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Wow!! This is a high-quality app template. In the new version (1.7) is very good idea for photo background editor. Thank you for add this function. And I have some 3 question to ask you, Author 1. Where to change this pink color in setup page?

2.Where to change this pink color in chose a background page?

3. Follow on Version 1.7.1 which Fix bug timezone. Could you tell me where the code is fixed? If I would like to fix myself on version 1.7.0 what should I do.

Thank you very much.

Dear, Author. I can solve total my question by my self. Thank

Hello, sorry for this. If you have any question, please contact me via noho501@gmail.com

No. Problem ;)

Hi there, I love your app! is this compatible to use with Parse? how easy would it be to implement?

Hello, it not compatible with Parse. It using SQLite and easy implement

Oh no :( My app uses parse and I would really love this as a feature of my app its amazing app you have!!

Hello when i runing show this info <The operation couldn’t be completed. (LaunchServicesError error 0.)> how to fix it?

Maybe you can’t create profile for it. Take a picture and send me via noho501@gmail.com or skype vfa.hoangnn i’ll support

1 month ago:

Hi, is it possible to allow date selection with hour and minute timer with the countdown showing i.e. 2 days 2h 14m 32s left (I think the last minute countdown is the most important part)? If so, how can I do this? Thanks.

ngochoang123 AUTHOR about 1 month ago Flag Hello, I will upgrade in next version :)

after update, is there a chance to have this option or any suggestion how to do this ???


Hello, this is difficult feature, i’ll update when more sales. Please check schedule update in description. Thanks

How to remove red dot opposite to app name on the screen in iOS Simulator ?

Hello, I don’t see any red dot. Can you run on real device again ?

hi does it work for iPad ” important” , and also can i save events inside the app to be ready for all users (built in events) Thank you very much

Hi, this version don’t support ipad and users.

Hello . I am getting this error < assertion failed: Error getting container URL for group: group.myday.MyDays: file /Users/abid/Desktop/MyDays-1.8/Code/SourceCode/myday/Library/SQLiteDB.swift, line 68 (lldb) > on the new update

Maybe you forgot create app group. Contact me via skype vfa.hoangnn

sent Request

Does this have a full calendar view, for example, can you see the whole month or year for example?

No, it doesn’t:)

No, it doesn’t:)

No, it doesn’t:)

it is include Admob interstitial?

yes, it is

Hello I got this Error, and the app won’t open https://s16.postimg.io/f5xd0l0j9/cccc.png
Hi, You need to create app group and change the group name in config.swif, please follow the guide included on file download. http://hoangnn.com/sharing-data-between-apple-watch-and-iphone-in-swift/

Hello, app shows multiple errors in Xcode 8


Please fix this, as currently only apps uploaded from Xcode 8 can be submitted to app store


Hi, i’m too busy so i can’t fix it now. You can make a refund i’ll pay back you money

i have use xcode 8 error convert swift to swift 3

Hi, it isn’t ready for xcode 8 (i will update soon). If you not happy you can make a refund i’ll pay back you money

long time for update?

yes, maybe because i’m so busy at the moment

Please provide swift 3.0 support. Its not working on xCode 8.1

OK thanks. will wait.

Hi, any updates regarding swift 3.0?

Not yet, i’m so sorry, i’m too busy so i can’t update the app at the moment. You can make a refund i will pay you money back

Hi, any updates regarding swift 3.0?

Hi, I’m working on that, will update soonest