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I need to know few things before I buy this app. 1. Is it possible to use existing MySql DB in the back-end from which my online ordering is running ? 2. Do you provide support on payment gateway integration ?

Contact me with email for this feature : work@hamrounihani.com

I don’t understand what are you offering, You give HTML backend and Xcode project for iOS and also Android project? if you give Xcode project is builded on storyboard?

this project build with ionic you can export it to android and iOS

ok.. thank you!!

Hi, I assume the Firebase package will be free unless excessive items or users. Are there any other server or database costs associated with this app?

Is it possible to translate the admin panel in french as well as the application ? Thanks

Pre-sale questions: 1. where is the backend application located, in Firebase or my local machine? 2. where are the food images located? 3. is it multilingualism? Thanks

projet open eclipse or android studio or ???

Is there any coupon & iscount offers management feature? What are the Payment gateways do you have in this?Can the customer track the delivery also?


Does this App show the restaurants closest to the users? Will the restaurant manager have an administrative area for it?   Will the Restraurant Administrator have any payment options? Will he even receive the payment automatically?

pre-buy questions: 1) Is this application just a framework or a full application? Or for example I can edit some photos and compile it directly? Do I need further coding in order to deploy it? ( I have read what the Title say ) 2) If it is a full application, was it build with Ionic Framework having the Firebase Backend? If not what was the used framework/technologies.

Thank you in advance.

Will the app allow me to use Stripe for credit card payments? Is everything hosted on any domain I choose?

I have this error when execute the app: firebase.js:111 POST https://www.googleapis.com/identitytoolkit/v3/relyingparty/verifyPassword?key=AIzaSyBrL4SNIVM9e6P0Su8ulIsdW47IglG5SVY 400 ()


apk demo?

hi! apk demo and back-end

I can not log in to the App. And do not sign me up.

Comes the message “Sign up Error”

Help me!!

And when logging in, it navigates to the home screen and goes back to login

@HaniKingWeb, any news about selling half and half pizza feature, really looking forward to buy it….