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what if i upload this application to google play always ask “privacy police”??? http://prnt.sc/dkfy4k Please help me.

let remove 2 permission GET_ACCOUNT and RECORD_AUDIO in android manifest.xml and then build again and publish again

hello sir I arledy bought your app (my cloud player) from another account, but i found a problem , After I “register a new app” I can’t find the client id and client secret I find myself just in a closed page. help me please.

please can you help me to register a new an app in soundcloud,

Apply here to request access to the SoundCloud API and register your application. All applications must comply with our API Terms of Use (https://developers.soundcloud.com/docs/api/terms-of-use). Please allow up to two weeks to receive an update on the outcome of your application. You have to wait 2 weeks bro

thank you bro <3

download button error, please try again later.
is work on AVD but on real device error, i have try change the API but still error, need your advice ?

email sent

You changed package name wrong.One more thing i have just updated rule intertestial ads for you.Check it again

I will send update for you via email check it

Give me your email, i will send you update.

hello can you send me email or skype wanna discuss business pls

baopfiev_k50 man

hello i just bought you code, but contains to much error, that i and my develop cant fix, so pls i need you to customize it for me.

Hi! Im interested buying this code. i download your demo app but don’t find any music . and search music but don’t play songs. if your app in playstore please give me the link . Thank you.

because my soundcloud id has banned.You should register done soundcloud if first and then give me id.i will show you.dont worry anything i am honest man.If you want to have version with many function you can contact with me via skype baopfiev_k50 or send me email baodotrung@gmail.com

ok i will cantact with you .

Where do I buy the color player?

did you see my xstream music on codecayon? let check it

If I buy this source code do I get client id and client secret soundcloud?

Bro, now to get soundcloud client id is not easy as some years ago, you can check, one more thing this app price is very low, so i can not supply key for you bro

Does the xmusic source code also use client id and client secret soundcloud?

if you bought it, i can give you one key to publish app, but you should try to register new key on soundcloud also to give your unique key

why is your DEMO APK FOR GETTING MUSIC FROM ACCOUNT dont have any tracks can i have a working demo please

You can click the screenshot on this page to see it

no how can i get a client id ? am looking for an app to host all my personal music tracks i dont want others music is it possible and can i have multiple ablums of mine ?

if you want to do so, you should hire me to customize bro, let contact me via baodotrung@gmail.com also if possible, let check my newest product, it is better https://codecanyon.net/item/xmusic-android-online-offline-music-player/19626502

I’ve bought your product, but I’m having trouble getting the soundcloud API, can you give me 1 soundcloud API?

Sir, i can not supply for you soundcloud key for this project man, i only supply it if you bought xMusic app.So sorry

Okay bro, then I will buy your product that “xMusic App”. Thank you for your reply.

Hi i purchased your code but its based on Soundcloud’s API and they don’t offer it anymore,so what’s the alternatives APIs i can use?

“SoundCloud Application Registration Due to the high amount of requests recently received, we will no longer be processing API application requests at this time. We are working to re-evaluate our process to make it more efficient.”


With this app i can not give you soundcloud key bro.i only support key with xmusic app.Do you have any wordpress music app or fanburst app?

I’m not asking for soundcloud key,my question was what i should use instead,i don’t have WordPress neither fanburst,which one you suggest ?