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Hi bokim, looks great, but the preview isn´t working!!

Hi gleert,

we already sent update is the right URL

Greetings, Does it support inline editing? Huambo \

Hi Huambo,

it doesn’t support inline editing

Hi Huambo,

you can edit css file, the source code is in dll file, you can not modify it

Bokim, Thank you. I am looking for a light grid which supports inline editting. Thanks, Huambo

Hi Bokim,

Can I use this table for my online shop (Opencart) so that the customer can make choice for boat paints: So he puts material of boat: steel, fiberglass. The the table filters the products for steel. And the the customer puts the length of the boat (20, 30, 40 feet) and the tabel gives him the necessary quantity of the paint for his boat. Best regards,


Hi Stefan,

this is .Net and Opencart is PHP .

Thank you bokim. I am new here and really it was important for me. Thanks again!

Dear Bokim: I have window 8, and I get this message.

I tried with VS 2010 One or more projects in the solution were not loaded correctly. Please see the Output Window for details.

Anyway tried to build VS 2012 and it built. I need to edit on the fly, so I need source code for CustomGrid.dll. Would you please kind enough to send it? Your help will be very much appreciated.


could you please send us the message you get on our email thanks

Dear Bokim: It is not only your program, but it happened with many other programs. This happened (I am not sure it is window 8 problem) but when I installed VS 2102 50% programs don’t open with VS2010 and I have to shift VS2012. Here is the message.

Microsoft Visual Studio

One or more projects in the solution were not loaded correctly.

Please see the Output Window for details.


Would you please kind enough to send me code for dll else for me I will unable to use it.

Best regards Agha Khan

Couple of questions: 1) Do you have a MVC4 version? 2) Does it come with source code?



thanks for your interest we have only MVC3 version and we don’t provide source code

Congrats! Nice work

Hi i bought your grid as the features are quite attractive. However i am unable to embed this grid in SharePoint Web Part. Is it only specific to MVC based frameworks or we can use it in any user control

Thank you for your purchase. For now this is only for mvc based framevorks