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Do we have to add youtube url

I had trouble installing the project.

Do you have an account Skype ?

sure you can contact me at skype : keraisureshv

Thank you This working


How can i add new Chanel ?

we provide PHP admin panel there you can add new channel.

can user view video while offline?

Sorry.. No need internet connection.

any option user can download the video

sorry no..

Hi, in the demo I see a lot of banner ads. Is it possible to make app ad free?


you can submit max video. right we not implement search video feature.



Hi, where change YouTube Developer Key?

package com.arkay.mychannelvideo.common;

/* * Static container class for holding a reference to your YouTube Developer Key. */ public class DeveloperKey {

 * Please replace this with a valid API key which is enabled for the
 * YouTube Data API v3 service. Go to the
 * Google Developers Console
 * to register a new developer key.
public static final String DEVELOPER_KEY = "AIzaSyAsxehojTsifZfgpliEsIOjc1rYdaIxQO68G93osd";


Is it possible to set New video on the top. Now latest video are set under all the other video’s. Thanks

right now it’s not feature on arrange video. but need to implement shorting feature.

Hello! No response on email! Can you please answer my emails. Thanks

Hello, it Works with .mp4 other web? Example: https://cache-3.sendvid.com/l0s4mzdi.mp4

NO. only youtube.

Hi, do you have ios version ? or are you planning ?

yes. will release soon.

Can you add numbers of views and video comments?

for that you have to do some extra work. this feature not available on this version.

Hello There,

Nice product!!! Quick pre-sale question.

I need for the banner/header area to have a longer height is it easy to adjust the height of this area?

Thank You! Digital Chica

1. You can customize according your requirement, 2. use Android Studio to run app.



1. Does this App show the number of views

2. Can i as well be able to show the App VIDEOS on my website where by if some one is on the website, can as well see the App videos

3.What normally leads google to suspend the App from Google play ? Its really good to know about it.

4. When installing the App to google, do i use my own developer API

Will you help with installation and what is needed on my side to have it running after purchase of the App?

I look forward to hear from you soon

Thank you


sorry im a beginner, i followed all the steps, how can i export the apk signed and ready to play store? can i add you on skype?


let me prepare video of export apk ready to publish app store. will provide soon video link.

Hello, I don’t see banner ads. http://prnt.sc/cfz1nc

Please add your banner ads id there.

Thank you. In there I see Interstitial ads, but I don’t see banner ads. see here from you document. http://prnt.sc/cicahf

Hello, When will an update be out? Because i can see that you last edited one year back.

i want to buy it

Thank you


Still not plan to update.

can ads add between video list

Yes. Use Native ads.

hello sir, i dont find place to code admob. please help me

can you please contact me at skype: keraisureshv will help you step by step.

can we add sub category

Sorry, This Functionality no Available.

youtube play list supported or not? can we add youtube playlist??

You can add as many Video and create your playlist.