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good job, very nice work ! wish you lots of sales ;)

Thank you very much !!! ))

Hi, Very nice plugin ! I’d like to customize a bit it. Do you know if i can do the following : - Make reservation for half a day ?

Hello! Thank you for your comment ) . In order to make a reservation for half a day, additional customization is needed. If you need advise please feel free to PM.

Hi, Just a quick few questions:

1.I want to use this for 5 different bungalows, each having a calendar and a option to search like in the demo is this possible?

2. Each bungalow has different prices depending on the time of year such as summer being peak times, so can i input prices for each week / bungalow?

3. I don’t want people to pay there and then as the bungalow could get booked out on another site, so is there an option for like offline booking so it can take you to a contact form at the end that says something like “enquire about this bungalow date” which just sends an email to me with their contact details.


Hello! Thank you for your questions. Let me take them one by one.
  • 1. Yes, you can use MyHostel plugin for 5 different bungalows. The availability calendar has a filter allowing to select an accommodation/bungalow and show each bungalow separately.
  • 2. Yes, you can. You should upload your bungalow as an <accommodation> and you can input price per bungalow.
  • 3. MyHostel plugin is coming with 3 booking modes. One of the booking modes is by request bookings (offline bookings). You can select to have “By request” booking mode only. In this case, customer will fill in the contact form, submit required info and you will receive an email with his/her contacts. All the texts in HTML email, confirmation, etc are CUSTOMIZABLE, so you can put any texts there, including “enquire about this bungalow date”.
  • Seemed this is all re your questions. Most importantly we will be glad to assist, in case you will need support in customization.
  • Thank you again and please let us know if there are further questions.

Thank you, It sounds like it will do the job!

Hi, I’ve recently bought your plugin which is perfectly what i needed. Still, i’d like to make reservation for half a day and to translate this plugin in french. For the translation part, Loco Translate plugin doesn’t recognize your plugin.

Any ideas ?

Thanks !

Hello! Thank you for your comment. My Hostel plugin is compatible with qTranslate-X translation plugin (!/localization)

Regarding half a day reservation and Loco plugin issue, please submit a ticket using this form: and our dev team will get back to you with recommendations asap. Thank you!.

Hello! Now you can ask your questions via Live Chat on Demo version. Also, please feel free to PM with questions / concerns.

Can I add more than one photo to a room? if so how many can I add?

Hello! Thank you for your question.

Yes, you can add more than one photo to a room. There is no limit to that.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Also, please feel free to PM if you will need support with customization.

Thanks and will do.

good day. can I use wpml plug for translation? website is based already with wpml. can I change currency?

Hello! As I understand there is an issue with your Virtual Composer. Please submit a ticket using this form: and we will get back to you asap.

Thank you!

Thx. Would be nice if you can solve the problem perfect and we can use you plug as our new booking system

Yes, we will fix the Virtual Composer issue.

hi, i’m considering to purchase your plugin for a hostel i’m developing and i felt in love with it. but i have some questions before making the purchase.

1. in my country Colombia we dont have stripe and paypal is so expensive to withdraw the money (10USD per transaction fee+ 6days waiting) so i need to add local payment gateways. i found some local payment provider that works with woocommerce and they have some kind of plugins. there is a chance to make an API or something to enable other local payment gateways? i’m not a techy guy so i’m trying to make it work all by myself with limited coding knowledge.

2. One requirement that my client ask is the integration with third party booking platforms, so when i realized you have tripadvisor and Facebook i felt i found the perfect one. But trip advisor is not the only booking platform we use. I want to know if i can integrate hostelworld, expedia, hostelbookers also.

3. i cant see any backend demo but i would like to know if i can 2-way-sync the rooms calendar with google calendar, in case hostel world or hostelbookers are not supported to avoid having overlaping bookings. so i can manage all in google calendar.

4.I want to implement a cmr or database with my clients, there is any chance to integrate with podio, or conect thorug zappier or other ifft services? Thank you so much in advance!!

Hello! Thank you for your questions. Before responding in details can you please provide with details of your local payment gateway?

congratulations ;)

Thank you very much! ))


nice plugin!

Can i put only search form on my home page, and once you hit Search you are redirected to search results page. This is what i need on my homepage.

Best Regards,



Thank you for your comment and question.

Yes, you can put only search form wherever you like as a search widget. Please let us know if you will need some assistance in doing this.

Thanks again!

hi, i love your plugin. great work. i need your help with a few things

1. i want to include the search only in my home page as a widget. i manage to include through shortcode and divi builder but keeps showing me the rooms list also. how can i configure to take me to the results page once i clic search to see the rooms avaliable.

2. i want to include custom css in the search box widget (change the pink-gray background and the old calendar icons, fonts and colors) i’m not a techy guy so i’m using the divi builder and it let me put custom css but i dont know how to change it. any help?

3. i want to include multicurrency, because i’m using wpml, how can i let my users pay in USD or COP.

4. any chance to work with woocommerce? I want to include local payment gateways like and

thank you for your help. nice work!!


Thank you for your questions and comments.

1. Yes, you can include widget only on your home page and then display search results on search result page.

2. Yes, you can customize css. We can help you with that.

3. and 4. Regarding multi-currency and payment gateway integration – both need additional customization.

Please PM or submit a ticket using this form: and we will provide all needed support.