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This app looks like great, but i have some pre-sales questions:
1) Can be used for android and iOS?
2) Can be used for multiples events or just one?
3) For to add events have admin panel or how the events are been added.


Find my answers below:

1. Yes. It’s a cross platform solution developed with Ionic and Cordova

2. Admin users can add multiple events through My Event CMS.

3. Yes. Package includes My Event CMS where admin users can manage events, sponsors and admin users.

Description has been updated with a link to download a demo APK.

Where is the documentation, please?

You can find the documentation on the description page.

Thank you :)

Great work! Do you have any plans on a survey or poll feature for the sessions? Thanks.

Thank you for the kind comment.

Currently we don’t have plans to integrate a survey or poll feature.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I started adding new html pages in templates and on the navigation. But it appears that it always directs to schedule.html. Could you tell me how to add additional pages in the app? I want to add a conference info page as well as possibly link to external surveys. Also would it be possible to generate an attendees list in the app for networking from the app users?

Thanks for your help. This is a great app.


Don’t forget to add the new states on main.js.

With regard to your questions, everything is possible but it would take extra efforts to add the suggested features.

Hello, 1 is can I customize? 2- Installation delay? 3 is that you can give us the facility because we want no mistakes. 4-is that I can use multiple languages? 5-to buy the source code?

Please find our answer below:

1. Yes. You can customize everything since you have access to source code.

2. Installation can be done in 2-4 hours.

3. Multiple language is not supported.

Getting following error when I try gulp—cordova prepare:

ESLintError in plugin ‘gulp-eslint’ Message: Expected indentation of 4 spaces but found 2. Details: fileName: /Users/Marvin/myevent/app/main/main.js lineNumber: 5

That error is normal because we use ESLint to maintain code style guidelines. See the following to get more information:


http://eslint.org/docs/about/ http://eslint.org/docs/user-guide/integrations

Hi – Love that this is iOS and android as i read comments – main feature I’m looking for is to be able on cos add attendees and via apps at the doors check certain antedates in related to the event they are attending is this possible or how much for customization?

Hi. Your requirements are possible but unfortunately we aren’t available for custom app development. You can hire a developer to make the changes accordingly.


Are you still interested in develop this project?

We are now available for custom app development and ready for new challenges.

Best Regards.

Hello, All events created on CMS are stored without scheduled or on OCT-27?

You can change the schedule in the source code.

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales :)

Thank for your kind comment :)

Hello please email me at : ahmedali@ntsoft.us I want to add 2 custom features

Please check your email.


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Hi, I just purchased your app. I am getting following error when trying to run sudo gulp—cordova ‘emulate android’—env=prod

I googled a lot but couldnt figure a way out, any help would be appreciated. Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_CONTAINER_ERROR: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-18]


kdeshpa Purchased

Hi, please ignore above comment. I am able to get past it now. Nice App!

Thank you!


sorted Purchased

Hi, I get an error to install the CMS. When I access url /install, PARSE show me “session invalid” and I redirecto to login page. ¿What meaning that?

It’s fixed on latest version

I am a newbie to the mobile platforms. Are there sufficient directions for me to be able to 1. change some of the colors around? 2. get this up on google play store and apple store. 3) is there anything I need to know about where to host this? will it work on my current hosting account? 4) is there an easy configuration file in case i change hosts later? 5) will i have to recompile the apk and ios pkgs to reupload if i change hosts/config files? 6) for extra funds, can you support all my and do the full implementation?

Please email us to get a quotation for installation services.

Hi,i am trying running MyEventApp for android but i’ve got error with the following folder: “hooks/after_prepare/update_platform/conf.js” Could you help me with thtat issue? Thx.


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after the command Gulp—cordova ‘prepare’ it says Expected indentation of 4 spaces but found 2.

can you help us very clearly need it very urgent thanks.

this link didnt help me. http://eslint.org/docs/about/ http://eslint.org/docs/user-guide/integrations

How does an attendee download the app onto their phone?

You need to upload the app to Google Play/App Store

hi, do you still support this item ? does it need any upgrade ?

what is the software does it work with ? does it support RTL and add another language ?



Yes we do offer support. You need to install node.js, ionic and git in your machine to be able to compile the source files

does it work with latest software of iOS 10.x ?

Yes. It does support iOS 10.x.

admob integration?

It can be added :)

Is there any admin panel that I can add user? If I create the event, will it also be visible in my facebook events? Is there any way to set up my application that will create the event and post to Facebook? Can I market it?