

Hi, your issue has been dealt with. Thank you!

¿How traslate the plugging ?

Hello! Thank you for contacting. Here are guidelines for translation!/localization Thank you!

I have 3 problems with Plugging: 1- Does not work well on responsive 2- I can not specify an email address (or 2 or 3 emails) to receive the reservations, send it to the email address by default of wordpress, which in this case is not the administrator of the hostel 3- The search for places in the rooms does not work well, I have several rooms of 2 places and one of 17. If I look for 1 guest, all appear, if I look for 2 guests only leave the rooms of 2 places but not the one of 17, and if I look for 3 it comes back out the one of 17. They should all leave when looking for 2 places. You can see it on the testing page:

Hello! Please provide us with your contact via this form and we will fix these issues for you.

Thank you!

Hello, I am thinking of purchasing this plugin and would just like to know a couple of things. My client has one house with 4 rooms for guests. Does this plugin allow for multiple guests or groups to book the same room in the same house? The house is like a hostel. I know it sounds silly but I have seen some plugins that once a date is booked the calendar blocks it. I guess what I need it to do is this…Clients come to the site and there is a house with 4 rooms and in each room there are 4 bunkbeds (sleeps 8). A client books for 3 nights for 4 people in room 1. Can another client book the same room for 3 people or will the calendar block those dates rendering the room as only to sleep 4 people therefore missing out on the other clients. I hope I have made it fairly clear. Thank you.

Hello! Thank you for your questions. Yes, the plugin allows multiple guests to book beds in the same rooms. So, the calendar will block only beds , NOT rooms in this case. Or your customers can book the rooms with all beds (depends on your settings). In this case the calendar will block the whole room. Please let me know if there will be further questions.


i already downloaded my_hostel file into PC. Then install to my homepage via wordpress “add plugins” for upload (using upload plugin). three time install(ed) into my wordpress still failure. Please help and give the suggestion to me.

Hello! Please provide us with your contact via this form and we will help you with installation.

Thank you!

please check my ticket. already sent to you.

Hello! Your ticket had been dealt with. Thanks!


I am having dificulty displaying the functions in pages plus I don’t have the Search Results page.

I am trying to implement the Hostel Plugin on to subpages of a site I am creating.

Am I missing something?

Kind regards


Hello! Thank you for contacting. Please make sure that you followed the installation instructions:!/installation

If you will still experiencing problems, please provide us with your admin access via this form and we will help you with installation.

Thank you!

Hello, I am having a slight issue with the systems search section. The GUESTS button it too small and the arrow obscures the text. It is all a bit squished too but I think that might be the main template.

Do you accomodate for monthly bookings?

not with default settings…. you will need to customize the plugin


I was wondering if I can have a refund on my purchase. The plugin does not do what my client needs.

Does this plugin support Pay U Money Payment Gateway?

Hello! You will need to integrate PayU payment gateway additionally.

Please let me know if you will have other questions.

I need to buy good plugin for my client. Actually yours is acting weird in google chrome…

Hello! here is a link for DEMO version.

Hi, i got some presale question, i want to create a blacklist/userbanned database which only registered user can see. this database can be search either from nama, email, id number, phone no. etc. if one of the keyword exist in the database, the warning would appear. “this <name> have been blacklisted> something like that.

is it possible to accomplish this situation using your plugin?