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je cherche un plugin permettant de gérer une collection, est-ce possible avec “My Custom Post Type” ?

Merci :)


Merci de l’intérêt que vous portez à notre plugin. “My Custom Post Type” vous permet d’ajouter des Post Types personnalisés, vous pouvez donc gérer une collection sans problème. N’hésitez pas à nous donner plus de détails si vous souhaitez que nous vous guidions dans cette direction !

En fait, je voudrais pouvoir gérer une bibliothèque (donc lister les posts sous une catégorie) et, surtout, pouvoir importer un livre (donc un post) précis avec un shortcode dans un article. En gros, je fais un article qui parle d’un livre, le shortcode affiche le contenu du post du livre et permet éventuellement de renvoyer vers ce dernier.

Compliqué, non ? Ça fait des mois que je cherche et je ne trouve pas de plugin équivalent.

Effectivement ! “My Custom Post Type” ne permet pas dans sa version actuelle de créer des shortcodes. Néanmoins, nous gardons cette idée dans un coin de notre tête pour une future version ;)

Demo link not working.

Thank you for the comment ! We’re on it ! If you want to test the plugin, just click on “Remove Frame” and the Login Screen will appear ! Or follow !

Well, no idea what was said in that first comment :)

This looks like the simplest version of this type of plugin, and I’ve tried several.

How simple is it to do the other things, such as creating archive pages and figuring out the links to the posts/archive page for each of these? This is where I always have trouble and different plugins seem to have this work in a different way for some reason.

Hey, sorry for our French ! Simplicity is our master word, so thanks for that ! ;) For what you want to do, I can advice you to check on a Custom Post Display plugin as it’s not supported yet by the current version. Anyway, this is the next step we’ve got in mind !

No problem on the French, I was just rubbish at it at school :)

I’ll keep an eye on this and see how it moves on, as this looks nice and simple, and I like nice and simple right now with so much to do and not enough hours in the day.

i dont get it what this does…....

will i be able to have a badge on posts saying expired for instance if the post is expired?

This plugin allows you to create Custom Post Type from your administration screen. So there’s no managment of expired post.

Easy to use. I just test it the live preview and works faster. Bookmarked.

Thanks ! That was one of our goal ! We’re happy you enjoyed it !

Hi I tested out a custom post type and its was not working. Check for the custom post type called images.

I am not able to see the post. Its says its not there.

Hi, thanks for the review ! We’re on it ! We’ll le you know when it’s fixed !

Hi, it looks like the problem is solved !

Hi, how will the custom post types be spent? with shortcodes? or with function?

Hi, the custom posts types will be displayed using the file single.php of your current theme.

Hi! this is great. I need a way to allow my visitors to submit a recipe when visiting my site. i heard the best way to do this is through a custom post. However, I see that there are specific labels already assigned. Would i be able to rename and possibly add a few labels? I’m new at this and will need to muddle my way through, so thanks!

Hey ! Thanks for your comment ! I’m not sure to understand what you really need… What do you exactly mean by “submit a recipe” ? The capability of this plugin is to create Custom Post Type, but you won’t be able to create form with it if this is what you’re looking for !

Ok, thank you for getting back with me so quickly. I do have to create a form as well. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent plugin! Thanks for creating it.

Hi friend, please add UPLOAD OPTION to CUSTOM FIELD TYPES, I need a file upload field, for any type of files (zip, txt, rar, pdf, jpg, gif, png, etc …) :D

Hi, Does your plugin can make post type as picture below? Or Similar

I am finding custom post type as picture but i can’t.

Hi, If you want to use pictures in the same way as the screenshot you linked, you can use the Thumbnail option in classical Post.


I purchased My custom post type. I activate the plugin then I create a CPT. I don’t understand how integrate my CPT into my articles. Will the CPT are going to be display for my visitors?!


Hi ! Thanks for your comment. To get your CPT displayed on your Website, you need to modify (add) the query args which will be used in the loop. Something like query_posts( array( ‘post_type’ => array(‘post’, ‘thenameofyourcpt’, ‘thenameofyourcpt2’ ) ) ); just before the loop should be useful !


With your plugin would I be able to do the following:

Lets say I have 3 user roles.

An example would be “Vegetarians, Spirituality and Physical Fitness”.


All of these users roles will publish their videos via the same publishing form page.

For each user role I’d like to publish specific ads of my own.

For the posts published by user role: Vegetarians I’d like to incorporate “Vegetarian” adverts.

The same goes for user role: Spirituality where I can incorporate Spiritual adverts and same goes for user role: Physical Fitness where I can incorporate Physical Fitness adverts.

I can easily create different publishing forms for each user role where I can have the desired user role ads but then that would mean I’d have so many publishing forms and that would just make everything look weird and confusing.

Would I be able to do this with your plugin? Sorry if that was confusing. Or maybe you can provide a few words of wisdom or point me in the right direction to the plugin I need? :)

Again sorry for this HUMONGOUS comment!

Hi! I’m afraid there’s no user role management in MyCPT! This is just a simple plugin to add quickly Custom¨Post Type of your own. You might check on User Role plugin but it looks like what you want to do is very specifical!

MCPT has a conflict with Gravity Forms and at least one other plugin on my site. In the backend I can’t access or edit forms, the screen goes blank. I deactivated plugins until I found MCPT to be the culprit. Probably jquery or javascript issue. Can you send me a fix?

Hey, I send you a mail to fix that !

Hello, The my CPT plugin is conflicting with the YOAST SEO plugin. when both are installed the toolbar on the edit/new post screen is removed. DO you have a fix?

Hello, The my CPT plugin is conflicting with the YOAST SEO plugin. when both are installed the toolbar on the edit/new post screen is removed. DO you have a fix?