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what if i upload this application to google play always ask “privacy police”??? http://prnt.sc/dkfy4k Please help me.

let remove 2 permission GET_ACCOUNT and RECORD_AUDIO in android manifest.xml and then build again and publish again

hello sir I arledy bought your app (my cloud player) from another account, but i found a problem , After I “register a new app” I can’t find the client id and client secret I find myself just in a closed page. help me please.

please can you help me to register a new an app in soundcloud,

Apply here to request access to the SoundCloud API and register your application. All applications must comply with our API Terms of Use (https://developers.soundcloud.com/docs/api/terms-of-use). Please allow up to two weeks to receive an update on the outcome of your application. You have to wait 2 weeks bro

thank you bro <3

download button error, please try again later.
is work on AVD but on real device error, i have try change the API but still error, need your advice ?

email sent

You changed package name wrong.One more thing i have just updated rule intertestial ads for you.Check it again

I will send update for you via email check it

Give me your email, i will send you update.

hello can you send me email or skype wanna discuss business pls

baopfiev_k50 man